More Detail About The 1st Picture Of The Stalker

Submitted by an avid reader of the Morgan's Stalking Blog and supporter of the fight for justice for Morgan...Team Morgan

There was a huge response to the blog I released titled Comparison of the Stalker Caught in the Driveway…it is the blog that shows a collage of pictures I was given of James Harris (Brooke’s father) from his appearance on the Dr. Phil show.  The picture in the middle was taken the very first night we hung our new wildlife camera outside over our front porch. This is a comparison that someone sent to me after watching the Dr. Phil show.

Let me know your thoughts about this comparison.

One reader wrote in to me, “This is the dad, right? Not the kid? So, there were multiple ppl?”  My answer was, “Yes, there were multiple people involved. We have been told that the stalking of our family was a “gang stalking.”

Then another person wrote in, “Oh my God, the way he holds his neck! Posture and size, and shape of face! I have goosebumps! Too much of a coincidence.. WOW”  I answered her by saying, “That is exactly what the supporter that sent this to me said…the morning after this picture was caught on the wildlife camera, our neighbor Elliott said he knew everyone in the subdivision and the picture only matched the body style of 3 people, one of which was an old man that subsequently was ruled out because he was out of town during most of the incidents of stalking, and the other 2 were Keenan Vanginkel (the main suspect), and James Harris, Brooke’s father (shown here in the pictures).  James, Brooke & Keenan all lived together in a house just 3 houses down from us when the stalking started in August of 2011. Morgan was shocked to hear Keenan had moved in with James & Brooke only weeks before the stalking started – she did not know him, but knew of him, and was creeped out by him.  We had never seen him around the neighborhood, and now Morgan was concerned.  Morgan also did not like Brooke and knew she was a bully who had it out for Morgan, with a violent temper, and she avoided Brooke’s father James as much as possible, because she thought he was very strange and creepy.  So, knowing these two had taken Keenan in to live with them, and now all 3 of them were living only three houses down from us at the time of the stalking, really concerned Morgan.  Morgan was very intuitive, but at the time I was trying to give everyone the benefit of the doubt…that was my first big mistake.

And yet another person, after seeing the photo collage, wrote, “Wow. Just wow.”  My answer was, “I know, that is exactly how I reacted when I saw this compilation of pictures that was sent to me. The woman that put it together is brilliant and very intuitive, and her husband is a retired detective from back east.”

The interesting thing is the “spin” some people try to put on everything I share, including this picture.  I guess it is important for some to try and convince people that I am lying – they must have their reasons for trying to fool folks.  Makes me wonder what their motives really are…we call these people “The Others.”
I have been told by people, those who connect with me privately through this website, that one of the crazy things these “anonymous” people say is that the time the sheriffs have written in their report were at an earlier time than the picture, but the picture in our driveway is time stamped with a later time, so it couldn’t be related.  How ridiculous is that statement?  We did call dispatch when the bang on the window happened, then we had to wait until the 3 officers arrived, then the 3 officers searched the area for the stalker, all that took time, but again they did not find the stalker, so, they came back to our house, came in and spoke with us for a while, departed our house (see the series of 3 photos the camera recorded, they are all time stamped – click on the short link below. In the first picture, it shows the sheriffs leaving our house after searching the neighborhood and not seeing the stalker(s), then the 2nd picture shows the stalker watching the sheriff’s vehicles departing the neighborhood, then the 3rd picture shows the camera spinning, plausibly because the stalker was trying to knock it down…a little red light blinks when the picture is taken, so, he most likely was caught off guard (it was the first time the camera had been deployed). We were shocked when we viewed these pictures, as were the officers, after we called them back to our house and showed them the photos from the memory chip in the camera.  In fact they were really angry and proceeded to search under all the vehicles, behind all the bushes, around the whole neighborhood again for the stalker, then return back to our house again to tell us their theory about how the stalker could be eluding them.  They believed the stalker lived in our neighborhood and that is why they hadn’t been able to catch him. Steve and I were happy the camera caught a picture of the person stalking and terrorizing Morgan, but we were also furious and even more concerned at this point seeing the total lack of fear this person had towards law enforcement.  HE WAS OBVIOUSLY THUMBING HIS NOSE AT LAW ENFORCEMENT!
We still had no idea as to how to catch this person, but we thought we could.  Just like so many others in this situation, you react to what is happening as it happens.  We had never had to worry about protecting our daughter from sick, evil people before.  We had a protocol that we kept adding to day by day.  Pepper spray, baseball bat, mag light, motion alarms, motion cameras, motion lights, raking and water the ground for fresh footprints (we did this as per the sheriffs request, I have no idea why as they would never cast any of the footprints).  Morgan, in the next few weeks went quietly about taking her bed mattress off it’s frame and putting her mattress directly on the floor, taking her mirror off her wall and placing that on the floor as well.  She didn’t want the stalker to hide under her bed or peer in her upper clearstory window and see her reflection in her mirror. Then she started cutting up and sewing a dark maroon flannel sheet to hang over her existing window treatments on her windows, so they would have double coverage.  So, now her clearstory windows at the very top were also covered.  I asked her why she was doing that, because surely, no one could see in that high up unless they were flying through the sky, or up on our next door neighbors roof…she told me she just felt safer with them covered.  I believe Morgan was a lot smarter, and more intuitive than I was back then.  Putting her bed on the floor so no one could hide under it was a very intelligent.  Since her murder I have been contacted by a sheriff in another state that has helped us out – she told me about her friend’s young 13-year-old daughter who had a stalker.  That stalker had been hiding under her bed sending her text messages – luckily this person was ultimately caught before this your girl was attacked.
Here is the short link to the first photo of the stalker, taken on August 30, 2011 that I posted earlier on my blog: