October 18, 2011 – Day 78 of Morgan’s Stalking – Who can this be? BTW I grant you all permission to give me your opinion!

Normal was a different word now.  Morgan had an appt. with her dentist.  Steve was going to drop off a trailer for someone to use after work.  My daughter-in-law had a birthday and Steve and I were going to be normal grandparents,  babysit while “the kids” went out for a dinner alone.  And Morgan would not be home, so it all could work out.  it all sounded so, “normal”.

Morgan came home from her dental appointment and was getting ready to go out for the evening.  At least until we came home.  She was cleaning up her room, and amassing a pile of laundry in the hall.  Sometimes her room looked like the proverbial bomb had just gone off, and sometimes it was quite organized.  Today it was moving toward organized.  She loaded the washer and left for Carbondale.  A little later, just before four she texted me, “What time do you need me?”

I did not see it, and didn’t answer until 5:02 pm when I said, “Don’t worry about it we are taking the truck now to drop off the trailer”.  Morgan answers, “Sweet. :)”, she was with her friends in Carbondale, and Steve and I were on our way to Glenwood Springs.  It was the first time we got to babysit while our son and his partner went out to dinner and we were very excited about babysitting our grandchildren.  We were very engaged with the grandkids, and not thinking of very much else.

Then Morgan made a mistake – a mistake that stalking victims inevitably face during their stalking.  She felt it was getting so back to “normal” and she decided that it would be okay to come home alone, for a just a few minutes, to switch her wash and grab something to eat, even though we had asked her to never go home alone.  She is home alone, busy going from her room to the laundry room, when she hears our dog Tessi growling, and barking furiously, and throwing herself at the front door.  She is frightened, stays inside her room, locking the door, and piling whatever she can if front of it.  Morgan tries to call us on the cell phone, but we don’t answer.  Cell service is not the best at our son’s house.

She stayed in her room until Tessi stopped barking, and attacking the door.  She thought it was about five minutes.  She carefully ventured from her room and saw Tessie sitting quietly at the front door, looking out.  There was no tail wagging, only intent starring.  Morgan looked out the door, and saw nothing.  She ran through the house and turned on every outside light she could think of.  Stood at the front door for a while, and then with pepper spray ready, and keys in the other hand she ran out to the car, hopped in, and locked it.  She drove out of the subdivision and decided to take the highway back to Carbondale instead of the back road, the highway had more lights and people. She wanted to be with other people – she felt safer with others than by herself in her own house…

Morgan called again and this time I answered.  I felt sick as she explained that she had gone home to switch the wash, just for a minute, and Tessi was barking like, “none other.”  She said we might want to check the cameras when we got home.

Ryan and Leesa got home from a great dinner at 8:10 pm.  We had a quick slice of cake with them and said we had to leave.   At 8:22 pm I texted Morgan, “On our way home.”

At home everything looked normal, and Steve and I went straight for the cameras to see what had caused our dog to bark like that.

We have six video cameras, and 3 of them will catch different parts of the street in front of our house.  First there is the task of seeing what, if anything, was causing poor Tessi to get so upset.  We were rolling through hours of video before we found this.

Car pulls in Driveway and leaves from on Vimeo.

Much later after we have the whole sequence of where this car was at what times and the two times that it came into our driveway, I felt it was trying to block Morgan in by pulling up right behind her car.  And all of the other places it had stopped around the neighborhood, Steve wanted the latest picture from Keenan’s facebook that we had him leaning against the front of his car so we could compare the front of the car that was in our driveway and it’s grill.  He held the picture along side the monitor, and felt it certainly could be Keenan’s car.  Plus the detectives had just told us there were very few of that exact model with that grill in our valley and the next valley over, strictly by registration records.

Once we had a time of one event it was then easier to search in ten minute segments from camera to camera and a few minutes later we were watching this.

Suspect in the driveway from Morgan’s Stalking on Vimeo.

The motion detector on the camera detects motion for this entire time however the person is only visible for the 2nd half.  I posted the entire time even though most of you will not see anything for the first half.  Please note this person appears to be LEFT HANDED.  Many people wrote in to me to tell me this after viewing this video…another important clue.

No wonder Tessi was so upset, and no wonder this person was afraid to approach the house.  Tessi is for the most part pretty calm, but I can only imagine that if you were up to no good and approaching our front door, which is beveled glass, and a 160 pound dog was smashing against it from inside you, would think twice before getting any closer.

I called the sheriff’s dispatch and told them what happened, but no need to send anyone as it was over, the detectives can take it from here.  I wondered aloud to Steve as we replayed the video – what if our 160 lb. dog hadn’t been throwing herself at the front door?  Would this person have tried to come in to get Morgan?  What was in his hand that was in his pocket and what was small, black object in his other hand? Was it a taser gun, or a real gun, or just a cell phone?  Does this show the stalker is left handed?

Our neighbor Elliott called and he wanted to know what’s happening.  I texted him back and said, “The guy drove up our driveway and then turned left and came back up our driveway and looked in our front door window at 7:42 pm tonight when after Morgan came home alone – we weren’t here and Tessi (our dog) went crazy at the front door when she saw him coming up through the beveled glass window, and scared the guy off.”  Elliott wrote back, “So he knew she was home, but not you?”  I wrote Elliott back, Yes, he drove up within 15 minutes of her getting home, pulled out and then drove back left again toward Equestrian Way and then came back on foot right up our driveway one hand in his pocket and one hand with a cigarette or something black, looking all around, as if to make sure no one was watching.  Elliott wrote back, “What kind of car?”  I said, “not 100% sure yet, but it was smaller than my LR3.”  (Later on I told Elliott that we can see the exact shape of the front of the car as well as the grill, which is very unique – it is the same year, same model as Keenan’s car)

Elliott wrote back, “Please have her call us and we can look for him, or his car, or come over to help!  Whatever we can do!”  Then at 10:06 pm he texted, “Did the police come?”

I answered, “No, I asked them not to send a patrol officer.  I am just waiting to talk to the detectives that are assigned to her case.  The yellow lab down the street was sniffing under Morgan’s window (caught on the camera) after the guy left so I don’t think the dogs can scent him.”  Elliott wrote back, “Just thought of something.  I might have been a foreclosure looky loo.”  I wrote back, “Not this guy, he was young and squirrely.  Maybe a delivery guy, but I still think that’s a little iffy.”

Morgan came home and was absolutely sick watching the video.  She said she was in the laundry room a lot, bent over sorting and folding and switching machines so from where he was he was just waiting for her to see him.  I thought how crazy the best part about this is Morgan had no idea what was going on at that time.  Steve told her that if anything at all happens like this to go into our room lock the door and watch on the cameras.  You can see what is happening all around the house.

There was a knock at the door and it was a deputy.  He had spoken with someone and they wanted him to come by anyway.  At that point all of us were pretty convinced it was Keenan’s car, but Steve did not think it was Keenan, Morgan and I did.  Steve said that the most innocent explanation here is a delivery person, but I don’t think so.  He felt in any event that it would be easy enough to check out tomorrow.  The deputy really thought he was a delivery person, even pointed out where he was checking for an address.  Steve told him it would be easy enough for the detectives to check with the 6 or so neighbors and see if anyone was expecting a delivery and then check with the few places that actually deliver out here.  That would not be many phone calls to confirm yes or no for sure instead of always guessing.

The deputy left and Steve thought it would be good if Morgan slept in our room and he slept on the couch.  I didn’t think Morgan would agree and she did not.  She went to her room and at 11:14 pm texted that, “I just heard noises outside my window.”  By the time I texted her back, “Got it” Steve had been out the door for a long time, with no pepper spray, but wielding a baseball bat instead.

When he finally came back in we argued for a long time about the person being Keenan or not.  I had watched it over and over while he was gone.  Light was on in that front room and then it went off Steve had told me.  And no green car in their driveway.

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Today is October 11, 2012 – In the many months since this video I have come to agree with Steve, that this is, in all probability, Keenan’s car, but Steve thinks it is not Keenan – he thinks it’s someone Keenan knows trying to set up an alibi, the detective, Morgan and I believe it’s Keenan.  He had a thought late the evening this happened.  What if “they are all freaking out” we still never found out who they are, but what if to diffuse attention he was smart enough to have someone else drive his car into the driveway.  What if that would be all it would take to throw the sheriffs department completely off the trail on a night he was gone.  We were pretty sure the car was Keenan’s as the unique grill and shape of the car was an exact match and the person up the driveway looked just like Keenan, and he was wearing the exact shirt Keenan was wearing in one of his online social media posts, what do you think?

In September 2017 Crime Watch Daily did a 4-part series about Morgan’s stalking and murder, and on Part 4, on their Facebook, you can watch and hear Detective Glassmire interrogating Keenan Vanginkle about this exact incident of stalking, 5 months AFTER her murder, making it VERY CLEAR that he believes it IS KEENAN, and he IS STILL A SUSPECT https://www.facebook.com/crimewatchdaily/videos/1758045480886903/

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