October 18, 2011 – Day 78 of Morgan’s Stalking – Who can this be? BTW I grant you all permission to give me your opinion!

Normal was a different word now.  Morgan had an appt. with her dentist.  Steve was going to drop off a trailer for someone to use after work.  My daughter-in-law had a birthday and Steve and I were going to be normal grandparents,  babysit while “the kids” went out for a dinner alone.  And Morgan would not be home, so it all could work out.  it all sounded so, “normal”.

Morgan came home from her dental appointment and was getting ready to go out for the evening.  At least until we came home.  She was cleaning up her room, and amassing a pile of laundry in the hall.  Sometimes her room looked like the proverbial bomb had just gone off, and sometimes it was quite organized.  Today it was moving toward organized.  She loaded the washer and left for Carbondale.  A little later, just before four she texted me, “What time do you need me?”

I did not see it, and didn’t answer until 5:02 pm when I said, “Don’t worry about it we are taking the truck now to drop off the trailer”.  Morgan answers, “Sweet. :)”, she was with her friends in Carbondale, and Steve and I were on our way to Glenwood Springs.  It was the first time we got to babysit while our son and his partner went out to dinner and we were very excited about babysitting our grandchildren.  We were very engaged with the grandkids, and not thinking of very much else.

Then Morgan made a mistake – a mistake that stalking victims inevitably face during their stalking.  She felt it was getting so back to “normal” and she decided that it would be okay to come home alone, for a just a few minutes, to switch her wash and grab something to eat, even though we had asked her to never go home alone.  She is home alone, busy going from her room to the laundry room, when she hears our dog Tessi growling, and barking furiously, and throwing herself at the front door.  She is frightened, stays inside her room, locking the door, and piling whatever she can if front of it.  Morgan tries to call us on the cell phone, but we don’t answer.  Cell service is not the best at our son’s house.

She stayed in her room until Tessi stopped barking, and attacking the door.  She thought it was about five minutes.  She carefully ventured from her room and saw Tessie sitting quietly at the front door, looking out.  There was no tail wagging, only intent starring.  Morgan looked out the door, and saw nothing.  She ran through the house and turned on every outside light she could think of.  Stood at the front door for a while, and then with pepper spray ready, and keys in the other hand she ran out to the car, hopped in, and locked it.  She drove out of the subdivision and decided to take the highway back to Carbondale instead of the back road, the highway had more lights and people. She wanted to be with other people – she felt safer with others than by herself in her own house…

Morgan called again and this time I answered.  I felt sick as she explained that she had gone home to switch the wash, just for a minute, and Tessi was barking like, “none other.”  She said we might want to check the cameras when we got home.

Ryan and Leesa got home from a great dinner at 8:10 pm.  We had a quick slice of cake with them and said we had to leave.   At 8:22 pm I texted Morgan, “On our way home.”

At home everything looked normal, and Steve and I went straight for the cameras to see what had caused our dog to bark like that.

We have six video cameras, and 3 of them will catch different parts of the street in front of our house.  First there is the task of seeing what, if anything, was causing poor Tessi to get so upset.  We were rolling through hours of video before we found this.

Car pulls in Driveway and leaves from on Vimeo.

Much later after we have the whole sequence of where this car was at what times and the two times that it came into our driveway, I felt it was trying to block Morgan in by pulling up right behind her car.  And all of the other places it had stopped around the neighborhood, Steve wanted the latest picture from Keenan’s facebook that we had him leaning against the front of his car so we could compare the front of the car that was in our driveway and it’s grill.  He held the picture along side the monitor, and felt it certainly could be Keenan’s car.  Plus the detectives had just told us there were very few of that exact model with that grill in our valley and the next valley over, strictly by registration records.

Once we had a time of one event it was then easier to search in ten minute segments from camera to camera and a few minutes later we were watching this.

Suspect in the driveway from Morgan’s Stalking on Vimeo.

The motion detector on the camera detects motion for this entire time however the person is only visible for the 2nd half.  I posted the entire time even though most of you will not see anything for the first half.  Please note this person appears to be LEFT HANDED.  Many people wrote in to me to tell me this after viewing this video…another important clue.

No wonder Tessi was so upset, and no wonder this person was afraid to approach the house.  Tessi is for the most part pretty calm, but I can only imagine that if you were up to no good and approaching our front door, which is beveled glass, and a 160 pound dog was smashing against it from inside you, would think twice before getting any closer.

I called the sheriff’s dispatch and told them what happened, but no need to send anyone as it was over, the detectives can take it from here.  I wondered aloud to Steve as we replayed the video – what if our 160 lb. dog hadn’t been throwing herself at the front door?  Would this person have tried to come in to get Morgan?  What was in his hand that was in his pocket and what was small, black object in his other hand? Was it a taser gun, or a real gun, or just a cell phone?  Does this show the stalker is left handed?

Our neighbor Elliott called and he wanted to know what’s happening.  I texted him back and said, “The guy drove up our driveway and then turned left and came back up our driveway and looked in our front door window at 7:42 pm tonight when after Morgan came home alone – we weren’t here and Tessi (our dog) went crazy at the front door when she saw him coming up through the beveled glass window, and scared the guy off.”  Elliott wrote back, “So he knew she was home, but not you?”  I wrote Elliott back, Yes, he drove up within 15 minutes of her getting home, pulled out and then drove back left again toward Equestrian Way and then came back on foot right up our driveway one hand in his pocket and one hand with a cigarette or something black, looking all around, as if to make sure no one was watching.  Elliott wrote back, “What kind of car?”  I said, “not 100% sure yet, but it was smaller than my LR3.”  (Later on I told Elliott that we can see the exact shape of the front of the car as well as the grill, which is very unique – it is the same year, same model as Keenan’s car)

Elliott wrote back, “Please have her call us and we can look for him, or his car, or come over to help!  Whatever we can do!”  Then at 10:06 pm he texted, “Did the police come?”

I answered, “No, I asked them not to send a patrol officer.  I am just waiting to talk to the detectives that are assigned to her case.  The yellow lab down the street was sniffing under Morgan’s window (caught on the camera) after the guy left so I don’t think the dogs can scent him.”  Elliott wrote back, “Just thought of something.  I might have been a foreclosure looky loo.”  I wrote back, “Not this guy, he was young and squirrely.  Maybe a delivery guy, but I still think that’s a little iffy.”

Morgan came home and was absolutely sick watching the video.  She said she was in the laundry room a lot, bent over sorting and folding and switching machines so from where he was he was just waiting for her to see him.  I thought how crazy the best part about this is Morgan had no idea what was going on at that time.  Steve told her that if anything at all happens like this to go into our room lock the door and watch on the cameras.  You can see what is happening all around the house.

There was a knock at the door and it was a deputy.  He had spoken with someone and they wanted him to come by anyway.  At that point all of us were pretty convinced it was Keenan’s car, but Steve did not think it was Keenan, Morgan and I did.  Steve said that the most innocent explanation here is a delivery person, but I don’t think so.  He felt in any event that it would be easy enough to check out tomorrow.  The deputy really thought he was a delivery person, even pointed out where he was checking for an address.  Steve told him it would be easy enough for the detectives to check with the 6 or so neighbors and see if anyone was expecting a delivery and then check with the few places that actually deliver out here.  That would not be many phone calls to confirm yes or no for sure instead of always guessing.

The deputy left and Steve thought it would be good if Morgan slept in our room and he slept on the couch.  I didn’t think Morgan would agree and she did not.  She went to her room and at 11:14 pm texted that, “I just heard noises outside my window.”  By the time I texted her back, “Got it” Steve had been out the door for a long time, with no pepper spray, but wielding a baseball bat instead.

When he finally came back in we argued for a long time about the person being Keenan or not.  I had watched it over and over while he was gone.  Light was on in that front room and then it went off Steve had told me.  And no green car in their driveway.

Click here to read about the 79th day of Morgan’s stalking https://morgansstalking.com/?p=1728

Today is October 11, 2012 – In the many months since this video I have come to agree with Steve, that this is, in all probability, Keenan’s car, but Steve thinks it is not Keenan – he thinks it’s someone Keenan knows trying to set up an alibi, the detective, Morgan and I believe it’s Keenan.  He had a thought late the evening this happened.  What if “they are all freaking out” we still never found out who they are, but what if to diffuse attention he was smart enough to have someone else drive his car into the driveway.  What if that would be all it would take to throw the sheriffs department completely off the trail on a night he was gone.  We were pretty sure the car was Keenan’s as the unique grill and shape of the car was an exact match and the person up the driveway looked just like Keenan, and he was wearing the exact shirt Keenan was wearing in one of his online social media posts, what do you think?

In September 2017 Crime Watch Daily did a 4-part series about Morgan’s stalking and murder, and on Part 4, on their Facebook, you can watch and hear Detective Glassmire interrogating Keenan Vanginkle about this exact incident of stalking, 5 months AFTER her murder, making it VERY CLEAR that he believes it IS KEENAN, and he IS STILL A SUSPECT https://www.facebook.com/crimewatchdaily/videos/1758045480886903/

For all 4 parts of the Crime Watch Daily series…you click here. https://crimewatchdaily.com/2017/10/24/suicide-or-murder-what-happened-to-morgan-ingram/

140 thoughts on “October 18, 2011 – Day 78 of Morgan’s Stalking – Who can this be? BTW I grant you all permission to give me your opinion!

  1. OMG. How scary!!! But I’m not able to see the videos. Do I need to create a vimeo account? I hope not.

  2. Thank you so much for this update – how terrifying!

    However, the public cannot view these videos. They are listed as private. Can you make them viewable to those of use who would like to see them?

  3. Wow, he came back with a vengeance. It scared me just reading it. I can’t imagine how Morgan felt. Poor girl. The videos say they’re private and I don’t have permission to view them. Is there some way I can watch them?

  4. THis is so heartbreaking. I wish there was something that could be done to help! Your family & Morgan are in my thoughts!

    • Thanks so much! I just wish that life had a replay button and we could go back in time and somehow not live there – but then who’s to know if we lived somewhere else this wouldn’t have happened – there are evil people everywhere – just more good, kind people and that is where the hope for this world lies.

  5. Also, I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to you and your husband. I don’t have any children, so I cannot imagine the pain you and your family must be feeling. This is heartbreaking and terrifying.

    • Kathleen thank you for your sympathy – I pray no one ever has to go through this ever. Take care.

  6. Hey Toni, I’ve been reading your posts like crazy the past couple of days, and I first want to say how sorry I am that you and your family had to go through all of this and that I hope that justice will finally be served! I noticed that every time you link a video, it’s private and I can’t see them. I would really love to see them. Is there a way I can receive permission? Thank you!

    • It was my fault, we were rushing to a meeting and I didn’t have time to double check. Sorry should be available now.

        • So happy – these were just two small clips – the whole video shows the car driving up and down the street – pulls in two different times to block in Morgan’s car, drives around the street again, parks between our house and our next door neighbors house on the street and then comes up the driveway. Look up over the garage where the wildlife camera had just been taken down from. And just so you know all the addresses on all the houses are facing the street on the wall closest to the street on the solid wall of the garage – no address where this person is looking only our laundry room window, with the light on, Morgan doing her was and our blinds were open in that room so you could actually see in there as you drive up and down the street.

  7. Like so many others, I found this on Facebook. I made the mistake of starting to read these posts at 1:00AM last night. Starting with the post that begins Morgan’s stalking, I’ve read them all as well as the comments. My question for this post is how did E know something was going on if the detective hadn’t been there yet? I find it odd that he knew LE activity, yet never reported seeing lights or hearing alarms at all hours of the night. How do you see police vehicles, but not constant lights? In that same vein, if he saw the official cars, does that mean he also saw the car that was in the driveway when Morgan was alone and the dog barked?

    E’s Facebook profile was linked. It’s got plenty of public posts. I didn’t check too much because he gave me the creeps, nor did I check K’s because others said it was private. The profile still being public makes my spidey senses tingle, I would imagine he knows about this blog and his name being mentioned, wouldn’t it be normal for him to close up his profile? I know if I was mentioned as a person even remotely involved in a crime scene, I’d make sure that shit was sealed tight. Just thought I’d pass that observation along.

    Also, one thing that keeps sticking out to me is the fact that none of your pets were harmed. Wouldn’t an avid hunter who also killed a girl have very little concern for the well-being of pets that got in his way?

    I’m not doubting you, I believe you are telling the truth as you know it. I just wanted to throw some other ideas out there, hopefully at least helping a piece stick together in your mind.

    Where I live, a 30 year old murder received some attention over the past few years, and there is rampant speculation that an informant committed the crime, and was never prosecuted because that role was deemed more important. I know it’s speculation, but maybe your stalker plays a similar role?

    Thank you for insisting upon justice for your daughter. If more parents held similar beliefs, perhaps injustice would happen less often.

    • Yeah…E. Something seems “off” about him. The more I read, the more I’m curious…perhaps the stalker (K?) and the murderer are not the same person. Either way, I’m praying for your family that an investigation is able to happen. NO ONE should have to go through this.

    • Sure seems to me like he would have seen or heard something when it happened but he never admitted to seeing or hearing anything – he could have been out with his family at the time I honestly don’t know because I wasn’t there but he did say to have Morgan call him if anything like that ever happens again.
      Don’t know what to say about E’s stuff being public – we are so busy I never really look in to things like that – maybe it does have some meaning I just don’t know.
      I don’t think there was any concern for our pets but I do believe Morgan’s puppy could not be killed that night or it would have been obvious that someone killed her and do you really think someone wants to go down for murder?
      Morgan was always worried that something was going to happen to her puppy – I started to worry too and after Morgan died I would always stand outside in the backyard with her puppy when it had to go potty and one night I just pretended to go in the back door and hide from view and I heard whistling – so I quickly went out the door and Wylah was sitting on the ground looking out into the night, ears up, eyes pointed at the berm. I ran outside and grabbed her – if you want my honest opinion I don’t think Wylah was safe.
      Interesting about the 30 year old case – that is something that Steve and I considered, especially after reviewing other things, it is possible and would explain some things.

      • Ahh, that’s why the pets were fine. That totally makes sense. I’m not much of a planner, so I just couldn’t figure out why someone would have no regard for human life or wildlife, but leave pets alone. It’s just so sickening to think about the thought, attention to detail, planning and manipulation that must have gone into this. I can’t imagine how it makes you feel.

  8. I feel really extra sad for the Ingram Family these last few days, many people who have posed as supporters on the blog and facebook page have begun to bully and torment Toni. These people seem really bizarre to me, WHY on earth would they want to attack a mother who just lost a child to murder? and Why would they become so invested in taking the side of the suspects? STOP following the blog and leave the Ingram family alone!! The Ingram family has every right to find the answers to Morgan’s murder. Stop judging Toni’s decisions and try to have a little RESPECT!

    • I think that the people bullying Toni on the FB page and here are most likely the same people that gang stalked her daughter, they are criminals who don’t want the truth to be known. They are low lifes and cowards. Keep up the good work Toni, you are a hero, in so so so many ways. Please don’t even give what they are saying any thought at all. Low lifes don’t deserve your attention.

    • No worries, I know who they were – they have specific agendas and I do apologize to everyone out there that had to be subjected to them. They don’t bother me because I know who they are, and I know what they were trying to do, and I honestly can’t worry about crazy people while I am running as fast as I can to do what needs to be done on my end. So please accept my apology for these people – we have temporarily taken down the FB site and will reopen it again once I have time to have more control over it – which is not now.

      • You handle all the negativity with such grace. It’s very impressive. Had I been in your situation, I don’t think I could resist taking their bait and blowing up on them. But I know all your focus and energy is poured into doing right by Morgan (who by the way is so uniquely beautiful). I know you finding justice for her is right around the corner. I wish you all the best along the way 🙂

    • We know why, and you are on to something too – they are related to the suspects…it was a coordinated attack and I am so sorry but I was really busy with things on Morgan’s investigation, and I wasn’t here to stop it.

      • Its not your fault they are so stupid. I’m just so sorry you had to deal with them at all. Can’t wait until they get what they all deserve and we get some justice!!

          • I was one of the people that let those people “get to me” I apologize if I caused any ruckus on the FB page. I just couldn’t take it anymore, the things they were saying. Horrible horrible people!!

            Don’t you for one second feel like you need to apologize for them. You are doing great things, and I believe there are more supporters than neysayers here for you. So you just keep on fighting for Morgan and other stalking victims.

            Many blessings and prayers sent your way.

    • You are so right! They’ve been through so much heartache, they sure don’t need more! People need to stop being so rude and mean.

  9. This person doesn’t seem to have the posture of the prior image you had from the hunting camera, does he? He seems small and nervous, which to me doesn’t seem to fit the profile of the person who waits on the roof. This is just my gut reaction to viewing this. I’m wondering if you’ve had the same thought? This person seems insecure or something. And that doesn’t, in my mind’s eye, fit the image of the individual who walked right up to your house immediately after the police left. I don’t know what Keenan looks like-is he physically small? I guess my gut in viewing this video is that this individual does not seem composed or bold. But then again, the dog may be throwing him off. I’m just thinking this is someone else entirely. Did you have that feeling? I’m not saying he’s unrelated to the stalking but maybe not the person who perpetuates it from the roof? When you saw the guy with the hoodie looking into the house, did he have the same physical profile as the person in this video? Sorry-a lot of questions there.

    • Emily, you are so quick to answers we struggled with. Steve always thought he was too small to be Keenan, but what was he doing in Keenan’s car? The detective thought is was Keenan for sure. You are right on with what I have come to believe about this particular video.

      • Does the video warp size? Without knowing how big Keenan is, it’d be an interesting comparison to see someone his size in a video taken at the same distance in the same spot. The person in this video just seems small and fidgety. In my head, the stalker is composed. The idea I have of him-as a hunter, waiting on a roof, watching cops leave two minutes after they’ve been there, etc. etc. It’s just NOT this seemingly nervous kid fidgeting in the driveway. Also, if the detective thought it was Keenan, what were his next steps? Regardless, the video is terrifying. I’m terrified. I cannot imagine how you and Steve must feel or how Morgan felt. I really can’t. My heart goes out to you and you are in my thoughts every day.

        • It actually talks about what the detective did about this in the Sheriff’s reports that were released – he interviewed Keenan about it and Keenan said it wasn’t him. I have compared the video picture recently and I believe we now know exactly who it is and why he was creating an alibi.

    • I thought the same thing. But in the first stalker photo, it looks like he might be wearing some kind of padding or vest under his shirt, as well as a mask. In the video, it just looks like a guy in a t-shirt a jeans. That could account for the size difference.
      I find it odd that this person has been so stealthy and hidden before, and now he’s walking right up the driveway! Maybe because he knew you and your husband weren’t home?

      • Nope – he was being obvious for a reason. The real stalker never wanted to get caught on camera and when he was it was always by pure luck on our part – completely different actions and movement.

    • I tend to agree with this. The individual in the video doesn’t seem stalker-like to me. He seems unsure, and also we know the stalker knew you had cameras. i don’t think he’d so blatantly get in view like that. Very strange.

      • Not strange – calculating…think of what a sociopath would do when he needs to get off the radar screen…get people to help with alibis, very common and in this case it was used twice that I know of.

    • Also, just the body language of this guy doesn’t seem like someone on a mission. If it were the stalker I’d think he’d be walking with purpose I guess is how I can best describe it. I think this was either a strange occurrence, or a set up because the car matching K’s is unusual too. I wish you could know all the answers to all of your questions. The whole thing is heartbreaking, and tragic that this guy is still out there.

      • The car is the exact match – the grill gives it away, it’s the only car that Ford made that year with that exact grill – but it had to be that exact model upgrade – the other cars of that model did not have that grill.

  10. Toni,

    I have been following your story and my heart goes out to you. I am also a mother, and I could never imagine going through what you have been through. A loss of a child.
    I was wondering though, where did tr face book page go? I always know when a new blog is up bc of it and I will miss it being there!

  11. Watching again…it looks like maybe he is holding something in his left hand. A cigarette? Or maybe something bigger, like a cell phone? I can’t tell for sure.

    • I was upset because I knew he could see our big dog Tessi throwing herself at the window on the front door and he seems to back away and then come forward again and then change his mind – what if she hadn’t been there…:(

      • If Tessi hadn’t been there doing that I hate to say it, but maybe you could have gotten a better answer to what exactly this particular instance was about. I know you probably wrestle with all the “what ifs”, but know that you did your best, and justice will come one way or another. God Bless.

  12. Sorry, Toni-I didn’t read your update with today’s date. I just immediately began writing after I watched the video. My hunch is similar to yours. I can see a person like the stalker saying to a friend, just drive into the driveway, then drive out, then walk up, etc. and acting like he was being accused of something. In my experience, people who behave this way (stalkers, especially serial ones) often employ various friends and acquaintances in their favor-sometimes to also threaten a victim, sometimes to further victimize them, etc.

    • Emily you must have read some of the same profiling books about stalkers and serial stalker murderers that I have. It’s pretty scary stuff for most people to grasp, because if you are a good person, who cares and wants to see the good in everyone, it’s the most horrifying thing to know that people like that exist.

  13. The object in his left hand looks like a flashlight. When he turns to walk away, he turns one last time and taps it against his leg. That is when you can make out a better shape.

    I am so sorry about the rude people. I think no matter what, you deserve to know what happened! You deserve to have all of your questions answered.

    • I noticed the reflection too in the flashlight lense when he turned around. That is creepy AF! I read comments and was expecting a cell phone the the reflection is circular.

  14. Honestly, I do not think this is K. He walks differently and the facial structure is way different. He seems to look right at the camera, which I find pretty weird. If it were the stalker, why would he look up knowing there was a camera, not covering his face? I thinks it’s a “right street, wrong house” thing.

  15. I don’t believe it’s Keenan either. But I do believe I know who it is – if anyone has any ideas please let me know. And I know Keenan knows who he is as he is very close to him.

  16. I honestly have now idea who it is. Put it out there if you do. I think it would only help.

      • Just looked up his FB and yes, that definitely could be him. In looking through his photos, he looks scrawnier and less confident that Keenan, which would explain the fidgeting. He was probably very uncomfortable doing that ‘favor’ for his friend.

  17. I freaked out just watching the video like I did not want to. I can not imagine what you and your family especially Morgan! I have followed your blog when a friend on Facebook out it up. I booked marked your blog on my phone and check it many time throughout the day. I pray for your family with what happens and may God bless you and all your family!!

  18. Maybe Keenan was in the car at the time and sent the person to the house while he waited in the car knowing that person would be caught on camera.

    • I can’t believe it but we never even thought of that! Now I really feel stupid. I’ll tell Steve what you said in the morning – he’s sleeping right now. Thanks!

      • I think he’s spot-on for the friend. There are photos of him holding a longer, non-flip style, non-smartphone mobile phone, which I think is the black thing in his hand in the clip. He wears loose fitting jeans in his photos, too, just like the clip.

        To me, it looked like he was looking for something… maybe he was sent up there to scope out for cameras? I notice that he was looking straight up, then walked back, then took a couple of steps and leaned, but he didn’t walk any closer. I know the sound of your dog going nuts would have probably frightened him, too, but I think he was looking to see if there were cameras and where there were cameras. 🙁

        • Yea watching the video the person on the screen looks to be almost uncomfortable with what he is doing… Like it was someone else’s idea.

  19. Have you ever checked your video from days when none of you were home to see if anyone ever was caught on tape lurking when they knew no one was there?

    • We did but not often – it was so time consuming because to watch the cameras in actual time on all 6 cameras you could be sitting there all night watching them because let’s say you are gone for 2 hours it’s 2 hours times 6 cameras in real time so you would be talking about 1200 hours, but you are right we should have been watching at least the front and back cameras to see if anyone approached, but there were ways, if you stayed against the outside of the house in the front and the back the cameras would not have caught you.

  20. The guy in the video is shorter than the one captured on the wildlife cam. If you match the heads up to the car you can tell. This person is maybe about 5′ 4″ to 5’7″ The wildlife cam I estimated the person to be between 5′ 9 to 5′ 12″

    Also this person in the cam looks to be approx 160 lbs which would mean he is short and stalky. Blondish hair or light brown. This video I do believe can be cleaned up by Nasa to give a very clear view.

    • We believe this person is much smaller than the actual stalker – I believe he was asked to do this to set up an alibi

  21. OMG Toni you are 100% right…it is that Randy person…After you posted his last name i just looked him up on FB and its exactly the guy in the video…OMGGGGGG

  22. I went to R K’s FB and he is on the smaller size. Of course it is hard to tell from the video, but they do seem to resemble each other. Do you think maybe both boys could have been in on it? Like it was some sort of game..

  23. I was wondering if you knew if any of K’s friends were intimidated by him? The reason i ask this is because the boy on the video looks a bit jumpy, nervous not like the footage from earlier where the stalker was very confident and arrogant in his manner.
    Is it possible that this boy felt he had no choice and had to walk up the driveway etc, (this does not excuse his behavior) for fear of what K might do?
    This stalker is obviously a dangerous sociopath who manipulates and deceives those around him, do you think his friends may have sensed that something was not quite right with him and were frightened of what he may do if they refused him or do you believe that this boy was also responsible for what happened to Morgan?
    It’s really scary to think that there are people like this in the world. Keep up the great work you are doing and I am so sorry you have had to deal with the bullying from FB.

    My thoughts are with you

    • What you said is very possible. I feel so horrible for Morgan when I relive what happened on a daily basis and she kept trying to be strong and act like they weren’t getting to her but she was afraid and in the end we couldn’t protect her so it’s the worse feeling in the world, and I try really hard every day not to think about that because I start to cry and sometimes I don’t think I will ever stop. And I can’t stop thinking that this guy is still out there and I know he will do it again and I can’t accept that another family will have to go through this – I have to do everything I can to make people aware so he is stopped.

      • What you are doing now is amazing, you are very inspiring and strong. You did everything possible for Morgan and she knows that. I know that this blog and all your hard work will pay off and it is already is with the help you have given to other victims of stalking.
        Stay strong and know you have a lot of people supporting you.
        Sending you big hugs…..

  24. I know everyone has on their detective hats and giving their opinion, but to me, it looks like someone might have just told him “just go walk up there, look around and come back”. I think I see him glance in the vehicle as he walks up and kinda pretends to check on “something” then turns around and walks away.
    I also checked out this persons FB, and what I found interesting is that he has his hands in his pocket(s) in quite a few of his pictures…. like that’s how he normally carries himself… and it’s generally the same hand in his pocket as is in your video.

  25. Check out the way the person in the video holds his hands…. now look at Randy’s FB page. They hold their hands the same way. In the pockets or close to them. I agree. This Very well could be the same person.

  26. There’s a picture of Randy on his FB that shows him holding a black cell phone with his hand blocking his face– anything look familiar from the video?
    Creepy. I was so scared watching the walk-up video, not knowing when someone was going to appear. I just kept thinking, “this is exactly how they felt– never knowing if or when something was about to threaten their security.” Terrifying. I’m so sorry.

    • It was terrifying watching it and Morgan was really angry when she watched it after she came home. I know she was able to get angry then because that incident was already over but during the incident she was really scared so Morgan was going between scared and angry and it makes me so upset to think that she had to go through that and she never knew these people, only ?…I know life’s not fair but Morgan really cared about people and was so kind to people, even people no one else cared about so this makes it even harder for me. Did any of these other kids ever help anyone? Did they ever work hard to get ahead in school, overcome huge obstacles, do volunteer work just to help others that needed it? I doubt it – they are just horrible hateful people who’s parent’s did not teach them any different and just try to make up excuses for them so I guess they never have to change unless LE does something about it.

  27. I just looked at Randy’s FB and there’s a photo of him holding up his cell phone and blocking his face with his other hand. Anything look famililar from the walk-up video?
    As I was watching, my heart was racing and I thought “This is exactly how they must have felt 24/7. Never knowing if or when someone was going to appear.” I’m so sorry. Absolutely terrifying.

    • Thanks Katie and that is exactly how we all felt and it was horrible – I would never want anyone to have to endure that but people do all the time – that’s what I hear from other victims and it breaks my heart.

  28. I dont see a car pull in to the driveway at all when this person walks up. This person had to walk from somewhere. Was it cold that day? He has no coat on, so he couldn’t have walked from anywhere far if it was cold. The way that he came from in the driveway looks like its from maybe a side yard? What is on that side of your house?

    I am really sorry for your loss, i cant imagine going through all of this. My cousin and I have been reading this blog daily and everytime one of us have a thought regarding this we text each other to come up with anything we can. I hope one day soon there will be justice for Morgan!

    • There are more videos of the event we just didn’t put them all on. The car actually pulls in to our driveway 2 times and blocks in Morgan’s car and it also drives up and down the street multiple times and the time you see him coming up the driveway his car was parked on the street between our neighbor (to the left of the screen) to just before our driveway – you can see the car lights drive up and then go off.

  29. Im sorry i pressed “enter” accidentally on the last comment before i was finished typing in my information.

  30. I definitely think it is Randy….I know you have talked about briefly how Morgan was creeped out by K, etc. But my question is, do you have ANY idea why this group of kids was so fixated on harassing her? Was ? the one spearheading all of this because of some feud? There just has to be more to the history of the relationships between Morgan and this group – I definitely believe Morgan was stalked and murdered, but I don’t understand the motive? Is there some more background there that you’d care to share?

    I really, really hope you get answers soon for your little girl.

    • She did not know any of them except for ? and I do know Morgan did not like her and I do know from other friends and a parent of a friend that ? was out to get Morgan – whatever that is supposed to mean.

    • And why does ? have a picture of Morgan on her FB? She also has some picture about k that she posted after Morgan’s death. It made me so sad to see your beautiful daughter appear out of nowhere in this girl’s album. I wish I could delete the picture for you.

  31. Just wanted to share that it looks like this Randy cat is wearing Etnies or some type of skater shoe in some of his FB pictures. I know earlier you said that the shoe prints left in the dirt under Morgans window were possibly the brand Etnie and that stuck with me because I had a pair back in my high school skateboarding days 🙂

  32. Ok I have been reading along but now I have to comment. How can anyone look at that and not think it was suspicious. I hadn’t even read the rest (where you commented on what you thought) and I rewound it twice because something was just off. The way he was walking with his hand in his pocket was weird. It was not normal behavior. if indeed you were lost or checking an address, you would have your hands out as a defense if you were not sure of your safety, if you didn’t know that area, if you were not sure if that dog was coming out. That person was VERY comfortable. What kinda of delivery man has his hand in his pocket, he had to have something of importance in his pocket. No food, no pizza, no clip board or electronic thing to have someone sign it. My heart goes out to you. To know all this and have it somewhat brushed under the rug. If I were a neighbor, even if I didn’t know you, I would have been suspicious of this person. I am not a detective either , this is not rocket science. Oh I am so mad and I can’t even begin to imagine your feeling. Bless you.

    • I know I can’t even begin to explain how Steve and I really feel – thanks for giving us your opinion though we appreciate it.

  33. Are the videos time stamped? I’m curious to see the time between the car and the guy walking up.

    • They are time stamped and as soon as I have time to bring them up to look I’ll try to give you your answer – just can’t do it right now.

  34. Did anyone else notice something happening at the very end of the video behind the top of the SUV? I thought maybe it was car lights going by but it starts as a very small white dot and then a lot of light just before the video ends. Just caught my eye.

  35. Toni, I noticed in a police report that a beer bottle was recovered from your backyard- has the bottle been submitted for DNA analysis? DNA is routinely recovered from items such as beer bottles and any resulting profile and be uploaded into a national database and searched regularly.

    I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet daughter and I hope you find the answers you are looking for.

  36. Ok, other readers I need your help, I am viewing from my cell, updated my player but still cannot view videos, please help 🙂

    • Hollie – I just looked on my phone and the box just looked black and when I clicked on the link below the box the video showed up and then just click the arrow to start it

      • Im must be having issues because of my android? I looked online and others seemed to have the issue also 🙁 ty Ill keep trying until I can get to my laptop.

  37. Did I miss that? I am interested in looking at his pics on FB! Thanks and I am sending love and light to you and Steve, Toni! xx

  38. The videos are chilling given the surrounding circumstances. The first video of the car pulling into the driveway then backing up and exiting to the right tells me that someone was “just checking” to see if the vehicle parked in the driveway was indeed Morgan’s. Then the suspect actually walks up your driveway! It then looks like he pointedly looks at the camera then looks up along the eaves to the right (possibly checking for more cameras?). To me the guy looks like he has dark hair with longer sideburns and a round face. Does anyone else see this?

  39. What is the flash of light at the very end of the walk-up video? It’s behind/beyond Morgan’s vehicle.

    • It’s the car he drove up in that was parked to the left and that flash is the headlights turning on

  40. Hi Toni, I haven’t been able to watch the videos yet, I am having such a hard time believing that such evil exists in our communities, This whole Jessica Ridgeway thing and Morgan. There has been a couple recent murders over here. Then to read all the mean things these folks were saying to you, its just disheartening. I’m so glad you have such an army of people supporting you and Steve. There will be justice for Morgan. I will celebrate the day with you. Stay strong! Love and Light and loads of energy coming your way!!!!!

  41. So how did E know about all of this enough to call? I’m really starting to feel like he was the Mastermind behond all of this. Does he have any connections to the police department/mayor that you know of? The reason I bring up the Mayor is because so many departments seem to be involved in this. For a cover up of this size, it’d have to be someone powerful/influential. Have there been any interviews with E? Has anyone checked into the relationship between E and ?’s mom and what all of that entails since he talks/ed to her? And did any of the other sensors go off during all of this? I’m just wondering if the person on camera was distracting while another person climbed the roof and so on. Is it possible that whatever was in the guys hand was a bottle of date rape drugs and this night might have been an attempt? Was it cold that evening and maybe the hand in the pocket was just staying warm? Sorry for all of the bazillion questions. I’ve been following your blog for weeks and as a mom to two toddlers, its just mind blowing and terrifying. Also, can I just say that the way the video films is extremely creepy? I cant imagine the way you felt when constantly sitting on edge, screening these videos. Did Morgan get along with E? And were they friends of ? I find it hard to believe that he was SOOOOOO concerned while he lived there and now that he has moved away, he has moved on so easily and isn’t coming out in support of you all. Something just isn’t right here. I was reading an article recently about those Washington Snipers. John Lee Malvo or something? The now adult boy who did the actual shooting/killing was talking about how the mastermind groomed him to do these terrible things. Reading your blog today made me think of all these things. Anyhow, PLEASE keep up with your mission. There are so many people now who feel personally vested in getting justice for Morgan now. Lots of light being sent your way…

    • E was never interviewed as far as I know. There was a time they were going over to talk with him but he was already gone. As I relive this through notes and records E does call far more then I remembered it to be and now I am seeing always at the most traumatic times. He did live right across the street and was home most of the time and could have just witnessed the really intense times because of where he was. I wish we knew more about this.

      • Thanks for answering so fast! When I asked about E being interviewed, I should have clarified that I meant by the media. Sorry for being unclear. In that fashion, has anyone besides your family been interviewed by the media? I refuse to check out WS website, I’d rather just ask you. It seems that at times his behavior could be chalked up to busybody behavior except there were no police to make him susicious recently? ANd if he is that observant that he notices traumatic times when police AREN’T there to draw attention, then how did he not see the stalker all of these times? Just thinking “aloud”.

  42. I just now came upon this. I am so so sorry for your loss. I just don’t know what to say. I wish you the best in finding this criminal.My heart is just breaking for you.

  43. I wonder if this video shows the friend testing the stalker’s hiding location. You see the friend pull into the driveway with headlights on (like a police car might) to perhaps see if the stalker was visible on the roof. Then put the car away and approached the house and looked up again at the roof from standing in the driveway. Perhaps the stalker was already on the roof and enlisted the friend to help him make sure his hiding spot wasn’t visible to people looking for him. Maybe that’s what emboldened the friend to help — since he wasn’t technically doing anything wrong.

  44. I wonder if the person in the video may have been sent up to possibly lure Morgan outside..

    I do not believe for a moment that he is “out of place”….I believe he had an agenda walking up to the front of the house. He doesn’t look uncomfortable to me it at all- in fact, he looks as if he is taking instruction from someone as he walks away. Almost, as some sort of communication passed between he and someone else. He looks as if he say something and/or even nods/shrugs as he is walking away.

    • Oh my gosh – you are the first person on here to say that and Steve and I have discussed that very thing over and over again – it does look like that and Steve thinks there is someone (and we think we know who) is in that car and never gets out.

  45. I just started reading your blog did Keenan’s friend R. K., ever give the police a alibi for Keenan. I thought I read it somewhere online.

    • Good point – they should have, but I don’t remember reading anywhere that they ever spoke with Randy Kempton and got an alibi for Keenan…Keenan does not have an alibi. I do know they were very close friends and were involved in a crime together.

  46. I looked at the website glenwoodpolice.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/12-27-11.pdf for Keenan’s arrest information and noticed a Randall Kempton arrested the day before Keenan for Theft-all other larceny ($1,000-$20,000, felony). Can someone correct me if I’m wrong but is this Keenan’s best friend Randy’s father? I thought maybe I would try and find information on Keenan’s friend Randy (a.k.a. Randall Lee Kempton Jr.) This is all Public Records————————————————————————————————–Glenwood Springs Police Department: Under age drinking: Deputies were called to investigate a campfire in the lower Cattle Creek area at 2:45a.m., on May 6, 2011. They found five young men drinking. They arrested V.J., 18, of Glenwood Springs on suspicion of underage drinking, possession of drug paraphernalia, and violating a court order. They also cited Randall Lee Kempton Jr. 18, of Glenwood Springs, and three juveniles for underage drinking. http://www.postindependent.com/article/20110514/VALLEYNEWS/110519940 – April 29, 2011.-Police observed an adult male that had and active municipal Arrest Warrant. Randall Lee Kempton Jr., 18, Glenwood Springs, CO. http://www.glenwoodpolice.com/Press%20Releases/4-29-11.pdf. (this page has since been removed) -Glenwood Springs Police Department:
    Case number: 201100016100
    Arrestee: Randall Kempton
    Age: 18
    City/State: Glenwood Springs CO
    State charge: Warrant Arrest-other Agency; Illegal possession or consumption of ethyl alcohol by underage person (petty offense); Resisting arrest (misdemeanor); Third degree criminal trespass (petty offense) Officers contacted an adult male for having an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Upon contacting the adult male he resisted arrest, trespassed, and was found to show signs of alcohol intoxication. Upon apprehension of the adult male suspect Dispatch confirmed both warrants and the first warrant was out of Garfield County for the original charge of second degree burglary, had a bond amount of $5,000 and an docket #DO232011CR000297. The second warrant was out of Glenwood Springs municipal court for failure to appear on shoplifting, had a bond amount of $1,000, and a OCA#11MA724. The adult male was lodged at the Garfield County Jail on the two warrants, third degree trespass, resisting arrest, and minor in possession of alcohol. http://www.glenwoodspringspolice.com/wp -content/uploads/2012/06/10-7-11.pdf
    -Burglary: Officers were called to Glenwood Springs High School at 3:30 p.m., on Oct. 3 2011 regarding a burglary. Four suspects entered the school and damaged items valued at $250.00. Arrest warrants were issued for the four. Officers contacted one suspect, the man arrested and appeared intoxicated. Randall Kempton, 18, of Glenwood Springs was arrested on warrants for burglary and shoplifting and was cited for trespass, resisting arrest and underage drinking. Officers also arrested a juvenile male in the burglary case, while the other two suspects remain at large. http://www.postindependent.com/article/20111010/VALLEYNEWS/111019992.
    -Glenwood Springs Police Department
    Case number:201100015719
    Arrest date: 10/3/2011
    Arrestee: Randall Lee Kempton Jr.
    Age: 18
    City/State: Glenwood Springs, CO
    Charge: Petty Theft – shoplifting
    Police took a report of a theft at a local business. The incident is under investigation. glenwoodpolice.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/10-7-11.pgf
    -Garfield County Police Department
    Case number: 201500014868
    Arresting City/State: New Castle, CO
    Arrest date: 7/10/2015
    Arrestee: Randall Lee Kempton Jr.
    Age: 22
    Arrest charge:
    18-9 111 (1) (a) (MIS) strike: Harassment (strikes, shoves, kicks,) (misdemeanor)
    18-9-306.5 (MIS) Obstruction of telephone services (misdemeanor)
    18-6-800.3 (1) Domestic Violence
    18-6-401 (1) (a) Child abuse-Negligence
    18-4-501 Less than $300.00 Criminal mischief (M3)
    Deputies responded to a call near the Town of New Castle. After further investigation a person was arrested and transported to the Garfield County Jail. http://www.garcosheriff.com/sheriff_log/2015_07_10_-12.pdf. On his booking log he is listed as white, brown hair, 5ft 9in, and 150 lbs.
    -Garfield County Sheriff’s Department
    Case number: 201500013255
    Arrest date: 6/20/ 2015
    Arrestee: Randall Lee Kempton Jr.
    Arresting City/State: New Castle, CO
    42-2-138(1) (a) Drove vehicle while license under restraint
    42-4-1101 (10-19 over) Speeding 10-19mph over the limit
    99.99 Warrant arrest
    Deputies contacted a vehicle outside of the Glenwood Springs area. After further investigation, a subject was arrested and transported to the Garfield County Jail.
    – Glenwood Springs Police Department
    Case number:201500017884
    Arrest date: 10/5/2015
    Arrestee: Randall Lee Kempton Jr.
    Age: 22
    Arresting City/State: Glenwood Springs, CO
    State charge: Warrant-arrest- other agency. Officers were advised of a male suspect with a CICJIS misdemeanor warrant out of Garfield County for criminal mischief and theft. With a bond $2500.00 Officers contacted the male party and he was lodged at the Garfield County Jail. glenwoodpolice.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/10-12-15.pdf.
    I don’t think Morgan’s stalking case was taken very seriously! These two (Randall and Keenan) are delinquents. No care for laws, authority, private or public property, breaking and entering, harassment, theft…I mean this just goes on and on. I think the police underestimated these two.

    • Thank you for sending me this…I knew they both had criminal records and they were both close friends but I had not seen these reports before. I appreciate you sending them to me. And yes, Morgan’s stalking case was not taken seriously and it ended in her death. It is outrageous and can not be allowed – an investigation and arrests need to be made. All those involved in her stalking and murder will be held accountable!

  47. I don’t think this is delivery. If it were where is his uniform, hat, business name/slogan or logo on the car? Usually a delivery person wears some type of advertisement for the business. Assuming the address is by the front door, what sense does it make for the delivery person to park directly behind her car with his headlights shinning on the back of her car? Why not just go around her vehicle to shine his headlights on the house looking for an address? You can see when the vehicle drives off (looking at Morgans driver side window) that it goes quite a distance that you don’t see where the vehicle stopped. So why did they vehicle not stop at the neighbors looking for an address as well, nope it drives off. Then some time later, here comes the supposed delivery person walking up the driveway, car out of sight. Why when he was in the driveway in his vehicle the first time did he not just simply step out go to the front door look for an address? Because hes not delivery. And surely him coming to the house a second time you would think he would have the delivery in hand, but nothing. I think its the stalker (s). What I see when he pulls behind her and gets very close to her car is intimidation, I think he thought she was in the car. It’s almost like he is blocking her in. He wants her to know hes there.
    2:16 walking up the middle of the drive way
    2:17 glances at garage?idk
    2:18 glances at her vehicle (drivers side window) then quickly back at garage or is there a window there?
    2:19 goes from walking up the middle of the driveway and is approaching her vehicle, why would a delivery person approach a vehicle? They wouldn’t.
    2:20 looks at her vehicle, looks like the drivers side once again.
    2:21-22 looks at camera, why would a delivery person care about a video camera? Most of them are filmed all day at their workplace, why have interest in a camera now?They wouldn’t. This person wanted to be seen.
    2:23 garage or window?
    2:24 i have no idea what he is looking at
    2:25-26 looks at her vehicle again
    2:27-28 glances at vehicle again
    2:30 glances over shoulder looks like he jogs or runs away
    The whole purpose of this is for a delivery man he sure pays more attention to her vehicle and the camera than looking for a address. The address obviously isn’t going to be on a vehicle. Also I noticed from 2:30 to 3:34, no vehicle leaves. There’s no delivery vehicle in the driveway, or at the end of the driveway, what sense would it make for him to park far away to deliver an item, it doesn’t. What are the odds that this situation (a strange young man prowling on their property) just happens to only occur to the family that is being terrorized and stalked?. I believe I read that the neighbors all denied expecting a delivery this very night. This is not a coincidence. I think the stalker (s) saw a opportunity to take advantage of the situation while she was alone. I don’t think this is the main stalker this one is very much caught off guard by Morgans dog protecting her, he’s scared to approach the house, while the other stalker has no problem approaching the house dogs barking or watching. Could it have been possible that he attached some sort of tracking device on her car, that he could follow her? I apologize so long, just wanted to share what I see. It sickens me the way he approaches her car and looks at the drivers side, it’s almost like he was going to make a move if she was in the car. Prayers for your family, and hopefully one day there will be justice for all of you and Morgan.

    • You are so very accurate in what you just said. Morgan was actually in the laundry room at that time doing her laundry – the window was next to the front door and you could see through those wood shutters because they had not been closed down yet for the night so he could see her while walking up the driveway. We had a beveled glass window in the front door so our dog obviously saw movement in the driveway and wanted to protect Morgan so she started to bark and throw her body up against the door. I think that is the only thing that stopped him from trying to rush in the door. He also looks left handed and I am not sure if that is a cell phone or a taser in his hand – other hand stays in his pocket.

      It’s hard to see in the video that is online but in the original video you can conclusively see the distinctive grill on his car and it matches his make and model on the car that he had at that time. The sheriffs believed it was him in that video and the detective brought him in for questioning and told him they knew it was him. He denied it and they let him go. That about sums it up. The sheriffs also thought the stalker(s) may have put a tracking device on her car but another explanation might be that (as in this incident) there was a friend that she had just been visiting with that knew she was coming home right at that time and that we were not home and that friend (we now know) is a friend with one of the stalkers so he could have been tipping them off…

  48. I think it’s KVG… Same haircut as the pics I found on Google of him.. (Yeah KVG.. Strangers are watching YOU now… How does it feel sweetheart?)

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