Identifying the Suspect in Morgan’s Stalking Case – see the prime example of a stalking incident in the diagram below

Following the events of the night of August 29, 2011, and into the early morning hours of August 30th, the Garfield County Sheriff’s office had a wide array of charges to pursue against the male stalker for his actions against his female victim and her parents, but they did not pursue those charges.

Morgan had been stalked and terrorized for nearly a month at this time. The stalker had been seen in the yard, left clear shoe impressions outside Morgan’s bedroom windows and a bathroom window on the other side of the house that she was using to shower in. And now the stalker was photographed. His face blurred, but his body clearly captured. Crime labs available to the Garfield Sheriff’s office, such as the FBI crime lab, have the capability to identify individuals based on body parts, in addition to facial recognition. This was never done.

The deputies claimed to have access to tracking hounds that could follow the scent trail that was certainly there, but no dogs were called in, not this night nor any other night during the four month stalking of Morgan. This incident clearly indicates not only the mindset, capabilities and bravado of the stalker, but the indifference of the Garfield Sheriff’s office. The officers knew the camera had been broken by the stalker in his attempt to dislodge it, but never even mentioned it in their reports. None of the three deputies would return to assist Morgan in investigating the stalking as required by state law for law enforcement to do. It was Morgan that further investigated and sent an email to one of the deputies exposing Keenan Vanginkel’s mocking attitude toward law enforcement. And then that email, naming Keenan as the suspect by Morgan, resulted in no further investigation or intervention by the sheriffs. Discovered later, was the fact that 5 days before this incident (on August 25, 2011) Keenan was already named as the suspect, by the Garfield County Sheriffs, in Morgan’s stalking case – it is on his Global Subject Activity Report.

After this entire series of events, Morgan vacillated between believing that the Sheriffs did not care that she was being stalked, to then hoping they were getting close to making an arrest. This is what stalking victims do – they want to believe and trust, but when they see that law enforcement is not doing anything to stop the criminal they are frightened and lose hope. At times she felt she would have to wait for her stalker to lose interest and go away and yet she was afraid that something horrible would happen to her before the sheriffs intervened. Morgan continued to be startled, frightened and terrorized on a regular basis, until she was killed.

The Sheriff’s department confirmed Morgan’s fears, because after her murder the detective did a 180 degree about-face and claimed there had never been a suspect, even though only a few days earlier he had said he believed the stalker was going to ESCALATE!!!

Sheriff Lou Vallario would go even further, claiming that in over 50 trips to the Ingram’s house his officers never saw a stalker, when, as evidenced by this series of photos, they had all certainly seen him in a picture, as well as in video footage caught later on. In the four months of Morgan’s stalking the Ingram’s themselves only caught glimpses of the stalker at their house. The sheriff’s would have had to surveil the house ‘without’ glow-in-the-dark reflective tape on their uniforms, and stay off their cell phones, in order to catch the stalker. This never happened. Effective intervention before more serious consequences, as per the Colorado legislative decree, was not in the protocol for the Garfield Sheriffs department, as no crimes were ever charged to Morgan’s tormentor.

Instead it was explained to Morgan’s parents after her death that the sheriffs had “so thoroughly botched the investigation,” that the new District Attorney, Sherry Caloia, did not believe she could ever get a conviction.  And that is how the Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario deals with stalking cases – by NOT dealing with them.


Read below and tell me if you think the following is a prime example of a stalking incident, as this happened during an active felony stalking investigation…

What was done to Morgan by her stalker(s) was horrific, and what was done to Morgan and our family by the orders of Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario was outrageous!  The Sheriffs knew who the suspect(s) were, they said to us that they always needed more and more evidence, and then just days before her murder, the detective tells the “suspects” he is getting close to making an arrest and Morgan will be giving her on-camera testimony the following week at the same time he will be collecting the other “suspect’s” hours – he also tells us that he expects the stalking to “escalate” so then what happens?  The perps get rid of the main witness – Morgan, and then what?  The Sheriffs, that very same morning, told us, “Don’t worry the stalker had nothing to do with Morgan’s death – it’s just a mystery for now.”  I thought, “Are they serious?”  There are no words for the pain and suffering the Garfield County Sheriffs have caused our family – we trusted law enforcement, we were brutally honest with them always, and 5 months after Morgan’s murder Garfield County Sheriff Detective Glassmire told us, “If a suspect decides to lie to us there is nothing we can do.”  If this is what we pay the Garfield County Sheriffs to do – give up and look the other way if a suspect won’t admit they stalked and murdered someone, then the citizens of Garfield County are in grave danger.

15 thoughts on “Identifying the Suspect in Morgan’s Stalking Case – see the prime example of a stalking incident in the diagram below

  1. leave these poor kids alone! I understand that she is your daughter but you need to find better ways to spend your time! Let these other kids move on with their life. You don’t need to forget your daughter but she wouldn’t want these innocent people affected in the cross fire!

    • Leave these “poor” kids alone? Seriously, you are the one that is delusional! Our daughter was horrifically stalked & murdered – we have a mountain of evidence behind those 2 facts, and those “poor” kids you are referring to were involved in her stalking and murder…those “poor” kids had extensive criminal records before they targeted our daughter and were both listed in the police reports – do your research, don’t just listen to people that have no clue as to the facts. Please read this blog from the very beginning of the stalking for an accurate timeline of what happened…it now includes the “suspects” work hours which disprove his lies about not being around at the time of the stalkings and murder. You can also read this link to see a copy of his name in the police report – listed as the “suspect,” so please, when you comment on our daughter’s case, please get your facts straight in the future. You are victim blaming – supporting criminals instead of supporting the victim is the reason we have so many murderers still out on our streets to reoffend…help make this a better world, don’t just believe what others want you to believe, learn for yourself what the truth is and then stand behind what is right.

      • We have some nutty people in this world that cannot or refuse to see the truth. That person that told Tony Ingram to “leave these poor kids alone” obviously don’t have a lick of sense. I would be doing the same thing. EXPOSING THE CRIMINALS!!

      • Well said Toni! We’re all behind you and mostly we’re all behind Morgan. Justice for Morgan!! As a supporter, we won’t give up. Some people are going to throw hate or lies, and not be clear on the actual facts of this. My motto is, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for everything and some people do not stand for justice. One day, There will be justice for you, Morgan!!!

        • Thank you so much Anne! When I start to feel down I always think of the quote,”“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it–always.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

    • Katie: if Toni finds a better way to spend her time, who will keep investigating her daughter’s death?
      How do you know those ‘poor kids’ are innocent?
      How do you know what Morgan would want to happen to those “innocent people”? Toni said Morgan got a ball bat out to confront Keenan.
      Morgan clearly knew the innocence of that “poor kid”.
      From what I understand: THOSE OTHER KIDS ARE MOVING ON WITH THEIR LIVES. The only one NOT going anywhere is Morgan.
      And you, Katie, all these years later, YOU are still keeping up with Toni’s webpage. YOU DIDNT MOVE ON …. perhaps YOU need to find better ways to spend your time?

      Toni is doing what EVERY mom would do… it is not wasted time.

    • Leave these poor kids alone? WTH? Have you had a daughter stalked and murdered? Probably not! If you had, you wouldn’t have even thought posting that comment was a good idea.

      Oh, maybe you know the actual perpetrators and want them to not have this hanging over their heads? The way for that to happen is not to do the crime!

  2. Mrs. Ingram. I just wanted to take a minute and finally let you know just how much you inspire me. Your grit and determination leave me speechless. I couldn’t be further away and more unknown to you. I have been following your Morgan’s case, story and blog since 2013 on the other side of the country here in Wilmington DE. I felt this particular thread was appropriate to comment such on. I hope you never relent. I pray one day Morgan’s murder is brought to justice! Whenever a new update comes my way . I excitedly drop everything and read. Hoping the breakthrough your family deserves is stated. I am a first and only once time mother of a 2 year old baby girl. I strive to be as persistent of a mother as you. Please continue to keep us updated. Morgan’s story has reached and touched so many. Always in my thoughts.

    • Thank you so much Margo! Your comment filled my heart up with so much happiness…we are getting close to getting justice. I can’t comment on much of what is being done right now, but I promise you I will NEVER give up and I am hoping and praying Morgan will see justice in the next 12 months. Hug your little 2-year-old baby girl for me – every day with her is a blessing that I am sure you are enjoying. Hugs!

  3. I’m wondering if they were saying “the stalker” or “that stalker” or that they just didn’t want to believe Morgan actually had one. Whatever that was a bunch of crap. Garfield Co. police let her be murdered, so wouldn’t that make them accomplices to the crime. YES. Sorry to finally see from all these years I’ve lived on this earth but there are definitely many women-haters in this world.

    • Thanks so much Britain for letting me know your thoughts. The sheriffs definitely believed there was a stalker, but their stalking protocol was terrible and the head Sheriff Lou Vallario wanted nothing to do with solving her case and then after she was murdered he wanted the case shut down. In my opinion he is one of the “few” law enforcement people (I say “few” because I know many that are not like him) that is a misogynistic, egotistical, and tyrannical ruler over Garfield County, CO and sadly he is up for re-election this year and no one is brave enough to run against him. Woman and children do not matter to him…stolen vehicles do matter. Sick, sick, sick, but nevertheless we have solid evidence that Morgan was stalked and murdered and she will get justice one day – at that time I am sure the sheriff will say, “I had no idea :(“

      • Mrs. Ingram, have you and your husband ever talked to a lawyer – from CO but not from your area – about suing anyone regarding the investigation? Of the stalking and the murder?
        I’m thinking about the civil case against OJ Simpson, which he lost. In your case, a good lawyer with good investigators might bring enough pressure that they reopen this case.

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