Monday, August 29, 2011, the 28th day of Morgan’s stalking. First picture of the stalker!

Morgan is starting a new semester, just picking up those last few credits, and taking two dance classes per day at Colorado Mountain College. After spending the night at a friend’s house she arrived home at 6:30 am, had breakfast and dressed for her first day back at college. The last few days were quiet, no stalker, she was bubbly and happy, not a mention of the stalker, plans for the future filled the air.

After Morgan and Steve left it was quiet and calm as I worked. Steve had filled the bird feeder and they were singing outside my office window, I loved it and couldn’t help but smile.

Late afternoon Steve and I were in the yard discussing where to put the camera, we only had one, and I felt we had to make it count, I wanted it outside Morgan’s windows. Steve felt nothing was happening on her windows, and the trail over the berm needed a night of surveillance. Our discussion deteriorated, and then we were arguing with all of our bottled up frustration. With no agreement in sight I held the ladder, and we hung it over the front door. There was a spot on the trim where it didn’t stand out like the proverbial sore thumb. I said this would be a good test, and tomorrow we’ll put it somewhere that it will do some good. We didn’t talk for hours, Morgan was in her room singing, and we went to bed. Morgan felt like now with school starting she was determined to sleep in her own room and not be afraid of this stalker anymore.

At ~ 11:00 pm it started, he didn’t elude the new placement of the motion detectors, four total, and each receiver was lined up on my dresser with a post- it stuck on that had the location written on it. Steve announced he’s over on Rhonda’s side (where Morgan’s bedroom was in our house), and was pulling on clothes, grabbing his things, and heading for the front door. I stayed in the room this time so I could watch the receivers, and know where he was. I was going to call Steve with updates until I saw his cell phone lying on the nightstand. We had to get better at this.

In what was becoming a horrible disheartening sequence of events the motion detector in the front went off, that was Steve, then lights went on along the side yard, then the motion detector on the back corner, Steve, moving around the house. I waited for another set of alarms. One that would belong to the stalker, but it didn’t happen. I went out the back door and sent Steve to the front while I tracked him down in the back. We both came up empty, then argued about how we can’t both leave the house, Morgan is alone then, even if we lock up on the way out, it is just not safe.

This all repeats itself over and over, I lose track of how many times. I call dispatch and as night turns to morning (it is now after midnight on 8/30/2011), we are standing in the house at a quarter to 1 am with three deputies who have come up just as empty as we have in this desperate fight to catch him. They are going now, and hope they have scared him off, hope it’s going to be a quiet evening for us now. I’m wondering about the catching him or making him just go away. I’m so tired that scared away sounded good. But, I know that is not the solution.

We go back to bed and just as I’m drifting off to sleep I startle. The wildlife cam! I shake Steve, the camera, the test, we have to look at the images, we should at least have the Deputies leaving caught on camera – otherwise it is worthless. Steve gets dressed again and goes out to get it down. The motion detector tells me he is in the drive.

It’s our first time using this camera, and it takes a while to get the card out and into a computer. It has taken 12 pictures, little thumbnails on the screen, most are nothing, until we get to the last four. And . . . here, date and time stamped, are those four – depending on your browser you should be able to click on the picture for a larger version.

The first Deputy to leave –

First Deputy leaving after searching for stalker

First Deputy leaving after searching for stalker

Then the next two Deputies –

Last two Deputies leaving after searching for stalker

Last two Deputies leaving after searching for stalker

Then we see the stalker, leaning against Steve’s truck, and watching the Deputies leave. An authority on stalkers refers to behavior like this as “thumbing their nose at law enforcement”, and believes this is at the top of the list of danger signs, but at the time we did not know that, and we were not told this bit of information. As for the picture, the upper left corner would be the street, so you would turn left at the end of the drive to leave our block. And quite a few experts in disseminating images have had a look at this, and a remarkable amount of information has been uncovered, but we welcome any observations. Either leave a comment or, if you prefer, the tip line on Morgan’s website for more privacy.

Stalker watching the Sheriffs Deputies leaving

Stalker watching the Sheriffs Deputies leaving

Next is the desperate attempt to knock down the wildlife cam that just took his picture, it is spinning to face down the street toward the end where the sheriffs trucks were depart ing from. If, as we believe the two streaks in the upper right are lights on the Deputies truck, the stalker was that close!

Stalker trying to knock camera down, it's mounted over 12 feet high on the house

Stalker trying to knock camera down, it’s mounted over 12 feet high on the house

The stalker never expected a camera and in what was a rare event was caught off guard. The cameras that can take low light photos glow red as they are taking a night picture. Animals, supposedly, are unable to see this red glow, this animal obviously did noticed it, as you can see him. as we believe, spinning his face back to the camera, to be caught as a blur. He obviously knows just what is happening, as just after this image is captured, the next is him trying to destroy the black box mounted 12 feet high over the front porch. While his attempts to knock it down fail, he does succeed in breaking it. I called dispatch and the Sheriff’s call me back, they can’t believe he was right there the whole time and popped up as soon as they were leaving. Two of the Patrol Officers are coming back right now. The officers are visibly upset and look at the first three photos again, and again, they want copies which we give them on a jump drive. Then they checked everywhere outside again. This time he really has left for the night.

Steve and I look at the photos ourselves for a longest time after the Deputies have left. Mercifully Morgan has slept through it all, he was focused on our closet and he doesn’t know she is back in her room. We just have to stop him somehow, and maybe we can’t positively ID him from this photo – but, as Steve points out, our list of suspects, which had been growing, just got very short.

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75 thoughts on “Monday, August 29, 2011, the 28th day of Morgan’s stalking. First picture of the stalker!

  1. That photo is absolutely terrifying. I have a teenage daughter myself and can’t imagine going through the horror that your family has experienced. I have been reading each day for about two weeks now and find myself thinking about your family a lot. I wish there was something I could do to ease your pain. But I believe justice will be served and I will continue to hope that that’s the case.

  2. That photo is absolutely terrifying. I have a teenage daughter myself and can’t imagine going through the horror that your family has experienced. I have been reading each day for about two weeks now and find myself thinking about your family a lot. I wish there was something I could do to ease your pain. But I believe justice will be served and I will continue to hope that that’s the case.

    • Thanks so much! I really believe now that Morgan will get justice – everyone, and I do mean everyone that I have come in contact with wants to help and they are. The power of the people will make a difference in this case as well as future cases…we are determined to make changes. Take care.

  3. Maybe this is nothing…but. In the last frame where the stalker is trying to knock the camera down. The position of the camera would imply that he is left handed. When you jump up to do something such as knock down a camera you would automatically use your dominant hand to do so. He would have walked straight up to the camera and jumped to swat it down. From the way the camera turned he hit it with his left hand. I know that your family has a suspect that you believe did this…can you somehow find out if he is left handed? Also…probably way too late…but finger prints on the camera could possibly help nail this piece of trash

    • The camera was up 12 feet high so I think he swung at it with something so probably no fingerprints, but I think you are right about being left handed – it’s very possible and it was never considered…thanks so much!

  4. Interesting observation Courtney, and so true! But it was mounted 12 feet up. He would have to be really tall to swipe it jumping. It’s hard to believe that in two seconds (or minutes, time on camera) he found a stick to hit it.

    • Cheyenne – excellent observation. We wish you had been the investigator, because they never figured it out and Steve just figured it out this morning, and Steve has all the information that you haven’t seen yet. But just wait for the next couple of days on the blog and you will see how right you are.

    • Cheyenne, you have to call me, I have been reading this everyday, and the scariest thing happened to me a week and a half ago (I was working at the kitchen table late at night and someone was watching me through the open window that was 2 ft away from me first whistling a tune, then an hour later saying…”PSST”, this window would be in our backyard!!!, then last night at about 1:30am (I was up sewing) someone started turning our front door knob)…and all I can think about is this story 🙁 I feel so awful for this family! I am terrified and cant imagine how they felt/feel…

      • Donnalee – this is Toni (Morgan’s mom) Cheyenne is our Goddaughter and please believe me when I say you you need to report what happened to you to your local law enforcement agency – I pray this guy does not continue to do this to you, but it does not sound good, and it sounds dangerous to me. Write down exactly what happened, when it happened, call the police, do a report, and tell all your neighbors so they can watch out, and call you or the police if they see something. Get double locks on your doors, get a deadbolt, make sure your windows are not left open at night, and empower yourself…we can all fight back, but in the meantime please stay safe and take care of yourself.

        Thank you for your kind words to our family. We can’t bring Morgan back, and our lives will never be the same, but we will continue to fight this fight with love, and we will never give up.

        • Toni,

          My husband spoke to a police officer, that just happened to be sitting in front of our house the next day (I guess he was just putting info in his computer from pulling someone over) and the police officer said there was nothing he could do at that point. That we should have called when it happened. It just totally freaked me out, because Ive been reading your blogs, and couldnt really believe that was happening (Kind of thought it was all in my head) Even though I know it wasnt:) I have gotten a lot of info from your story/blog, and have definitely been keeping track of whats been happening around here. I thought it was just a one time thing (since it was a Friday night, maybe someone was messing with me), but then last night I heard the door knob. I was so freaked out, I didnt want to look outside, cause what if someone was standing there! I woke my husband up, but by that time, what ever it or he was, was gone…I know I need to call the police, I just feel stupid, because its just me hearing these things, and I dont want them to think Im making it up…Its just so random that this is happening to me right after I started reading your blog:-/

          Thank you so much for all of your info and I hope you find this person, very soon! Its just awful what happened to your family, and you are in our prayers.

          • Please, please, please call the police right now…you know that you are not just hearing things. We did the same thing as you, but we were wrong. Don’t sympathize…stay strong, call them now, make an official report – if they won’t come out, and do it send me their phone number and I will call them for you! When they come out to write the report get the report number and the police officers name (keep their card). Write everything down that you have told me so far with the dates, and times if you have them, take this seriously. Years ago, and maybe still today, rape was the most under reported crime and now it is stalking. I don’t know what state you are in, but most likely stalking is a felony. I have to tell you that you are responsible for your safety – make your voice sound strong, believe in yourself and don’t take no for an answer…make your voice heard often, and loud!

            Get pepper spray – there are brands that have a semi permanent dye in them that shoot even further than others and I would suggest you keep it on you at all times. If you spray someone that is running away you have marked them. Make sure all your windows have coverings. Also, there are battery operated door stop alarms for around $10 each that you can employ under all your doors, even your bedroom door. Stay safe – sending you lots of positive feelings – you can do this!

  5. I have been following this for weeks too and I am very sorry for your loss. For this entry I had my husband read and look over the photos. He looked closely at the stalkers build and noticed it looks like he is wearing a vest, a bullet proof vest perhaps?. If your look at the side his lat area it looks more clear. Plus the bulk doesn’t match the size of his arms.

    • I totally didn’t see it until you pointed it it is so obvious. Also the cops saying it was the wind blowing his shirt…if you look at all the photos you can tell there was no wind/breeze that night!

  6. Oh my goodness I think you are right – it looked like something under his shirt to us as well, but the Officers said it just looked like it was too big, and was blowing as he turned, but I think you are correct in your guess, and I will have it looked in to more – we already know some other fascinating things about that picture, and what he has with him. Thank your husband for me and if you come up with any more ideas let me know because you are both very observant. Take care!

  7. a vest is mentioned, could it be a motorcycle jacket it has pads in the back and shoulders which makes it look bulky and a motorcycle would be easy to hide. I noticed that the rear of the truck is not in full view could he have used that to swipe at the camera.

  8. What pops into my head about him trying to knock the camera down when it was placed so high is… How was the sound not heard? If he was using a hard object and it being so late (and quite out I’m assuming) I would think someone would of heard it? I wonder what was used to hit the camera. Just a thought that was on my mind. I have been following your blog entries, I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope justice is served quickly!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, I greatly appreciate it.

      As far as the noise – it was quiet out, but not sure if anyone could have heard it – the camera was mounted under the porch overhang, it was up really high, our room was way in the back of the house, no one was in the house next to us on one side, and I am not sure if our other next door neighbor was in town that night. Good question, a computer person that enhanced the photo did come up with a solution to the question I believe, but until I corroborate it I don’t want to say what we think he hit it with.

  9. I have just recently been informed of your blog. I can’t tell you how heartsick I am. We live 10 minutes away from you. Why haven’t we heard about this. We are sharing the story with everyone we know and everyone wants to help. I sent CNN and HLN an email today begging them to read your blog. This has to get national attention. Why isn’t Nancy Grace on this case. I just wait every morning for your new blog. As a mom of 23 year twins who live in this valley I am mortified that this happened. I think about you and Morgan constantly and pray that you can get answers. You are doing an incredible thing by writing the blog. You are bringing Morgan into so many lives who knew nothing about this. You and your family are in my prayers.

  10. Kathy – thanks so much for getting involved and trying to help. I have been told by so many people that this needs to get national attention, and I believe it will – just not sure of the timing.

    I am so very upset that the stalking was never in the news, and I am extremely upset that a murder investigation, or any investigation into her death was never launched – it should have been, and it should have been in the news, it should have said that a 20 year old died under suspicious circumstances, and an investigation has been launched. But that never happened. A healthy 20 year old that has been stalked and terrorized for four months and ends up dead is not normal!

    Steve and I have been fighting an uphill battle every day since we lost Morgan…the good news is we are still climbing, and we have so much support (and prayers) that I know we will reach the top. I am an impatient person by nature so of course I want to have this resolved yesterday, but things do truly happen for a reason, and if all the steps we are taking now help someone in the future, as a road map, then it was worth it.

    Much love!

  11. Ok, I will. Im in California same city as the Barber’s. I have a 4 year old little girl (which is what scares me the most) Im definitely going to look into the spray and door stops. Thank you:)

    • You are welcome Donnalee, and I know since you have a little 4 year old girl – the mama lion will come out in you too, and now that you know more about this (that I unfortunately did not know at the time) you will be able to do whatever it takes to protect yourself and your family. Take care!

  12. I know for us, we didn’t want to think this was true…. We wanted to think of deer or birds, or rabbits, or anything else…..This picture made it real. Who was out there??? …..why was he there??? What did he want??? We were angry… I remember you calling everyday…but it never seemed real in our small safe valley……., intil we saw that picture…… what the heck is going on??? This picture made me sick……….

  13. Can you imagine how Morgan felt when she saw the picture? Morgan was always trying to stay away from any kind of drama, she like a quiet life, she loved to meditate and do yoga. This was really, really upsetting to her.

  14. Toni – I hope you don’t mind…I sent this link to 9 news in Denver to see if they might cover it locally at least. Also to 20/20…but that was much more involved…and involved you guys in a huge way (of course) I know you have a TON on your plate right now…just offering 🙂

  15. Could he have been hiding under the truck while the cops were there looking around? Since he somehow was right there the whole time they were there.

  16. A small note, not sure if it ends up a moot point later as I haven’t read every post yet. Infrared cameras such as game cameras make dark hair look blonde at night. I have an infrared baby monitor and my brunette daughter looks QUITE blonde on that little screen. I hope this helps. <3

  17. I shared your story with my husband, and then read this entry and showed the pictures to him as well. I feel like I am on your mission with you, to capture this evil. My husbands very first comment was, “He is wearing a mask.” My thoughts after reading that he might be wearing a vest, is that it almost looks more like a back pack to me…

    These pictures are absolutely terrifying.

    In terms of swatting the camera, you mentioned a planter earlier in the blog …

  18. Another observation. I couldn’t really tell what was going on with the suspects face but one thing I did notice was his build seemed almost artificial. As if he were wearing football padding underneath so his description might be somehow altered from reality if he were to have to flee and be seen running away from the home. I haven’t read the other comments but wanted to chime in here.

    Also as others have said, I’m so deeply sorry for your loss.

  19. One thing that I find a little baffling is the time stamps on the videos. They don’t seem to make sense. According to the time stamps, the stalker would have literally walked right up behind the policemen, which doesn’t make sense. So first time stamp at 43, to last time stamp at 48 leaves, would leave five seconds for the police to get from in front of the wildlifecam, to their vehicles driving away.

    Doesn’t make sense to me.

      • The times make perfect sense. It didn’t record minutes and seconds, it recorded hours and minutes. The times are in military time (24 hour time).

        So in the pictures with the Deputies leaving, it shows 00:44, which is 12:44AM. In the picture of the suspect, it shows 00:46, which is only two minutes later, 12:46AM. This is exactly how Military time is written, which the exception of the colon.

    • It shows the minutes and seconds. So yes, the officers were at our house, and searched for a very long time. They then left and after a little while Steve, and I got out of bed and got the ladder to take down the camera and look at the pictures on the computer monitor…I was excited that the camera got such good pictures of the Sheriff’s leaving (remember this is the first night we ever used a camera outside) then all of a sudden the 3rd picture we saw was the stalker watching the Sheriff’s leave, and then a picture that looked like he was trying to knock down the camera…well I immediately called dispatch, and the officers came right back…all three of them came in our room and looked at our computer monitor and they were MAD to say the least. They ran back outside and spent probably an hour looking for the perpetrator, but never saw him and then left again. Right after they left the perpetrator was obviously excited they didn’t find him so he started to set off the alarms again…does this sound like a stable person to you? It doesn’t to me.

  20. First, let me say how sorry I am for your family’s loss and for what you all had to live through and continue to live though! I have looked at these images on the screen for 30mins now tipping my screen in every direction, looking at the images from every angle. As my husband is a hunter, I am VERY familiar with ‘game cameras’ and the first thing that caught my eye on the stalker image was that he is wearing something on his head that has sheen to it – if you look at the officers leaving, heads, clothes and ball cap are very distinctive – look at the stalker and his head is distorted of sorts which may indicate that the camera, catching light from the out door lamp, made that happen (refer to the back of the officers, their protective strip is distorted because it too has sheen) … I notice, as I see do others, that it appears he has something on under his sweatshirt; perhaps a motorcycle jacket? Turning my screen totally to the side, which takes the glare off the screen, and looking at the image that direction, it appears to me that he is looking down the driveway and has a motorcycle helmet on? May seem odd BUT I’d think a stalker would keep covered on head/face the same as a bank robber would do. Because of his positioning at the time the camera snapped his pic, leads me to think he came from under the truck to the right. If they covered all your grounds, he’d have had to be hidden really well as to not be seen by them!! His shadow is reflected in back window of truck on left, was that noticed and ever tried to enhance to get a better look at his profile? I could be way off but this is what I see. I hope there is a positive out come to all of this and the tragedy it has brought to your family…I sincerely hope this person is caught and put away for a LONG time! Thoughts and prayers to all of you!

  21. read your blog ALL day start to finish…just revisited and def looks like a ball cap on backwards now that my eyes have readjusted…think I stared at screen too long earlier today and saw something diff…def a backwards ball cap.

    • We have taken that camera, and similar ones out at night. And tried tried many different scenarios, between the long exposure and the IR lights you would be amazed at the effects we would get.

  22. Two minutes after the deputies left, the stalker is leaning on Steve’s car! Where was he hiding? Obviously somewhere nearby! Was he hiding under one of the vehicles?!!!!

    • We don’t know – that was just the very first picture we got of him and we should have known at that time what type of person he was. The 3 officers had already checked the whole neighborhood and were just leaving after telling us they hadn’t seen anything and this guy pops up to watch them go…totally arrogant and totally not afraid of law enforcement.

    • This is a great point, so many times they were going to bring the K9 unit. then it became a matter of the perfect timing, and conditions. So many times we did not chase at all so it would be perfect for them. But they never brought them out. Whenever I think about this it hurts so badly because I can just see the dogs training their scent and alerting to the roof, and then catching him before it was too late.

  23. In the 4th picture I lightened it up to look at reflections in the car windows. I found a reflection in the windshield of the LR3. It looks like a set of legs standing off step. Could he have climbed a tree to hit the camera?

  24. that is not a person. The other people are distinct, even as moving and walking away. look how distorted it is, how their looks to be almost two faces. I honestly think this is a ghost. that explains how quick it was that he came back. that ezplains how you dont see him in any image before or after, life he appeared out of thin air.

  25. I agree with the motorcycle theory. It looks like he is wearing a helmet. His head is glossy, abnormally round/big, and has two stripes. His build is also disproportionate like previous people said – a motorcycle jacket with padding. A motorcycle would be very easy to hide.

  26. Toni after watching the Dr. Phil show she does look worried on how far this will go, but no one seemed to say but they got into your house, but you mentioned that morgan was late. Where was she no one know’s and could she of been drugged out side the house and drove or walked home and then you never detected if something could of happened at the corner of your street. Things do not add up and were the 2 of them ? and given a lie detector. You need to find this out.

  27. Today, as I watched you on Dr. Phil was the first time I heard of your loving daughter and your horrific loss. I am so sorry for your heart-break. I am grateful and saddened that others will benefit from your deep sorrow.

    My younger sister was killed in a freak, horrific school bus accident 35 yrs ago. Her death is the reason the swing-bar in the front of the bus and special mirrors are now standard equipment on school buses. Every time I see a school bus and watch children safely cross in front of the bus I am reminded that my sister may have saved many other children.

    I pray that your pain and suffering ease and that Morgan will live forever in your courageous efforts as you save lives. I am confident your love for Morgan will do just that.

    If you visualize the officers in the same place next to the vehicle as the stalker, it appears the stalker is shorter than the police officers and of slight body build. The individual seems to be either a small-framed male or a female. The thickness or diameter of the stalker’s left arm is thinner than the officers’ arms. The stalker’s left hand also looks smaller and his / her neck thin, almost like the helmet is too big for his / her head. Plus, the photo Steve too of the foot imprint would indicate a lighter-weight person.

    Sending unending hugs and admiration of your strength.

  28. Is there a reason why the camera stops taking pics? I dont know how they work but when he turned to go disrupt the camera I would think it would have captured him than and again when he exited the area of the porch? is it time restricted? I also believe there is a mask and some padding. I have so much respect for the composure you and your husband showed on Dr.Phils show. I have a daughter 1 month older than Morgan and think I might have lost my cool( to put it mildly) to be in the presence of that socio pathetic brat. I dont believe she murdered Morgan, but she knows alot more than she cares to admit. I know a few have also said that E needs to be looked at and I agree, bells went off from the first mention of him. The LE in your area need to be fired from the police to the D.A to the Medical Examiners. Its so clear that this deserves a criminal investigation, Im sick to my core and my prayers are with you. Morgan would never have taken her life, not with all the love Im sure she was surrounded by and all the love she gave back. I am truly sorry you all have to go through this, Im at a loss and so angry at the system that so often fails. Keep it up, I know someday something will give and justice will be served.

  29. This may sound strange, but wanted to share my input.

    I am from Arkansas and one thing that is common here is for men to cut the sleeves out of their t-shirts. My husband does it as well as several of our friends or family. The very second I saw this photo that was my first thought, without reading a single comment. When the sleeves are cut off it instantly will cause the t-shirt to sit a little off the edge of the shoulder at the top edge of the arm, as you see in this photo and then when they cut the sleeves it appears this person has it cut like my husband would his to where the hole comes down further on his side. The t-shirts are typically bigger fit so they would hang like the one in this photo giving the appearance the person is a little larger then they are across the shoulders and the wind, even the slightest breeze will cause the shirt to “poof” up a bit, especially towards the top are where the slit in the side is larger. I see the 2 creases in the back of his shirt which tells me he is moving, turning maybe?

    I also have experience with game cameras and the one thing not mentioned here is how they work exactly. We also bought the infrared or night time camera from Wal-Mart so I am sure we have the same one as it has the red indicator light at night as well when a photo is shot. The thing I notice on this photo if I was comparing to when we have photos of deer or wildlife on ours is that the subject appears to be running which would explain the shirt creasing, poofing up and the blurring of the subject vs the cops. His waist line and arm would indicate to me he is stepping in this photo with his left leg which would also indicate why his left arm is in motion and to the front of him.

    One thing our game camera does is lets you select in what succession you want to take photos, such as 1, 2 or 3 photos in a row and then the delay between that succession and the next. Typically we would have the first set of photos and then more sets of the game for a period of time… unless the game was running through which would explain why there was only one photo of the subject in this time frame.

    I am linking some photos I found online to give you a visual idea of what I am talking about with the shirt. If nothing else it certainly could help narrow down your list of people if your suspect possibly wears cut off sleeve t-shirts. Not everyone wears them.

    So just my opinion, but I would beat money that he is wearing a cut off t-shirt and the photo is blurred because he is running or moving quickly. The more I look at the photo it also appears with the way the creases are running on his shirt, down his back that he is twisting his upper body to the left in order to get those creases.

    • Gloria I agree completely about the camera and I’m going to look into the t-shirt theory but I think you are right about that also. The only reason the camera was not out the night before, when we bought it, was that it turned out we did not have the right batteries. It was set on one picture per event (I guess you would call it) and the shortest possible time from motion to the first picture, and I do remember a single red light coming on before the cluster lit up and the picture was taken.

      • I am sure you or someone has already done this, but I tweaked the photo some and this is what I came out with. It doesn’t look like he is wearing anything on his head to me. You can see the actual outline of his face/profile here. Nose almost looks to be a little pointed up on the tip. I want to say he looks to have the start of an almost receding hair line maybe and looking at the hair I want to think he even has curly/wavy hair because of the way it doesn’t lay flat to his head and even looks like a spike sticking out in the back maybe. Hard to tell but just out of instinct while looking at it this is how it appears to me.

  30. I am still reading through your blog, currently up to November 2nd. I am so sorry this has happened to you. I just happened upon a website someone had created in regards to “K” being a stalker and saw “K’s” photo for the first time. It almost took my breath away when I saw the photo they posted of him due to my comments to you above, regarding the person in the photo on this page I believed was wearing a T-Shirt with cut off sleeves and it might help to narrow the people down or pin that particular person more so if you could find out if they did in fact wear T-Shirts they have cut the sleeves out of that would fit that description. Below is the photo that was posted of “K”. He is wearing a T-Shirt with the sleeves cut out.

    • I see what you mean about the T-shirt Gloria…I would have never noticed that. I wanted to add that in the decorum for this blog I am not supposed to ever allow comments with links – I have been very lax about this in the past but I got a lecture just today on all the things that can go wrong in this wonderful world of the web once I allow a 3rd party link onto the blog. I will post pictures that are not copyrighted.

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  32. Just saw the Suspicion episode on ID. Looking at the picture of the stalker it seems to me that it’s a younger person ( teenage boy) with a backpack and a ball cap turned backwards. Shame the camera only caught his backside. It also kind of creeps me out that the stalker probably reads these comments. Sorry about your loss.

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  35. I just watched the story on ID for the third time. We have a 12 year old daughter who seems to be a little paronoid but is it paranoia or is it actually a warranted feeling? We have had a system installed in our house and she sleeps with us alot. But we really never have had any kind of an incident here to warrant this type of behavoir. Not really sure what else to do but I do know that if I could not protect my baby from some kind of threat than I don’t know if I could go on. I am not a little guy and I have always been able to protect my family but what if I can’t now. We’ll at this time I will stick with our game plan. Morgan’s parents our thoughts are with you and our hearts also!! If there is anything that we can do please let us know.

    • Thank you so much for telling me about your feelings. So many people think when a child, or an adult, is hyper-vigilant they are being paranoid – they are not. They are just very sensitive and can “feel” and “know” things. As far as protecting your child it is what us parents are born to do. We love our children and never want evil to find them. Take whatever precautions you feel are appropriate, read and study up about the latest things that are available in the way of personal protection, locks, cameras, alarms, etc. We had people telling us we were doing too much and people telling us we were being too extreme putting up cameras, motion alarms and lights, but in the end they were both wrong, we were worn down, made mistakes and the stalker(s)/murderer(s) found the crack and wormed their way in and murdered our daughter…it was the perfect storm. As parents we will have to live with the loss of our youngest daughter for the rest of our lives and trust me it the most horrible and indescribable feeling in the world. I hope you never have to go through it so please keep doing whatever your heart tells you to do to keep your baby safe. Every day with her is a blessing.

  36. Do you think the red light you guys saw on the street in the very beginning was a similar camera? Like he was snapping photos of you all looking for him?

I welcome your feelings and ideas on Morgan's Stalking