How Do You Confront Evil?

When someone has done something evil to you or someone you love – how would you confront that evil?

Stalkers are evil. So, what actually is evil? Evil is a conscious choice to harm another. Stalkers harm their victims, causing them to suffer a wide range of psychological, physical, occupational, social and general lifestyle effects, as a consequence of being stalked. Stalkers are in the business of terror. Lives are destroyed by this crime – that is why stalking is a crime.

When people deny the reality of stalking that perception helps evil exist – it makes it so much easier for stalkers to continue their reign of terror. This is not okay! Stalkers don’t believe the laws pertain to them…they are puppets of darkness.

I still have the courage to confront the evil of stalking, although at times it is hard, I refuse to back away. I don’t confront the evil of stalking through my anger & rage (although I have those feelings because of what was done to my youngest child), but instead I have chosen to make a higher choice and confront this evil through my writing, and speaking engagements, as well as through my work with other victims of stalking, and upcoming stalking awareness workshops. Someone needs to do something, and there is a lot to do in order to raise awareness, change laws, and level the playing field for victims – we all need to be accountable and do something about these acts of evil. You will be challenged, I have been, but you can’t give into evil – that’s what evil wants – it wants good people to stand back and do nothing. Evaluate your own actions every day – serve someone else every day and illuminate positivity in everything you do.

I don’t believe we can ever completely eliminate evil, but I do believe each and every one of us has the power to stop it when we see it. Help raise awareness, believe the victims, push for stronger laws against stalkers, speak up – your voice is your most powerful tool against the darkness of evil. Thank you all for being warriors for truth & transparency!

Former Sheriff Deputy, Another Vicim of Stalking…

Knowing you are being stalked is frightening for anyone…even if you have experience in law enforcement, like this former sheriff’s deputy. She said, “Every bump in the night, every noise you hear, it could be him.” “It’s terrifying to live.” I think many stalking victims, who read my posts, can relate to that feeling…I do know that fear. You can listen to Sarah explain what it was like by clicking on this link.

It was a stranger stalker – she did not know him. The former sheriff’s deputy, began to take photographs, cataloging all 60 things her stalker left for her, including gifts for her children. The final gift she received was a real severed buffalo head with a note that read, “You are next.”

She wants people to listen to their instincts – when her stalker was arrested he had duct tape and pliers in his car – she believes if Folsom Police had not taken her fear seriously she would have been dead by now. I have always said and will say it again, ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCTS, OR AS I SOMETIMES PUT IT, LISTEN TO YOUR GUT…IT IS NEVER WRONG.


“Stalkers with previous violent behaviors, strong negative emotions. and obsessional tendencies toward the victim may be most at risk of future violent and aggressive acts.”