As the sun sets…

As the sun set last night, Steve and I felt so happy, we were at peace…Morgan’s case is finally getting real traction.  We are so very grateful for the assistance we have been receiving from so many amazing criminologists and experts in “staged crime scenes,” like Morgan’s, as well as those in the media that want to expose the injustice.

I truly believe 2018 is going to finally be the year for justice for Morgan.

Team Morgan (and you all know who you are), get ready…I can’t wait to celebrate a BIG victory with you all.  I know, if it wasn’t for every single one of you, Steve and I could not have made it this far.

As I have learned, justice sometimes can take a long time, but if you are patient and don’t give up, the truth will be revealed to all.  Thank you all for hanging in there with us – it’s not the small battles along the way, it’s all about keeping your eye on winning the war, and trust me this past 6 years has felt like we have been at war.  And let us never forget the true reason for our battle – it is not only for justice for our daughter Morgan, but for all victims of stalking, and all victims of crime, who no longer have a voice.

These victims are expected to cower in fear, as the criminals run free…well I say to them, “Not anymore.”

Yippee!!! TIPS ARE COMING IN – Please remember to give your tips to Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers

So excited!!!  TIPS ARE COMING IN – Because of the tips that are coming in to me, I want to make sure everyone knows to direct those tips to Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers, but not to Garfield County, as the Garfield County Sheriffs have refused, up till now, to take any tips, leads or information in Morgan’s case.  See the poster below – your tips can be anonymous when they go through Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers.

You can ALSO keep sending any and all of your “tips/leads” in Morgan’s case to me as well, but if you do, please also call them in, or text them in, to Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers, then you will be eligible for the reward – at least $1,000, and possibly more, depending on the tip.  Thank you all – you are amazing and our family thanks you.  #Justice4Morganin2018

EXCELLENT VIDEO – Crime Scene Staging Expert Dr. Laura Pettler

From the desk of Dr. Laura Pettler… 

“Crime scene staging in homicide cases is the intentional manipulation of the physical and behavioral evidence by an offender in a criminal investigation in a crime scene, in a 911 call, in a statement to police, or otherwise for the purpose of misdirecting the investigation. Crime scene staging in homicide cases is most often seen in intimate partner and domestic homicide cases and in cases where there is a relationship between the victim and offender. Murder is conflict resolution for the offender in cases where the offender seeks to gain power and control over a victim who is pushing back, relieve anger, retaliate, keep a secret, avoid a costly divorce, prevent an unwanted pregnancy, and more.”

 Excellent short video below to listen to and gain knowledge on youtube …

Laura Pettler & Associates Private Investigations & Forensic Consultation

LPA’s New Educational Video Series WatchMe! Wednesday! Season 1 Episode 2: Dr. Laura Pettler Defines Crime Scene Staging & talks about Pettler’s Staging Trilogy!!! CLICK TO WATCH AND SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!!!

How The Internet Convicted An Innocent Man – Seriously?

In this blog I have continually stated the facts about what happened during the stalking of our daughter Morgan.  Those facts were sometimes hard to write, because Steve and I made many mistakes, while trying to protect Morgan – we had no idea about what we were up against.  It’s hard to admit those mistakes, because, as it is we constantly beat ourselves up over them, blaming ourselves for not understanding how lethal stalking can be, trusting the sheriffs, not listening enough.  No shortage of mistakes in Morgan’s stalking.  But even so, I truly believe that sharing what really happened in Morgan’s case can somehow help others, if they find themselves, or their loved ones, in the same situation.

As far as the people that are named in this blog, as well as listed as a “suspect” in the police reports, what I would like to say to them is, “You know what I have written in this blog is the truth, and if the truth can hurt you, then what you did was wrong, and the truth should hurt!”  The Aspen Daily News used to have a saying that went like this…“If you don’t want it printed, then don’t let it happen.” 

Enough trying to be politically correct – the truth is the truth – my daughter was stalked and murdered. I get comments like, “Toni you keep adding to your posts – if they are about the truth, why do you have to add to them?”  Seriously?  I have to wonder what agenda those people have – if they had really read what I have been writing all along they would know that I have stated that I wasn’t releasing all the information and evidence we had – why would we?  They would know that in the beginning of this blog I said that I did not want to include all the details, I was cautioned, warned, advised, you name it.  Some details are to be held back, as I was really hoping her case would get opened and investigated.  I also was not able to get any of the police reports or even some of the crime scene photos until approx. 2 years later – so that was information I did not even have when I started this blog, and when I did finally get them, I still held back, honestly believing that writing to the CBI, Governor and Attorney General of Colorado would be the best road to follow. They tried, I know they did, but after that didn’t work, many people encouraged me to start to release more evidence. Today I’m talking about evidence that is already in the public domain, versions of the sheriff’s reports have one of the suspect’s work hours included in those reports. Highlighting the actual work hours, so people could see for themselves that a – “suspect” in this case was lying  was easy.

But here’s the thing, no matter what facts I put in this blog, people that are already emotionally involved in believing the lies they have heard from a small group of supporters of the “suspect(s)” will never change their minds, no matter what they are shown, and all the other supporters of justice for Morgan already have their own take on the truth about this case, so this is really just for the select group in the middle. The surrogates of the sheriff’s department work hard to sway your opinion. The criminals responsible for the stalking and murder of Morgan work hard to sway your opinion. So to really know the truth you need to read the facts of the case.

Morgan was forever silenced, just days before she was to give video testimony about her stalking. In some parts of the country that is a heinous crime.  Intimidating a witness is also a serious federal crime.  And yes, murdering a witness is certainly intimidating a witness, with special rules applied, no statute of limitations.  And that reminds me of another comment that was made to this blog, right at the 2-year anniversary of her murder – a comment that just said, “Too late the statute of limitation is up.”  What I would like to remind that person again is that there is NO statute of limitation on murder and Morgan was murdered.  Until Morgan sees her day in court I promise to continue our pursuit of justice for Morgan.

The reason for this particular post is also for the people that were directly involved in Morgan’s stalking and murder to read…I want them to know, “I am not giving up – and none of Morgan’s family and friends are giving up, because she is so very loved, something you would know nothing about.  The truth will continue to come out and I hope you feel the walls closing in on you.  I know the day is coming where there will be nothing left for you to hide behind.  I really hope you can feel it, because I can, and it makes me very happy.  Morgan did not deserve what you did to her, but you definitely deserve what you have done to yourself through your own pitifully cowardice actions.”