Another Staged Crime Scene?

This was not a case of stalking, but just like in Morgan’s case – it appears to be another staged crime scene. A murder ruled a suicide, but lividity is scientific evidence that doesn’t lie, and just like in Morgan’s case, this young woman’s body appears to have been moved and staged to look like a suicide after she was murdered!

As in the case of the photos I have recently seen of Morgan’s back, the marks on Sheena’s back are evidence her hanging was staged. This is according to Forensic Pieces, which has used the case to teach law enforcement investigators about how murders can be staged as suicides. Any law enforcement agency should be trained on how to detect a staged crime scene…this is imperative, otherwise why bother to investigate at all? If all the staged crime scenes in this nation were actually recorded as what they really are…murders, then the actual number of unsolved murders would be far in excess of the

In 2017, the FBI reported the crime and arrest data from 16,000 law enforcement agencies across the country and found that only 61.6 percent of reported murders were “cleared.” AND that is only the reported murders, staged crime scenes are usually misreported as suicides or accidental…not murders, as in Morgan’s case as well as Sheena’s case. That also means that 38.4 percent of the 15,657 murders reported nationwide went unsolved — 6,012 in all, according to FBI data. This also means those murderers still walk among us, so this is a huge public safety issue!

If you are a family, like ours, going through something similar to this, then I would like you to know some things to keep in mind that can possibly help:

*Keep in contact with the investigators handing your case.

*Keep detailed notes, and copies of all documents, emails, voice messages, everything.

*If you are having trouble communicating with your law enforcement agency contact a victim advocacy organization to intervene on your behalf.

*Always research the laws in your state – they are all different from state to state. Find out what the statute of limitations to file a civil wrongful death lawsuit is in your state and find out what records you are entitled to see and how to obtain them. If law enforcement refuses to release them, stating it is still an ‘active investigation’ find out what they are actively doing on the case. Try speaking to your county attorney’s office as well.

*Don’t be frustrated, although you will be….don’t give up, keep on top of things and continually move forward. It sometimes takes a long time, but those answers, and puzzle pieces will continually be revealed as long as you keep pushing forward.