In Eleanor Roosevelt’s response to UN appointment on December 22, 1945 she said, “In the end, as Wendell Wilkie said, we are “One World” and that which injures any one of us, injures all of us.”

Today is election day here in the U.S. and we need to embrace this gift we have been given to use our voice and VOTE – individually we are just one out of many, but if all of us “ones” stand up for what we believe then that is when true change can happen.  Your “one” voice is extremely important.

This is not only true on election day, but it is also holds true in your everyday life. We are one world and stalking occurs, not only in the US, but everywhere, in every country. This blog has had more than 8 million views, in over 115 countries around the world since I started it.  I have been contacted by stalking victims and survivors from so many different countries that i have lost count.

The one common thread that I always hear is that these victims are frightened for their life, and they wish someone would believe them…sounds simple, but it is not always so simple. Friends, neighbors, family members, even law enforcement, many times try to minimize the situation – what I would like everyone to remember is that stalking is dangerous – it is obsessive behavior that puts the target of that obsession in real danger. The best thing you can do for a victim of stalking is to BELIEVE and try to help in any way you can. Stopping a stalker in the very beginning of the stalking can save lives.

So please remember, we are one world when it comes to so many things, and all of us can make a difference, even if it is in the life of just one other person…”that which injures any one of us, injures all of us.”  Let’s put an end to stalking – let’s vote for people who will be tough on crime, and help put through tougher laws in order to protect victims.