This is where Morgan should be right now…

Version 2

Morgan loved nature, she loved the rivers and she really loved hammocks.  This is exactly where Morgan should be right now while getting ready to celebrate her 24th birthday on Sunday.  It makes me so angry that my sweet and gentle youngest daughter will never again be able to do the things she loved most.

Morgan’s 24th birthday is coming up…she would be turning 24 this Sunday, August 16th, but she is no longer with us…she was stalked and murdered by her stalker(s) when she was only 20 years of age.  Her life was cut short by her stalker.

I want so very much to keep Morgan’s memory alive – I want people to know she was an amazing human being, someone that was meant to help this world.  One minute her life was full of promise and the next minute she had a stalker.  That stalker(s) tried to take away all the joy in her life, but Morgan fought back refusing to allow it, then her stalker took her life.  My intent is to use Morgan’s story to help others.  I want to raise awareness not only in the general public, but in law enforcement and the judicial system as well.

Morgan was stalked, murdered, and covered up…her father and I, plus many others, have fought for over 3 long years to have a real investigation into her suspicious death, and we will never give up our quest.  Things need to change.  Stalking victims need to know someone will help them.  The families of murder victims need to know that law enforcement and the judicial system will do the right thing and not try to bury the truth.

Citizens need to remember they are the ones that can make the changes, changes that are necessary in order for us to not lose our rights of liberty and justice, the rights that we are supposed to be guaranteed, the rights that our forefathers fought so hard for…liberty & justice for all (they are not just words).

Please take a moment this coming Sunday, August 16th and light a candle for Morgan if you can, along with sending positive thoughts and feelings into the Universe so that Morgan’s case will get an investigation and justice will finally be served.  Please send those positive thoughts also to her friends and family so we will all finally receive peace.

Thank you all so very much – I am grateful for you all!