Too young, nice, polite or stupid to commit murder…not really

I hear it over and over again from people, “Come on, that young man is much too young to do anything like that!” or “That young man is so nice he wouldn’t hurt a fly” or “That young man couldn’t have done it because he is so polite, and his manager said he is a model employee” or “He is not that smart, he couldn’t have planned something like this.”

Well for those who think like that please wake up and smell the roses!  Young people do commit murder, and lately it’s in the news more and more.  Why?  I have no idea, but it is happening, so people need to stop with the clichés and get a clue…do not overlook the evidence if it leads you to someone that looks and acts innocent, because there is a good possibility that they are not innocent.

For example in Colorado alone, in the past few years since Morgan’s murder, I am providing links to articles that are just 2 examples of heinous murders by young white males:

17 years old Austin Sigg.  He kidnapped and murdered a little 10 year old girl in 2012

23 year old Christopher Waide confessed to stabbing and strangling Lea Porter in his Westminster apartment last year and disposing of her body.  Her family is still trying to locate her body

Remember the old saying about a wolf in sheep’s clothing?  And do you remember the history of Ted Bundy?  So many of these sick, twisted murderers do not get caught for many many years, allowing them to become serial killers and end so many innocent lives.  The two I mention above weren’t able to kill more as they were caught much sooner.

Maybe it’s just me, but I kind of think this type of scenario plays out over and over again because people don’t want to believe what their intuition is telling them…I think deep down inside a lot of people over the years could tell something “wasn’t right” about a person, and yet they choose to ignore that “nagging” little voice in the back of their head.  They didn’t want to believe it so they ignored it.  Sometimes they even participated in defending the perpetrator like they continue to do in our daughter Morgan’s case.

In the more recent case, click on the 2nd link above, you will read in the article that the principal of his high school read his “manifesto” in which he wrote about doing the things he ultimately did to Lea Porter.  Did the principal not want to believe it?  Did the principal alert the police and they didn’t think it was of any importance?  I have no idea, but so many parents, teachers, neighbors, co-workers and on and on know a person has a problem and may be involved in a crime and yet they don’t come forward – why?

In the other case of Austin Sigg above, his mother did do the right thing, she turned her son in.  In my opinion the world would be a much safer place and there would be less serial killers if people did just that.  This type of criminal doesn’t usually stop after their first kill – who is trying to kid who?  These type of young men can and do sometimes go on to kill over and over again, getting better and better at hiding their crimes.

I wonder if small town local law enforcement detectives need training on how to use the F.B.I.’s profiling techniques when looking at suspects that are persons of interest in local murders.  So many times there are clues right there, but they are ignored and cases go cold allowing a murderer to remain free.

Colorado has to date 1,500 unsolved homicides and missing persons’ cases.  While the numbers are small in comparison to larger states with greater populations, they still have more than 10,500 Colorado citizens who are co-victims of these unresolved homicides.  Colorado citizens need to care about this – things need to change.

And not to mention 1,500 murderers who are living amongst us––if not in Colorado, then in your state.

According to the FBI almost 15,000 homicides were committed in 2012 across our country.  That’s roughly five out of every 100,000 people killed due to senseless violence. What the statistics won’t tell you is that many of these homicides remain unsolved today, and join the thousands of cases that date back decades.  Another thing they don’t address is the many murders, like our daughter Morgan’s, that are not even listed as murders…what is the true number of unsolved homicides in this country?

It’s up to all of us as fellow human beings to keep our eyes open to things going on around us.  Watch, listen, pay attention in order to help stop a murder before it happens.  Don’t be afraid to come forward with a little piece of information in a missing persons case of a homicide case…it might be just the little piece that detectives need to make an arrest and stop a potential future murder from happening.

That’s my thought for the day.  I miss you Morgan…my little dragonfly.I miss you