Morgan’s last week on this planet started 10 years ago on Thanksgiving…

Steve and  I hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, full of blessings and love with friends and family.

Again, we have so much gratitude in our hearts that you chose to connect with us through this blog, to read and understand what happened to our youngest daughter Morgan, to share your own stories about stalkers and to help us continue our fight for justice. You are all part of Team Morgan, and that gives us the much needed strength we need to continue our fight for justice for Morgan. 

This has been a very hard time for us…

On Thanksgiving, not only did we have a deep sadness in our hearts because our precious Morgan could not be with us (we felt her spirit, but could not see her beautiful smile) to join in on the cooking, eating, and fun times together, but it has now been 10 years since the last Thanksgiving that we had with her, so we will always remember what was happening in that last week before her murder. The hour by hour, day by day memories are etched into our minds, because of the active stalking that was happening, along with the exhaustion, stress, alienation, and sadness that we all felt at that time.

Tomorrow, December 2 is going to be even more painful. Every morning, for the last week, I have been waking up between 4:00 am – 5:00 am with so many thoughts and memories of what happened 10 years ago. Since the morning I found Morgan’s body it has all been so unbelievable to me…but horrifically, it was real. 

Just two nights before Morgan’s murder (Tuesday, November 29, 2011), the sheriff’s detective came over to our house, just before 5:00 pm, like he usually did every week. He came by to give us an update on the felony stalking case against Keenan. He said he was 100% certain Keenan was the stalker and that Brooke was his accomplice. He threw a large dirt clod against our house to mimic the noise the stalker made to startle Morgan. He believed the stalking would not stop, but would escalate. That really upset me, he did not give me the reason why he thought that. He said he was increasing the patrols by our house. He explained that the next week, Tuesday, he was picking up Keenan’s work hours at City Market, and would overlay them with my timeline, then Morgan would also do her official, on the record, interview in Glenwood Springs on Tuesday too, so he believed he was getting really close to making an arrest,” 

The detective then checked their two cameras.  The detective (shown on our video footage) does not put a new zip tie lock back on his camera this time (why?) – I did not see this until months after Morgan’s murder, after I reviewed the footage of that week. This seemingly small act has really been bothering me, because he ALWAYS clipped the old zip tie off, reviewed the camera sim card, then reinserted the sim card into the camera and locked it again with a new zip tie. One time, when he came over, he realized he did not have a new zip tie, so he skipped opening up and reviewing the camera – he said he could not do it unless he could lock it up again afterwards…so, why, just 2 nights before the murder, did he not lock the camera up as usual? This is important because the night of Morgan’s murder, our camera, that was mounted on Morgan’s bedroom side of the house, did capture someone ducking, then running from our house in the direction of Brooke’s house. The sheriff’s camera should have captured movement at the same time, but the detective later told us that nothing was caught on their camera…hmmm.

Approximately 10 minutes after the detective left that Tuesday, I was peeling potatoes for dinner in the kitchen with our dogs lying on the kitchen floor watching me. No one else was home when I heard a really loud noise, like a gunshot or a back fire (our dogs jumped up). I was startled and ran through the house to check everything, including the garage, to see if something fell down or broke. The detective had just put our large ladder back in our garage, but I saw nothing out of place – what made that noise?  I was so shook up that I called Steve and asked if he was on his way home. He was. I felt like someone had done a drive by and shot at our house – it really sounded like that. We reviewed our camera footage and saw a small dark sedan speed by our house at that approximate time, but had no idea if that was the person who caused the loud bang.

Morgan came home early that night, ate and went to bed as she was exhausted and not feeling so good.  Around 10:?? pm,  I was in bed and saw flashlights in back of house – I figured it was just the sheriff’s patrol officers looking for something and I fell back asleep – I found out the next day that our next door neighbor’s house has been robbed – with no evidence of breaking & entering, by the way.  What is going on around here?  You would think with a sheriff’s presence constantly coming and going around our house that nobody in their right mind would be breaking into our neighbor’s house – but I don’t think we were dealing with people that are in their right mind.  We have sheriff’s patrol officer’s vehicles driving by our house, keeping a lookout at random times throughout the night and yet someone robs our neighbors house? This is just one small thing that had happened that week, just days before her murder. Tonight, I will go to sleep with a heavy heart, knowing that I have not been able to get justice for Morgan yet…I say yet, because i have not given up. I truly believe it will happen. My heart has been very heavy, Steve and I have not had great health in the last few years, so, we have not fought for justice as hard as we wanted to. We will not beat ourselves up for that – we know there are times you need to step back and have self care. Now we are ready. Ready to start our fight again. Please keep us in your prayers as we will need all the help we can to fight the establishment, make changes in the way these type of cases are handled and to finally get justice for Morgan. There is a huge need in this world for transparency and justice. We will never give up! Please keep Morgan in your hearts and mind tomorrow…10 years since she left this planet.