The Unlovely Truth Podcast – An Episode about Morgan…

I wanted to share a link to the podcast episode with you. It is the podcast called “The Unlovely Truth” by Lori Morrison. After it was released she said, “It’s already being downloaded at my fastest rate ever!”

Lori interviewed me about Morgan’s stalking case. The title of this podcast it “Season 1, Episode 42: The Stalking of Kristin” and just a short while into the podcast you will hear about Morgan’s case.

Lori is so very kind, she said, “Thank you again for sharing so much wisdom and practical advice. I know it will make a difference in many people’s lives.”
Whenever and wherever I can raise awareness and/or help anyone, it makes my heart happy. Please let me know what you think about the podcast.

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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that you can listen to Lori’s other podcasts at Lori Morrison Host, The Unlovely Truth
    Licensed Private Investigator

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