First Post In The Timeline Of Morgan’s Stalking…

Morgan’s Horrific Stalking Started So Innocently

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  1. Please, please, please, please, for the love of beautiful, sweet, precious Morgan, once and for all, hire a Private Investigator and have them spend the time to determine if your suspect really, truly had something to do with her untimely demise or not. Please. Morgan has deserved this last effort on her behalf for almost a decade. Are you afraid of what will be found or what won’t? It may actually bring you some relief. Please. Keenan doesn’t deserve this but Morgan does.

    • Sherrill (or whomever you are), this time I will answer you.

      We have had amazing criminal investigators help us investigate, as we are just parents, so now we have so much evidence that can solve her murder, but it doesn’t matter, even if we had a witness who came forward to testify that they actually witnessed the murder, because the sheriff can and has refused to open an investigation, in Colorado, as in many other states, there is NO oversight, and NO accountability. The state law gives local law enforcement the power to decide whether or not there should be an investigation, and NO one, not even the Colorado Bureau of Investigation or the Attorney General’s office or the FBI can investigate unless invited in…and guess what? Two of them have already tried in Morgan’s case and the sheriff has REFUSED to allow them to. So, now it is up to us to try to change that law, or at least get a new law to appointment an independent oversight committee to look at evidence and decide if a case needs an investigation in a different venue. You can see, with a law, like Colorado’s Home Rule, it makes a state ripe for corruption and cover-ups. So, we continue to fight on, in honor of Morgan, always in the hope that our efforts will finally get justice for Morgan, and at the same time save other families from going through the same thing as us. You might want to read the book Survivors, by Dennis Griffin, that I co-authored, in order to see that the problems we have had fighting for justice for Morgan is not isolated to her case alone, it is a huge problem across our whole country, and the horrific part is that there are so many murderers that are still free to live among us and re-offend, if these cases are never investigated and adjudicated. Survivors combines investigative journalism and real cases to highlight the growing number of unsolved cases, issues with police transparency, and cases where corruption interrupts due diligence.

      Extremely heartbreaking, but worth the fight to change what is wrong with our system…#justiceforMorgan and #nevergivingup

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