To my beautiful daughter, Morgan – I miss you every minute of every day, but today, on what would have been your 29th birthday, it hurts even more. 

Happy birthday Morgan.

Today is the day we celebrate the light you brought into this world, the moment you were born. I want you to know you brightened up everyone’s day, every time you walked into a room. 

Today, my heart wishes you were here, so we could all celebrate the amazing person you are. We would share your favorite Tiramisu birthday cake, have crab legs for dinner, sing happy birthday to you, and listen to your sweet giggles, as you open your birthday presents. But no matter how hard I wish – you can’t be here. We will still celebrate your birthday without you, and hope you can see us celebrate you, while you are celebrating with all the angels in Heaven. Your life mattered, not only to your family, but to so many other people as well.

This past week has been exceptionally hard, and as usual, I try not to ever show the world. Your friend, who was born one week before you, just got married. Her wedding pictures were beautiful, and everyone was so happy…I am really happy for her, and at the same time, it tore my heart apart knowing that we can never have those special moments with you. It never seems like the memories we made are the ones that hurt the most…it’s the new memories, created without you, that hurt the most.  I miss the future that we were all expecting to have with you.

 I miss you with ALL my heart and I love you to the moon and back x infinity…forever!


6 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY, MORGAN – We miss you!

  1. I know that days such as these can be hard for those of us who lost people to natural causes. It must be even harder for parents who have lost a child due to a situation like yours. We always have the foods, music and other things that were a favorite of our lost ones on their special days. It would be a good day for crab legs and tiramisu cake. I would even put the candles on and light them, in memory of Morgan. Hugs to you!

    • Thank you so much Ramona – we did celebrate Morgan yesterday and cooked the crab legs and lit a candle on her tiramisu cake and sang happy birthday to her. We felt her presence all day, and yes it was hard, just like you said, and yet a dragonfly kept circling our car and I could almost hear her sweet little giggle. Hugs right back at you – I know you know the feeling.

  2. Thinking of you. Birthdays are hard. Most days are hard. Dragonfiies are good.
    Praying for strength for you all.
    In the matter of my son Cameron Collin’s botched autopsy and toxicology reports I have filed a complaint with the Montana State Board of Medical Examiners for errors, incompetence and missing key evidence visibly present in Cam’s left fist. I do want to thank you for your posting about Morgan’s blue eyes. It clued me into looking at all the colors that were stated wrong on our son’s report.
    We will see, so much corruption, collusion and coverup in Montana.

    • Thank you so much Mairon for your kind words. I am very happy that you filed a complaint with the Montana State Board of Medical Examiners. I would like you to know that after another family in Montana, whose daughter (Selena Not Afraid) also died under suspicious circumstances and Dr. Kurtzman did an incomplete and botched autopsy, she was from an Native American tribe and many of their girls have gone missing, then showed up dead. Their families too have had to deal with Kurtzman and all the incorrect statements leading to no investigation. Anyway, they have made such “noise” about it…thank God, that the federal government will have 7 offices in 7 states, including Billings, Montana, to investigate claims like this. I truly believe if we all stand together and fight for change, change will come and then, hopefully, justice for our children. “Trump Administration Establishes the First Cold Case Task Force Office for Missing and Murdered American Indians and Alaska Natives” Here is the article https://www.doi.gov/pressreleases/trump-administration-establishes-first-cold-case-task-force-office-missing-and?fbclid=IwAR1V1AGypLawt46V9RHqqDjI8GM-wwVhLDlRfKUvqQC8rH3yDMVceWONFyU

  3. Sending you and your family love and strength. Morgan seemed like a beautiful young woman who appreciated the beauty of life and she was a reason for why life was so beautiful. She still is. I know it must be so hard. I am truly sorry for everything you have gone through. How I wish so much for things to be different. Sending you all love, hope and strength. Morgan is always with you.

    • Thank you so very much for your kind thoughts. How I wish so much that things were different too…I would give anything to have Morgan, in the flesh, with us, but I do find comfort in feeling that she is always by my side. Much love to you as well.

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