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  1. If you check out Keenan’s FB page, his profile pic is of his bare back (showing off his sexy tattoos..riiiiiiggggghhhhttttt). But seriously, if you look closely at this pic that your night camera picked up, you can make out his back shape perfectly (under his white shirt) to his profile pic!

  2. I am so sorry about your beautiful daughter. I came across your Blog via Facebook and have been reading it today. I know you have mentioned that because of the photo you assume the stalker has blonde hair. You may want to consider that if the camera has any sort of flash, it may make the hair appear lighter especially because it is coming from above. If you look on google images and trail camera images, you will see some animals that we know to have more of a brownish hair, appear blonde. I also saw a comment on whether E was ever a suspect. Although K seems like a obvious choice, sometimes the person who steps in to help out and goes a little overboard with it is generally trying to hide something. I also became suspicious with your comment about him offering for Morgan to go to his house anytime. Unless they were extremely close to your family beforehand, it seems like an odd request for a man to make. Where was his wife this whole time. Did anyone check to see if he had any “late night” walks or anything?

  3. To me, it looks like his head is turned slightly to the right and he is wearing a camouflage ball cap and it’s on backwards (the bill facing the back), and his shirt looks like a t-shirt that someone cut the sleeves off and also cut part way down the side of the shirt (under the armpit area). And the way his arm is slightly extended makes it seem as though he is in motion, like he just walked over from the right of that truck. I could be wrong of course, but that’s what I see when I study it.

    God Bless your family. I hope you find the answers you’re looking for!

    • Wow, that’s really good. I am sure he came from the right side of the truck as well – that’s the direction he came the morning I saw him on the front door step and then he ran to the left and knocked the motion alarm out of the Aspen tree. Also, you are not the only one that mentioned a ball cap turned backwards and you know what – we never thought of that but it makes sense. Thanks for all your insight into clues that were not obvious to us we will look into them.

  4. The picture of the officers leaving are very visible,but the picture of him standing by the car blurry which could indicate there is another person,while he is by the car the other person is messing with the camera.Is this the only picture captured of him ?

  5. Everything else in the picture is clear. This means the suspect is the only thing moving in the frame. I believe he terrorized alone. If not, someone would have talked “too much” by now.

    I completely, 100% agree with Dawn.
    I immediately saw the camo ball cap turned backwards and the “muscle tee”. The shirt seems light colored, but not white. I first thought gray, but maybe a lighter green to blend in with the surroundings and match his hat.

    He’s slender. Not husky, not a gym rat/muscle head. I dated a skater for years in my youth. Him and all his friends were very lean with thready, not bulky muscles. Super low body fat. Their biggest muscles were their calves.

    It seems, if he is out in a wooded, grassy area, a sleeveless muscle tee isn’t the best choice of attire for extended periods of time. Summer bugs, gnats, mosquitos, etc… that makes me think he lived nearby. Came to terrorize on his own whim.

    I would definitely say he is younger. Same age or older than Morgan. 20-24.

    This is just my opinion/impression.

    BRILLIANT idea with the wildlife camera. I am claiming in prayer that this WILL be solved.

  6. I saw your story on the Dr. Phil show today and have been reading your heart-breaking story. I just wanted to comment (never know what may help) that my husband is a hunter, and I definitely agree that the picture looks like a cameo ball cap turned backwards (possibly a Mossy Oak ball cap?) and it looks like a shirt with cut-off sleeves as already suggested. My husband also wears cut-off sleeve shirts at times.

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