August 30, 2011, the 29th day of Morgan’s stalking – The neighborhood begins to find out the truth

Not sure if we slept more than an hour last night and Steve and I are feeling the effects as we get ready for the day.  I want to share the picture from the wee hours of the morning with everyone I can, but the officers have repeatedly told us to not do or say anything.  When I asked why, the answer was variations of: this guy probably lives nearby, and we don’t want to tip our hat just yet.  I don’t want to go against the deputies wishes, but it is so against the way I do things I’m not sure how much longer I can keep it up.  Besides, at this point everyone sees or has heard about the varying numbers of patrol vehicles at out house all hours of the day and night, they know something is up.  Before this stalking, one patrol vehicle on Corral Drive would have been at least a weeks worth of neighborhood gossip.

Morgan gets a text from her teacher this morning, “There will be class tomorrow…just so u know. :)”  I am so unnerved by the web camera pictures I am pacing the hall watching Morgan’s door and the yards, I expect him (the stalker) again at any second.  As soon as Morgan is up I tell her what happened, and show her the picture of the stalker.  She is quite visibly upset.  I ask her if she wants her father to drive her to school, and she actually thinks about it before saying no, she’ll be fine.

A sheriff’s deputy shows up unannounced, he’s heard all about last night’s activity, and just wants to have a look around in the daylight.  This is the first time I don’t have to tell the whole story from the beginning, he already knows, and I am thankful for that.  We walked around and I recount last night for him, pointing out the locations where the camera was, where it started in the rear yard, the trails over the berm, on and on.  I tell him that Steve and I believe there are only three people that would match the body in the photo, Steve insisted on discounting the head completely as it was so distorted, all we had from the head was hair color – light, I did not agree, but we were going with the three for the moment, so I point out where they live and what their names are.

The deputy is standing out in street, staring at the houses and nodding.  He really wants Morgan to think about anyone who could be the stalker, anyone at all.  He says he is going now and I thank him, look up and see Elliott, our neighbor across the street, approaching, more like marching, he looks angry and won’t even look me in the eye. I’m thinking wonderful, like this is all my fault?  He demands to know what is going on from the deputy, he sees the sheriff’s trucks constantly, he has two young daughters and he deserves to know.  I could not agree more, and I wait for the deputy to explain how they would like it kept quiet for the moment, but he tells Elliott we have a stalking situation going on here, and they are trying to apprehend the stalker in the act.  I feel relief, now I can tell everyone.  Elliott wants to know what we know about it, and what he should be on the lookout for.  The deputy tells him we have very little to go on, but they are working on it.  I’m thinking of the pictures from last night, the shoeprints, which were perfectly clear, the trails on the berm, the description of him on our porch, and I’m wondering what do they want, for him to leave his drivers license pinned to the door?  This is so upsetting.

Elliott wonders if I can call him later, he’s very upset that he has been kept in the dark, wonders how we are so sure this guy is not after his daughters too.  I welcome the chance to explain it all to Elliott, but I also have to get back to work, and I excuse myself and leave them to talk.

Now a year later I feel like there was no lack of advice at the time, or at least opinions, as to what we should do, from the sheriffs.  Most of the advice from other people, not law enforcement, was very good and well meaning, but some was what I would call aggressive, many people said if they were me they would shoot him – then I would answer shoot who?  It is pitch darkness when we run outside to try to catch this stalker.  We can’t just shoot off a gun into the darkness.  Now I take it much better, but at the time it would cause such anger, I felt like I was in a fight with the whole world.  Our family lived the dangers of a stalker first hand, and we really thought we were doing the best we could.  What we did was also not good enough, what the sheriffs did was not good enough, and what the coroner did . . . – well that horrifying story is coming up soon.  We can never bring Morgan back, but we can rise above this, we can ALL admit our mistakes, we can ALL improve.  We should ALL be able to look at a group of girls at the school bus stop and think, they are safe here.  We ALL have a way to go for that to be true, and I guarantee denial will not get us there.  Last night, when the viewers reading Morgan’s story went over 6,000 for the day, Steve told me, it may be hard to see, but I am really making a difference.  I really hope that is true, but until I have justice for my sweet baby, I don’t think I can agree with that.

Later that day I go next door to talk to our neighbor Rhonda, I show her a grainy print out of the pictures, and that was enough to get her very upset, and extremely creeped out.  She offered to have the sheriff’s patrol officers set up their surveillance of Morgan’s windows from her dining room window any time they wanted – at least they would be warm, while laying low watching for the stalker.  I immediately passed on this suggestion to the deputy who had just left.

I then went over to Elliott’s house to show him the picture from the web cam.  I went in Elliott’s house.  When he looked at the photo he became excited.  He points at the picture and says, Toni this body type is very unique, and I can only think of 3 people in this whole neighborhood that it could be.  He named off his next door neighbor Peter, Brooke’s dad, James Harris (he leases a house just 3 houses down from us), and Brooke’s boyfriend, Keenan.  I have never seen or heard of this Keenan before, and I tell Elliott that I did not know anyone other than Brooke was living in the house with her dad.  Elliott tells me that Keenan had just moved in to Brooke’s dad’s house at the end of July.  This would be just before the stalking started!  I point out in the photo the long sleeve shirt the stalker is wearing and tell him I think it is unique and not something a younger person would wear.  Elliott disagrees and immediately runs upstairs in his house and grabs a shirt to show me.  It looks like the exact same shirt in the photo – Elliott tells me he has the same shirt in black and it is a very popular shirt, many people have them that like to do things in the outdoors so of course younger people wear them.  We make plans to stay in contact about what is going on, and he offers that Morgan can come over anytime she’s home alone or feels any danger, in fact he wants her to call him and he will come over and escort her to his house.  I told him I do not ever plan on leaving her alone at home, but thank you so much for the offer.

Morgan came home from school with a group of friends she wants to show the pictures too.  They all, one by one, are “freaked out”.  I desperately wish the picture had a clearer face on it.  After her friends leave I tell Morgan that the deputy that came over this morning (while she was at school) wanted to know anyone she could think of who might do this, and what Elliott had told me later. Morgan turned white as a ghost when she heard about Brooke’s boyfriend.  She said Brooke’s boyfriend Keenan drives a big truck, and she hadn’t seen that in our neighborhood, so she had no clue he was living with Brooke.  She also said back in February she had walked into her friend’s house and seen him there with Brooke, and she had gotten a creepy feeling from him, so she just turned around and left without speaking a word.  After that she had asked her friends who he was, and how does Brooke know him, they all said he’s not a good guy (and then went on to describe how bad he was), they warned her not to have anything to do with him, and she never did, so now she is very upset that he is in our neighborhood, living just three houses down from us.

Morgan takes the deputies’ card from me and says, “I didn’t know anyone before, but now I do!” Then she sends the following email to the deputy:

Morgan's email to Deputy J

Morgan sent this email to a deputy in response to his question earlier about possible people she might know that would be capable of doing this to her.

That evening, Morgan goes to see her friends and sends me a text when she is leaving to come home at 7:32 pm, “On my way”  I sent back, “Ok, I’ll be waiting.”

Then nothing is heard tonight – it was quiet.  Morgan goes back to sleeping in the closet, which is upsetting to me because I know her back hurts, but I understand her fear.  I feel its safer for her this way too.


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  1. I wrote the other day that I had my husband review the picture of the stalker to see if he could notice any details, and I mentioned the vest. What I didn’t mention, because I didn’t want to write any assumptions. This is what my husband said, “this guy likes this it’s a game he probably is into hunting and military tactics.” So then you post this kids name I look him up on Facebook and I about fell over. Everything he has is about guns, military and hunting plus the tattoo just froze me. My husband kindly says, I told you!….I don’t know if this will help but I just couldn’t believe my eyes, I have always know my husband had a gift of insight but this blew me away! I know the end to this story will be justice!

    • Charity was your husband ever in the military? That is so amazing that he said that to you. Thank you and your husband so much for sharing this with me!

  2. You are are SO right charity, I felt the same way when I looked at his FB….and remember the red lights at one point? a hunter probably has pairs and pairs of night googles.

  3. Sheryl – thanks for sharing too. Sometimes I think things, and then my mind tells me that I must be nuts thinking that thought, but then when others feel the same way somehow I start to think – OK maybe I’m not that far off.

  4. My husband was never in the military but is an occasional hunter. He just always has always had this weird intuition. He wants to write more on what he thinks but I want him to read from the beginning. He thinks he is probably doing this to his next victim or plotting who is next. He was really thinking on why and how he chose Morgan.

    • I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved daughter. I’ve spent several hours reading your blog and I am stunned at the errors LE made. They never took it serious up until now, I stopped at this point because I think I know why he chose Morgan.

      Earlier you said Morgan first saw K at a friends house, he gave her the creeps and she left. From his actions he is clearly a narcissistic sociopath. Just standing there watching LE leave is the ultimate “FU I’m better than you and you”ll never get me. LOOK I’M RIGHT HERE!!”

      When Morgan walked into the friends house and looked at him and walked out, he took that way too personally. He thinks she snubbed him and he starts his little game, which escalated to the ultimate act of murdering Morgan. If you read “The Sociopath Next Door”, by Martha Stout, PhD, I think you will see a clearer picture of this type of sick personality. All it took was that one look at he was hooked on Morgan.

      Please know you and your loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers. I can’t stop reading your blog. My heart hearts for you. If I think of anything else I will chime in.

      Oh, in the picture of the stalker, it looks to me like he is holding something in his hand.

      • I believe you are exactly right in your assumption – I recently listened to the audio book and I agree with you 100% I also believe as some sociopaths do – he is very convincing to others that he can get to help him in various ways, like alibis, etc.

    • I forgot to say, Charity, I believe your husband is right, if he hasn’t already found his next victim, he’s looking. He views himself invincible right now. That’s when he will make a mistake.

  5. I would really love to hear what your husband thinks about all of this. He is obviously very observant and intuitive. I too believe this stalker is on to his next victim, but I think at the moment he is laying low so to speak because of all the people in this valley who are now on the look out and a lot more hyper vigilant because of all the information that is coming out. I would love to know why he chose Morgan as well – although I do have my own opinion about that…mostly because I know about things we have learned since her murder. Please, please, please keep my informed on what your husband tells you – I really think he is very good at what he does! Thanks.

  6. Omg been scoping FB page too also felt same about night googles. And there is even a pic of him in camo with face mask an all that made me think was it was also used the night of his photo. There is also a pic of his ford slime green car. Been spooked ever since. My support is with you and your family!

  7. This may be off the wall, but there is a pic of him in his car on his FB and when you look at his bone structure and then the pic of the stalker (even though his face/head is distorted from moving) kinda similar! I dont know…thats just what I thought of when I first saw his pic. Also, I wonder how long it will take, until someone tells him about this blog and he makes his profile private…One of his recent posts is “I know who you are, it wasnt that hard to figure you out.” (from Aug 12th) Made me wonder if he did get a clue about this blog and wrote that, or if it is about someone else (either way…CREEPY!!!)

  8. Man, I was looking at his FB and got chills when I read, “Where would we be today if I never took that plane away. Don’t think I don’t think about it. Don’t think I don’t have regrets. Don’t think you don’t get to me.” This kid has some obvious issues. Just reading his posts gives me the feeling that he is a ticking time bomb and it’s a matter of when, not if he hurts someone in the near future!

    • I am so captivated with this story that I’m just reading and reading! I didn’t plan on posting yet But seeing this comment, I felt I had to….That post is actually lyrics from a Darius Rucker song…I wouldn’t read too much into it as a clue or otherwise.

      To the Ingram’s:
      My deepest Condolences to your family. I hope they catch Morgan’s killer and he is punished to the fullest extent. Never give up…they just recently arrested the killer from what is known as “The Highway of Tears” after 38 years, so hope is never, ever lost.

      Morgan is always with you….take comfort in the memories you share.

      • Krista – I never heard about that killer or the “The Highway of Tears” thank you for sharing with me – wow, 38 years amazing! Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

    • that is creepy kelly.. and these are the kind of people that eventually .. like you said are a ticking time bomb.. and go off.. like the kid at the batman movie primere.. plotting, boobitrapping his apartment, has guns at hand… things add up and the puzzle gets put together.. i hope as one we can all figure this out and bring justice to this situation

      Can somebody send me the link to his FB i can’t seem to get the exact one.

  9. On his Myspace page (which you can tell is a old) he’s wearing a hoodie in a few pics. Obviously lots of people wear hoodies, but it’s just something that stood out to me.

  10. You know you can’t just ruin someone’s reputation without evidence, right? I don’t know anything about this kid, but now there are random strangers looking up his Facebook page because he is being accused of stalking and murdering a beautiful girl. This blog has publicly posted this kid’s full name, location, and Facebook links, and that may have some serious legal ramifications.

    Also, why is there absolutely zero press about this case? Not a single news story via google. That is odd. If I am just a cynic and a skeptic, and I am questioning a story about a real stalking/murder, then I apologize. My thoughts are with your family. If this is some sort of publicity stunt or way to create a popular blog, then I don’t think that is cool at all.

    • There is a simple test, is it the truth? The story being told is the truth. Toni has chosen to do that on her private blog. She does this because the Sheriffs department couuld not stop him. That is a fact. The coroner broke the Colorado revised statutes, meant to protect the citizens dof Colorado. And that is a fact. This was a felony stalking case before Morgan was murdered. And that is a fact.

      The bravest young women I ever knew was murdered, that is not “cool” This was a real terror stalking, I lived it, not nearly what my daughter Morgan did, but I lived it. I tried to protect my daughter, but I could not. I have hired the best I could find to tell me the honest truth of what has happened to my little girl. They told me. Now it is on to court to prove it, that the best experts Toni and I could hire are indeed experts. Meanwhile watch your children closely neighbors, there is a murderer in our midst. But instead of catching him Toni and I will be proving that the truth is indeed true. Then I promise you all we will go right back to saving an innocent women from the same thing that has happened to Morgan. I miss her every second of every day. And more desperately than I can ever tell you, I loved my little girl. Her Father – Steve

      • I cannot imagine the heartbreak of losing a child. I truly cannot, especially in these sort of circumstances. However, please, please consult an attorney as to what you can post on a blog, especially with identifying information, and especially when you cannot control how others will use that information. It would be doubly tragic to yourselves end up in a legal battle while trying to work in your daughter’s memory.

        Peaceful wishes to your family.

        • Thank you so much for your kind wishes…they are very appreciated. We have consulted with an attorney, and we believe we are well within our rights to be doing what we are doing, as we protect the rights of not only our daughter, but others that may not have an advocate out there to help them. I have been posting information on this blog that comes directly from my detailed timeline, that I kept throughout the stalking, as well as Morgan’s text messages from her phone, emails that she sent, and pictures from her computer. I want this blog to always contain the truth about what happened. I know it has rattled many cages, but honestly they need rattling. I would rather make someone feel uncomfortable with the truth then sweep something under the rug, so as not to feel the pain. I truly believe that the truth, and truth alone is the only thing that mankind can fight evil with. Evil can only exist when good people turn away, and allow it to exist.

  11. I don’t know if this helps but this keenan guy was a couple grades below me in high school. He had a girlfriend named Morgan who also attended our school. He seemed very possesive of her. They were constantly breaking up and getting back together. Your daughter shared a name and had similar features to her … that could have been a trigger along with their final break up. I am so sorry for your loss.

    • Thank you for the information – we actually heard the same thing months after Morgan was murdered. It could definitely been a trigger along with a couple of other triggers I have been made aware of. If you every have any information you would like to share privately you can always go in through the website on the submission or tip line and be anonymous as well. Take care!

  12. Thank you for sharing your story with this blog, I’ve been reading for some time and am following each day. I wanted to post today though because, although it seems obvious, maybe it could help- it would seem that if the person that you suspect was the stalker worked nights at that time then he would have either a pretty sound alibi for where he was at the times you detected someone in your yard, or it would be those nights that he was not working or had just finished working. I would think his place of employment would have very detailed records of his hours and there would be some sort of correlation…

  13. Dear Ingram Family,
    My heart goes out to you <3. I am so sorry for your loss. I feel that as a mom of 2 young children I can relate to the love and support you give your daughter. Please know through the journey of healing and justice for your daughter you are making a difference. You question it in this last post, but truly you are an inspiration to ALL of us mothers and fathers that we can make a difference! Your love for each other, support for each other – through what I can only empathize in the terror you were going through on a day to day basis, and the resiliency you show to continue to expose the truth to make change for others benefit despite your own loss.
    You are touching lives around you and making a difference.
    Much love,

  14. Dear Ingram Family,
    My heart goes out to you <3. I am so sorry for your loss. I feel that as a mom of 2 young children I can relate to the love and support you give your daughter. Please know through the journey of healing and justice for your daughter you are making a difference. You question it in this last post, but truly you are an inspiration to ALL of us mothers and fathers that we can make a difference! Your love for each other, support for each other – through what I can only empathize in the terror you were going through on a day to day basis, and the resiliency you show to continue to expose the truth to make change for others benefit despite your own loss.
    You are touching lives around you and making a difference.
    Much love,

  15. Is it just me or does everyone want this guy caught so badly, they are finding any kind of similarity between Keenan and the picture of the stalker? I don’t see it. Looking at his other pictures in the past, his arms aren’t that skinny, like the arms of the guy in the picture. He does not to appear to have bulky muscles, but for sure not skinny arms.

  16. Really? You should see the picture taken in October (in the middle of the stalking) of him in front of his little green car…those are the skinniest arms I think I have ever seen, except of people on drugs. He didn’t use to have such skinny arms in his pictures that were taken a year before that so I have no idea what happened to him.

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    here are the links in case they don’t:

  18. Sorry i keep leaving posts every few minutes…but i get ideas in my head and want to post them…did this basturd stake out at her job or school too? and i do believe its someone who lives/or works at the ranch behind you because if there are any dogs on the ranch, they would bark if a stranger got on their property/ surrounding properties especially at that only leads me to believe its someone literally in your back yard.

    • There was a intersection by her campus the Morgan saw him at quite a few times. More than just coincidence we always thought. And yes there were dogs on the ranch but many times Steve would walk the trail that was on he other side of the berm at night and other than the occasional skunk! He had no problems with animals or barking dogs.

  19. Sorry had to right again…That basturd probably felt hurt by Morgan, when she walked into her neighbor’s house and didnt even acknowlege him and turned around and walked away…he probably thought in his sick little head “I’ll show her”

  20. Hi Ranee in OK, I was re-reading everything cause I feel like I’ve missed things by not reading all the comments.

    I just wanted to point out that some of the comments left about Keenan’s comments left on his facebook wall are lyric quotes. I knew immediately when I read this one that it was a Nickelback song.

    And now I know who you are
    It wasn’t that hard, just to figure you out
    (Now I did, you wonder why)
    And now I know who you are
    It wasn’t that hard, just to figure you out
    (Now I did, you wonder why)


    • I understand everyone saying these are just lyrics he is posting.. but lyrics many times can define a way a person feels better than the person using his own words..

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