Worth Fighting For…Justice for Morgan!

Never Giving Up Morgan

Never Giving Up Morgan

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  1. Still supporting you.So sorry for your pain Its so obvious she was stalked and murdered I pray you will have justice

      • I am so sorry to hear about your loss Mrs Ingram. And I think that you should consider investigating that creep that Morgan wanted nothing at all to do with as her stalker and killer possibly. I saw the ID Discovery segment about Morgan’s case called The Edge Of Insanity and thought it was great. Did you ever stop to consider that Morgan’s stalker and killer was from a wealthy family of elites?

        • Morgan actually did see and recognize and identify her stalker to the sheriffs. In fact the felony stalking detective told the stalker(s) just days before her murder that he would be getting Morgan on video the following week and he was closing in on making an arrest…this was shocking to me when I found out. So anyway the sheriffs did know who he was. I have been told he was a confidential drug informant for the sheriffs but I have no way to confirm that information – there are many, many reasons they wanted this case closed down, but we do not care we will continue to fight to get justice for Morgan.

          • Is Kennan Vanginkel one of the so called “right” people in town with more money and privileges than you guys may I ask? and what I mean by that is so much money that he can just do whatever he wanted while the law just looks the other way or get fired if they dare try and arrest him?

            • The answer to your question I do not know…I have never needed to know the ‘why’ because to me the ‘why’ doesn’t really matter and it should not matter. That is for someone else to find out – all I needed to know was that it happened and it was wrong. Things do not stay buried forever and Morgan’s manner of death. that has been constructed from lies. will crumble as the truth and all the evidence supporting the truth is revealed.

  2. am truly sorry for your loss Toni, Morgan did not deserve to have to die that way honestly. and what makes it even more terrible is the fact that he got away with it and that the law basically helped him get away with it. By declaring her death a suicide before he could be captured and questioned. Part of me wishes that I knew your address and phone number back then, because then I’d have tried to save Morgan from this monster by having you guys send her to my state which is Wisconsin, which is too far away for him to follow her.

    • You are so sweet Michael – we did try to get Morgan to leave, her sister, Godfather, soulmate and close friend all lived in different states and asked her to come stay with them, but because of college & her puppy she wouldn’t leave. She kept saying maybe she would go away at the end of the semester but she had renewed faith just days before her murder that her stalker was about to be arrested and then it was too late. I have struggled for such a long time wondering how we could have insisted she leave beforehand but I finally realized I had no way of knowing at that time what was going to happen to her. I “felt” something bad was going to happen but I didn’t listen to my inner voice I kept thinking somehow her stalker would be arrested and it would be over…now after all these years I have come to understand that some stalkers never let go I work with stalking victims from around the world and one young woman from the US moved to Europe to escape her stalker and he followed her there. Things have to change – we have to make it harder on the criminals then they make it on their victims. Stalking is serious and sometimes deadly as in Morgan’s case. And you are right when a murderer gets away with murder, especially with the assistance of law enforcement in will just embolden them to do it again.

      • Look at what happened in the Laurie Show case? Lisa Michelle Lambert and Tabitha Buck were both given life without the possibility of parole. When they stalked and stabbed her nearly 30 times and slit her throat to finish her off. What is the name of this book you are talking about may I ask? I am really surprised that Lisa Michelle Lambert didn’t get off for what she did because in my honest opinion she was certifiably nuts. I’ve been reading about other stalking cases too. Like what happened in Cleveland for instance I think Ariel Castro planned and premeditated taking all three of these girls. Did you know that he followed Amanda Berry with the school bus?

        • Not sure which book you are referring to. The new book that was just published has a chapter in it about Morgan’s stalking but I have not released the information about the title of the book or where to purchase it…I will do that this week. I did not know that he followed Amanda Berry’s bus – horrifying for most parents to know that, but what people sometimes don’t realize that in most cases of rape, kidnapping and murder there was the element of stalking at first.

  3. I am truly sorry for your loss Toni, Morgan did not deserve to have to die that way honestly. and what makes it even more terrible is the fact that he got away with it and that the law basically helped him get away with it. By declaring her death a suicide before he could be captured and questioned. Part of me wishes that I knew your address and phone number back then, because then I’d have tried to save Morgan from this monster by having you guys send her to my state which is Wisconsin, which is too far away for him to follow her.

  4. I think you guys also should have increased her protection. By having her take a course in concealed weapons, and by arming her with a handgun that way if this creep would have tried harming her he would have been shot dead right in her bedroom. what I don’t understand is why Morgan wasn’t examined with a rape kit? And if she really killed herself why were their mysterious bruises on her face? And did they check for DNA under her finger nails may I ask? I also think that you guys should have Morgan exhumed and her remains re-examined outside of Carbon Dale and I think you guys should have asked for a change of Venue in her stalking case.

    • She was going to be starting a self defense class with me 2 weeks later when school was out but that was too late. We did talk to her about a handgun and a concealed carry permit and she was absolutely against it. She was an extremely gentle soul and could not imagine shooting someone, so then I asked the detective about tasers and he sent me an email with a link so I showed her that but she didn’t feel comfortable with that either, she always had pepper spray on her, kept friends around her and the night before she was murdered she asked her dad for a knife, he bought it for her and it was found in the box next to her body in her bed. I asked the pathologist the same thing about the rape kit (I thought he had done one) and he said no he is not “authorized” to do it unless the sheriffs tell him they have a concern that she was raped, so no he did not…I was furious! At the viewing of her body 3 nails on her right hand looked like they had been cut or torn at an angle so I called the pathologist to confirm that it was because he had cut them to check for DNA and he said no it wasn’t him, again he said the sheriffs told him there was no sign of a struggle…and then almost 2 years later we were finally able to get some of the crime scene photos and there was so much evidence of a struggle as well as the autopsy diagram that showed abrasions, wound with blood and injection mark on her. We are not able to exhume her body as we were told they had everything they needed at the time and we could go ahead and have her cremated – what would I tell others in our case…don’t believe what you are being told and NEVER cremate if it is a suspicious death. And your last sentence is so very important – when (and I do mean when) her case gets opened it can never be in Garfield County it will need to be in another venue (Garfield County Sheriffs and Coroner can not investigate themselves) – the statute of limitations is over on any stalking case, they knew it and interestingly I was sent an anonymous message after that 2 year statute was up basically chiding me that it was too late, but what they seem to forget is there is NO statute of limitation on murder.

      • You guys didn’t have her cremated did you? because if you did you have no chance of overturning her suicide ruling now because everything was destroyed. I most certainly hope this lazy ass sheriff wasn’t re-elected again.

        • She was cremated and yes we still do have a chance of having her suicide over ruled because of her toxicological evidence as well as physical evidence that still exists. The sheriff is still in office and the detective is now the new coroner so they tied that one up with a pretty bow so to speak..

          • The best chance that you might have is to possibly have the sheriff recalled. like what happened to Gray Davis in LA in 2003. But you’d need to get proof though that he’s corrupt in order for him to be successfully impeached. Here is a thought Toni, and that is why not go back to school and get your law degree? That way you can have the clout to have her case reopened yourself?

          • There is no way that she could,ve possibly injected 7,909 ng of Ametriptelyne into her system. Now that you live out of state. try and get a change of venue ok?

              • Good question – The sheriff, coroner, pathologist as well as the DA would never answer that question. That is when they clammed up and stuck with their story. Until a real investigation happens with a law agency out of Garfield County nothing will change. That is why we keep this info out there and keep pushing for an investigation.

                • You keep pushing my friend. I’m behind you 100 percent Toni, now that you’re out of state have your new venue investigate it ok?

                • I would advise that you get a change of venue Toni. And since you’re outside of Colorado now perhaps you will get results then?

                • Another good question I have is how all her pills were accounted for if she killed herself?

                  • Good point, but those involved in sweeping her murder under the rug will NEVER discuss that point. As long as the Garfield County sheriff sits back and refuses to investigate, and refuses to allow anyone else to investigate, and he refuses to look at any facts or evidence in the case, we will have to keep going up the chain of command until another law enforcement agency sees fit to investigate the sheriff I guess 🙁

  5. Another question, I have is how in the hell did he get into your house undetected? and was he wearing gloves? because that’s another reason he left no fingerprints

    • Number one they DID NOT check for fingerprints…hard to imagine but it is true. Number two there were multiple ways he could have gotten in to our house and guess what our next door neighbors had a burglary just 2 nights before her murder with no sign of breaking and entering, the sheriffs were out that night to “investigate” and left and right after they left Morgan had another incident of tapping on her windows and when the sheriffs arrived 45 minutes later to “investigate” they saw nothing either plus Morgan’s stalker had previously been arrested for breaking and entering another house (which we never knew until years after Morgan’s murder but I’m sure the sheriffs knew). Just a few more facts some people might not want to hear but they are true.

    • One more thing I would like to bring up about someone getting into our house undetected…months after Morgan’s murder a man I met through a friend wanted to help us and showed me in less than 20 seconds how he could unlock our locked front door…for those out on the Internet that think they are so good at solving crimes (not talking about you Michael, but the others know who I am talking about) here is a news flash…you hear about people being kidnapped, raped, murdered or robbed in their homes every day without (yes I said without) any sign of forced entry so it should not come as such a surprise that a stalker did not smash her window or break down our door to get in…it happens, all too often and yes now I know of some better ways to protect our home, but it is too late for Morgan, and yes even famous people with lots of money, guards, alarms, you name it still have their stalkers make it onto their roofs and sometimes into their homes before getting caught so please never underestimate what a obsessed stalker can do.

      • Wow! talk about lazy police work. I lived in a place equally as bad 30 yrs go Toni. And that is the sheriff broke into my house through the basement back door and stole my red doberman pincher and maced my other two dogs. All because my neighbors next door thought a mentally handicapped boy like me shouldn’t have a dog like that.

        • We found out what we knew all along. that it wasn’t our doberman running amok, killing pigs, beagles and attacking horses. It was the sheriff’s own identical dog that was doing all the damage. And mine took the wrap for it. my neighbor shot the dog dead when he saw it attacking one of his horses.

  6. Another 65 million dollar question I have. Is that if Morgan committed suicide, why was both her bedroom and bathroom basically trashed? Another thing you might want to look into is whether or not VanGinkel knew just how to stage a crime scene or has connections to law enforcement. If she wanted to supposedly end it all, she would have either shot herself in the heart or crushed all her pills up and drank them possibly.

  7. One question that I have is that was it true that she had a medical marijuana license? And if she never had porphiriya why did she have the license? It’s to my understanding that they also found vodka and beer in her car the day of her death as well?

    • Good questions – I know the sheriffs reports would like you to believe certain things and the “others” like to embellish on those things to twist the truth, but here are the answers to your questions. Yes, she had a legal medical marijuana license – why? Not for porphyria, I don’t even know if it would be issued for something like that. She had it because after she turned 18, and was in charge of her own health, she decided to never take prescription medications any longer – she thought they were bad. So, in order to control her chronic pain (from hyperalgesia) she implemented a totally holistic way of life. She went through hyperbaric treatments. She incorporated into her daily life yoga, music, dance, juicing organic fruits and vegetables in the morning, meditation, etc. Her chronic pain had been caused years before after being exposed to Carbon Monoxide. The changes in her lifestyle made an amazing difference and she was able to go off all medications. Steve and I then talked her into getting a medical marijuana permit, so in case she had a pain attack in the future she could use a natural alternative. As far as vodka and a beer in the car in a backpack in the back of her car, yes, that was in there and the sheriffs in their report tried to make it sound like hers but it was not – it was her friends (her ex-boyfriend) who had slept over to protect her the night before and left it in her car. The sheriffs knew it was his and actually gave it back to him that very morning, but neglected to mention that in their reports. The pipe that was in her room was not hers either, it was that same person’s and that was returned to him at a later date. See how facts can be twisted to try to deceive people? And I always have to wonder why they do it?

  8. The sheriffs knew it was his and actually gave it back to him that very morning but neglected to talk about that in their reports. The pipe that was in her room was not hers either it was his and that was returned to him at a later date.

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