A visit from a red dragonfly – what an amazing sign..

Morgans face on my cell

I think of Morgan every single moment of every single day.  She is never far from my thoughts. I see her sweet smile every time I look at my phone.  I remember all the dragonfly things she had around her bedroom every time I see a dragonfly circle around me.  I also feel a stab in my heart every time I here a song that reminds me of her.

Whether a memory makes me happy or sad I am continuously grateful that everything reminds me of her.  I would never want her memory to fade from my mind.  She will always be in my heart, and always very loved.  Morgan deserves the truth to come out, Morgan deserves justice for the crimes that were inflicted upon her, and in my heart I truly believe she will receive justice…especially when I receive positive and encouraging signs.


Yesterday I had a magical visit from a little red dragonfly.  Now, having a visit from a dragonfly is not that unusual for me, I have had many visits from dragonflies since Morgan died, but this one was very different.  I have never seen a red dragonfly before. This dragonfly acted different, it hovered right in front of my face as though it was looking right into my eyes, then it would circle and come right back to hover again right in front of me.  It almost seemed as though it was trying to communicate with me.  I smiled feeling like this definitely was a sign from Morgan.  For the next 10 minutes or so I was transfixed –  it continued to do some very amazing things.  I loved this special gift, and I am very grateful for the visit.

I was speaking to a friend about this last night and she sent me the following information that she had found somewhere on the Internet.  Dragonflies are said to show the presence of loved ones.  The Japanese believe they represent good things, they embrace the dragonfly as a symbol of courage, strength and happiness, while the Native Americans speak of the dragonfly as bringing a time of rejuvenation after a long period of trials and hardship.  Both of these interpretations bring us hope after the death and loss of a loved one.  Further, the Native Americans perceived dragonflies as the “souls of the dead” so a dragonfly visitation around a loved one’s death could well signify the loved one’s soul taking form in the spirit of dragonfly.

I just felt like this special red dragonfly was a sign from Morgan.  A sign that good things were about to happen after such a long wait.  And if just like magic today ended up being a very important day for Morgan’s case.  I felt like I have been climbing up and up forever and the top of the mountain was still so far away but today I felt as though I finally reached the top of a mountain.  I know it sounds a little strange but maybe this is all happening right now for a reason.  Maybe because it’s August and almost Morgan’s birthday, or maybe just because it is the right time.  Since Morgan is no longer here with us we can not celebrate with cake and candles, but I think the things that are now being put into play will be an important and wonderful way to celebrate her birthday.

Morgan was a Leo…she was born on August 16th.  And she had all the typical characteristics of a Leo.  She was the ultimate friend.  And her friends meant the world to her.  Morgan had all the strengths of a Leo, she was confident, ambitious, generous, loyal and encouraging to all around her.  She gave of herself many, many times as she would put off her own social life in order to do volunteer work for those much less fortunate.  She enjoyed helping others.

On the downside of being a Leo Morgan was always too proud to ask for help…she would suffer in silence many times.  When it came to her stalking I know now that it would have been so much better for her to ask and accept help from her friends.  Some of her friends did step up and try to help, but Morgan would not ask for help.  Please know if you are a victim of stalking please ask for help – you need help from everyone around you. It may be the only way to stop your stalker and keep yourself safe.

Morgan had boundless enthusiasm, and a real zest for life.  She appreciated all the wonders around her.  Morgan was fearless and strong, but she still lost her life to her stalker(s).  The taking of her life will not end now that she is gone, her legacy will live on.  We will honor her always by being fearless and strong and never giving up our quest for justice, for her as well as all others that suffer at the hands of their stalkers.  Morgan will be remembered, and she will still be able to make a difference in this world…through all of us.  She still resides inside so many hearts.

On this coming Sunday, the day that would have been Morgan’s 24th birthday, I will celebrate her birthday by burning a candle for her again.  I still have all the thousands of pictures readers sent to me during the first candlelight vigil that we held for Morgan on December 2, 2012 – that was the date that marked the first year anniversary of her murder.  It’s so very hard to believe that it was so long ago.

If you have a chance please join me in celebrating Morgan by burning a candle for her again this Sunday.  If you would like to send me a picture of your candle to post for others to see please send it to me through this website on the contact form.

Thank you all for the many years of support you have given to me and my family…we couldn’t keep up the fight for justice without you.  Much light and love to you all!




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  1. I just opened your site here as I was admiring all the beautiful photos of Red dragonflies. And to my surprise I could relate in some way to your lose. Aug. 18th would of been my dear fiancee Warren’s Bday and he died Aug. 26, 2006. I can get over how many years now have past and I still thinking of him always and I see his white truck on the road always and dragonflies every August, plus coming to me still in my dreams. But, when I speak to him in my dreams, I try to tell him that he has died and he doesnt except that or understand what Im saying. Back in 2005 we had watched Kevin Costners movie, Dragonfly 2002. We were so moved by it that we both then said we would send signs of Dragonfly to either of us if we were to ever die. When he shockingly past I bought a beautiful silk dragonfly and attached it to his brown suit pocket in his coffin. My heart felt thoughts and prayers go out to you and Morgan. My son got married to a Morgan 2015. They now how two cute little boys with the middle name Morgan. Maybe she is flying high with my Warren!

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