An interview with Toni & Steve Ingram about Morgan’s #stalking & #murder

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We recently had an interview with Travanti Jaramillo @GFTPOD – we appreciate his interest in the case, and allowing us a voice.  Please click on the link below, and listen to the complete interview – I know it’s long, but we would appreciate any comments.

Thank you so much Travanti.

7 thoughts on “An interview with Toni & Steve Ingram about Morgan’s #stalking & #murder

  1. Even being an avid follower of Toni’s blog, I can see where Travanti was coming from with the really-she-could-have-wanted-to-just-end-all-the-trouble-with-suicide… BUT, that would still leave the stalker(s) responsible for driving her to it… someone needs to be brought to justice for the crimes committed against Morgan & her family!
    ~*Love & Light*~

    • Very good point – I wondered why she was deemed natural causes for 8 months so as not to allow a death investigation even with the felony stalking happening and then it was changed to suicide after 8 months (which we now know wasn’t true) and they don’t investigate a possible suicide during a felony stalking???? Like both incidents would be completely separate. Smells fishy – huh?

      • It completely reeks! I personally believe Morgan would have never killed herself, let alone “accidentally”… I mean, lots of her peers could find themselves getting “too high” & the fun gets out of control, but she really doesn’t seem the type… I am blessed to have my own nature-freak-hippie-type in my family (my younger sister :D) & she has never dabbled in anything stronger than alcohol, seldom uses that & literally enjoys sobriety like the rest of us enjoy our drugs! & on the flip-side, many people have been driven to kill them selves accidentally in an attempt to feel better or actually end their own lives because they just can’t take being bullied anymore- and in those case we often see the victims’ tormentors brought up on charges for causing the suicide! That’s why there are laws against the kind of behaviour that wreaks this kind of havoc on people’s lives… I still think the small town you lived in has some corrupt individuals making it impossible for the rest of the upstanding law enforcement officers to do their jobs properly… & I get the feeling there may be some kind of familial relation to the perpetrators, too… or, the jerk has dirt on the cops that they don’t want aired… anyway, it isn’t right!
        ~Love & Light~

        • Thanks Lisa Marie – yes we do know she didn’t, and there was no alcohol, no illegal drugs or anything in her, but what was used to kill her. She was happy and completely coherent when Steve talked to her before she went to sleep that night – she was just exhausted just like Steve and I were. I think in the months to come even more information will be coming to the surface and you are correct – I think there are some bad apples that keep the good ones from doing the right thing. It’s very sad, but it will come out.

  2. I saw your interview with Sarah Afshar There is no doubt in my mind that Morgan was murdered. The same thing happened to my sister in law back in the 90’s. She recently had justice when the man who stalked and murdered her did it to another girl and she lived. It was found out 10 years after that the stalker killed a total of 21 girls and several girls came forward in the area who were victims of him.

    • OMG Brenda, I am so sorry about your sister. This is the outrageous problem that is caused when law enforcement doesn’t treat stalking as a dangerous and potentially lethal crime. Your sister’s stalking and murder was in the 90’s but even in 2011 when Morgan was stalked & killed we were told her killer would probably do it again and then, and only then, would law enforcement open her case…it is completely crazy…why does another innocent person have to be terrorized and lose their life before someone cares?

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