November 8 – 11, 2011 Days 99 – 102 of Morgan’s Stalking – A few quiet days before the storm…

Morgan on a cold night

Steve is dropped by some illness, and I take him to see his doctor.  I’m not feeling so well either, and I am afraid I will go down also, but I know we can’t both afford to be sick.  Morgan seems perky, she has always had this great way of bouncing back from anything and she is happily coming, and going on her own schedule.

Two of the four days she texts me in the morning, because Wylah is up before 6:00 am, so I get up a little early to take her puppy out, the little yard is cold, but quiet now.  I always take the opportunity to venture outside the fenced part of the yard to look for anything that resembles a stalker.  It’s starting to look as if that one morning was the only time the stalker will make a visit to Wylah’s morning potty stop to terrorize Morgan.

Morgan had the following post on her computer on November 10, 2011 – she was strong and ALWAYS had a great attitude about life, even in the midst of this horrendous stalking…that is just who Morgan was.

I was writing just single words in my dayrunner during this time. Words like afraid, and chicken, and scared.  Not to describe Morgan, but rather to describe him, the stalker.  Because I was reflecting a lot over these quiet few days, even more so, because Steve was laid up with a horrible chest infection. He was on antibiotics, and bed rest, and that left me with more time to just think – much more than I usually have.

And I thought about Morgan’s stalker, how he had acted and behaved.  His real M.O.  He would do anything to avoid being caught, taking great pains to hide how he was managing to make the loud cracking noise against Morgan’s windows at night.  Taunting the sheriff’s, as he had done at the beginning, didn’t even seem to concern him any longer.  I guess the brutal truth is that if you choose to show up fifteen minutes after the crime, your deterrence effect is greatly reduced.

We had installed another wildlife camera (of our own) by Morgan’s window and it was meant just to answer the question of what was causing the noise against her windows.  So far we had caught streaks coming through the air at the time of the noises.  No person, not even an arm, just a streak through the air, and Steve was convinced now that it was not a projectile, but these streaks were attached to something as he could see the streaks, “retract, or withdraw” after every impact noise.

Steve was now guessing it was like the cracking of a whip from some distance.  Just another theory until we could catch him in the act, and that, sad to say was proving to be next to impossible so far.  We were searching for an answer with all the we had,  we had not found it yet, and what we really had going for us is that we would never give up.

On 11/11/11

Morgan sends her teacher a text that she has to miss her jazz dance class today because she has a doctor’s appt., but will see her teacher right afterwards.  Morgan posted a picture today on her FB.  She is getting ready to go out at ~8:00 pm, she doesn’t hear anything, but later camera shows motion detector goes on at this time.  She leaves to drive to Carbondale, I saw a small dark car, with blackout windows speed down the street after Morgan, so I yell for Steve.  Steve jumps in his truck to follow the car – I immediately call dispatch, dispatch says it’s one of theirs going off a “tip” so I thank them and call Steve’s cell phone…I then realize he left it behind and it is ringing in the kitchen. I later find out that Steve raced until he caught up with the car following Morgan and then got waved down at the Carbondale Mini Storage by a sheriff who tells him it’s okay, it’s one of ours.  The car continues to follow Morgan – Sheriffs staged a follow of Morgan as she drives out of the subdivision – why?  We call and tell Detective Glassmire about this incident and replies, “I have no idea what or who that was!”  There was no follow-up.  No answers – end of story.  Why did he lie? What was the “tip” they were going off of?

Today is October 25, 2012 – And little rays of sunshine have begun to peak out in Morgan’s case.  Steve always reminds our other children that stress is not caused by too many problems, it is caused by a lack of solutions.

Today is no different than a little less than a year ago was.  We had a horrific situation unfolding, and just to emphasize the point, I received a comment today from a woman who was stalked right here in Garfield County about 25 years ago, when she was the same age as Morgan, she was also 20 years old.  She recounts a story, not too unlike what happened to Morgan, but gladly, and thankfully she was not killed by her stalker.  The real point I would like to make is that nothing has changed.  Twenty-five years later and it is the same story.  I have met with and spoken with so many people who agree that this situation must change.  The United States Department of Justice developed a protocol for stalking over ten years ago.  It has proven successful, very successful, but there is a catch – you have to implement it.  But guess what? The main player here, the person or even people who’s job it is to make that change don’t seem to be interested in change.  Our District Attorney Martin Beeson and our Sheriff Lou Vallario don’t want anything to change…don’t they have children, wives, or sisters that they care about?  Or is the big blue wall and their egos more important to them?  I know only too well about that big blue wall – I grew up in Los Angeles before that big blue wall came tumbling down – so I know exactly what that looks like.

So what exactly is that telling us?  Is it that two or three murders a year are somehow acceptable, as long as you don’t call them murders?  That if a few of Garfield County’s residents meet with a grizzly end then that is OK?  Because I don’t think so, and a think a simple truth has emerged, a solution to the problem.

The solution is a realization that the answer does not lie within Garfield County.  Garfield County is comprised of a lot of great people with a problem that was evidently here twenty five years ago, and still exists here today.  I wonder what has been here for those twenty five years that has allowed this to exist?  If there was one thing, the solution might just be that simple.  I’m not sure, but I can assure you that tomorrow when I pull out Morgan’s boxes of evidence, I am going to look at them in a whole new way.  I am going to look for a new solution in there.  A solution to how my daughter Morgan, could be stalked for four months, and then murdered, because I believe 100% without a doubt in my mind she was murdered.  And sorry, but I have to say it again.  I believe this 100% not because I woke up one morning and decided it all on my own.  Quite the opposite.  First there was a doctor who saw Morgan less than two days before she died, and talked to me over the phone, and wanted to be sure they were looking into her stalker, because Morgan was in perfect health, just tired and stressed – about her stalker.  Then came another specialist, and another. Then Morgan was found to have died of natural causes.  I wasn’t questioning it, no it was everyone else that Steve, and I spoke with about this that were questioning how Morgan could have died of natural causes, the stalker had to have played some part in her death – if not being completely responsible for what happened to Morgan.  Steve and I were still in shock and were really just going through the motions, some days strong, other days not so strong.  Always helping each other to move forward.

Then I know you have all heard this before, but we traveled to Los Angeles, and asked the person we thought most qualified to answer what happened to Morgan, what her opinion was after reviewing all the records, and it was her opinion, she was 100% sure that it was not natural causes.  This was a homicide!

I truely, truely hope that none of you ever have to go through anything like this, I really do.  But after that meeting in Los Angeles there were more opinions, and every one of them were in agreement.  Morgan had met with foul play.  And we will prove that that is what happened, one step at a time.

And then I’m going to find a solution for how, as citizens of this country, Steve and I are left to prove the entire crime ourselves, so that the next set of parents, who find themselves in our situation won’t have to, because it is a nightmare no person should ever have to live through.  People have been lying, and Garfield County really doesn’t seem to care as long as they never have to have a murder on the books in their County.

Click here to read about the 103rd day of Morgan’s stalking. I can’t believe it has already been over 100 days and her stalking still remains out there to harass, intimidate, frighten and control Morgan, Steve & myself 🙁

18 thoughts on “November 8 – 11, 2011 Days 99 – 102 of Morgan’s Stalking – A few quiet days before the storm…

  1. The entire state of Colorado needs new officials because the current ones need to be encarcerated! One lie, two lies, three lies and then? I feel like im watching a movie. Like that one movie “prison break”

  2. I know and I am so upset about that little 10 year old girl – but also happy they caught her killer…a 17 year old boy.

  3. What ever happen to all the FORENSIC SCIENTIST’s that were so popular a few years ago? Looking for fibers and skin cells.

    There wouldn’t be any reason for the stalker not to stalk someone else down the road. Eventually his psychological anxiety will smooth things over and he’ll let his guard down.

  4. If they keep it up we will never have any stalkers or murderers around here. Way to go GarCo

    • Thanks Michelle – it always makes me happy when I would see her smile or be silly – she would always bring sunshine to a dreary day.

  5. GarCo, is like a lot of small towns in that they are operating on old standards of the “Good Ole Boy” system. It is passed down from one Chief to the next. Detectives operate on if there isn’t hard evidence then it is too much work and they don’t actually investigate. They may make one or two phone calls and that is IT! They want cases that are solved easily, shows a flat out crime that they deem has meat in it. If not, blah not worth their time is their mind set.

    Changing laws or improving them is an honorable thing however if these same lazy, good ole boy police departments don’t enforce laws then that law will mean nothing.

    Taking Money from their budget will matter though. That is the only way to snap their heads in attention. Next time you get a robo call to donate to the Police Dept. For GarCo refuse, laugh at them and hang up! Next time there is a city council meeting and there is an issue about budget for Police, local citizens must attend and voice strong opposition on funding a police dept that is LAZY and refuses to do their job.

    I can go on and on!

    • This particular county may have good boys that are lazy…

      But good ol’ boy and lazy don’t always belong together.

    • Bizzare is the only word that describes it – I think it’s been going on for such a long time and no one in the department has had the guts to stand up and say this is wrong!

  6. Hello Toni – please know that my heart goes out to you and your family. I think you are so brave in your mission. A quick question for you, when do feel the line from bullying is crossed, and becomes stalking? Thank you for helping others.

  7. Hi, I know you don’t want to post links- and this is not directly related to stalking or Morgan’s case, but I wanted to share this information about Identity theft: If you can use it that’s great, if not I was just thinking of how so many people just don’t have the information necessary to protect themselves in today’s technological/cyber world that we now live. Love and Light to you always!! Here is the link to what I am talking about:

  8. This was just a thought that I had. But with all these suicides (and I agree with the theory of keeping the murder rate down) in this county, is it possible that there is serial stalker killer in the area?? I grew up in a small town in MI and OK, I was trying to recall myself if I remembered ever hearing about murder in our small towns. I don’t. Then my mind rolled to serial killers getting away with murder. Some of them are so sly and lethal to never get caught. I just wondered if it was a theory. I know that is way out there but you just never know.

  9. I have spoken with a woman in the county that is writing a book about it – she has been doing research in this area for a long time and does believe your exact theory. Doesn’t seem like a far stretch to me – if I were a criminal and had some intelligence I think I would like living around here.

  10. I am not a new reader but just re-reading, and after this post I had a vision that do you think he was maybe using a bow and shooting something that was tethered to the bow itself, making it easy to retrieve and also giving the ability of great accuracy?Maybe even a child’s bow would be smaller easy to carry and not have the strength to actually cause damage to the windows?? Just a thought. God bless, and hope there is justice

    • Wow – that is a fascinating idea that no one has ever brought up before. Thank you so much for sharing that with me.

      We now know he was on the roof leaning over to look in her upper windows, but your idea could have definitely played into this. I hope someday all the details will come out. I have been contacted since the blog came out from law enforcement, even in different countries, that thanked me for putting the roof connection on the blog, because now they are planning on incorporating the roof tops as one of the things their officers will check when responding to these type of stalking incidents. I am very grateful that the more information that people share about stalking helps to raise awareness, and hopefully save another human being from a potentially horrible outcome.

      It’s still so unbelievable to me that a predator can think like this – how does a normal person relate? I guess you have to try to imagine what a predator would do in order to catch one. I have had a number of stalking victims tell me that after some time law enforcement found evidence that their stalkers actually gained access into their attics, and then into their homes via the attic, in fact one family came home to horrible things done in their very young daughters room while they were away, and law enforcement found evidence that her stalker had been under her bed…horror movies don’t even come close to real life for these victims as well as for Morgan.

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