September 18, 2011 – Day 48 of Morgan’s Stalking – A Brand New Set of Video Cameras

Morgan on the back deck

Morgan on the back deck

Morgan is up early and happy, she’s babysitting for a family in Aspen for the entire day until 11 pm.  I see her off in the driveway, and soon after Steve and I take a road trip to pick up our new camera set, which has come in.

We are home a couple of hours later and quickly have our main hall filled with cardboard packing and foam inserts. A six camera DVR setup that promises to capture whatever is going on outside the house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Steve is joking that he hasn’t been up in an attic in more years than he can remember, but can’t wait to get started.  Barring unforeseen problems it should all be hooked up and working by the time Morgan gets home.  It means a lot to me, to give Morgan some new hope that we can gain the upper hand.  Nobody likes to admit it, but we have pretty much been at the stalker’s mercy so far.  Even the super high tech thermal imaging scope, that accurately shows a human body far off in the distance in pitch darkness, has not yielded any new clues.  Steve has resigned to the fact that it is best used in a group, closing in on the prey.  So we have moved on to video cameras, color during the day, and black and white at night.

There is a sizable spool of wire for each camera, and my job is to keep it untangled and feeding it up into the attic, as Steve takes the ends to where the cameras will go.  We weren’t completely in agreement as to where they should go, and while at first six sounded like so many, I was wishing we had gotten at least a dozen so we could have had really good coverage.  It takes hours just to feed all of the wire, and when Steve finally comes back out after the last one he is quite a sight, and he has managed to completely tear one pant leg off his jeans on some sharp thing up there, and I burst out in laughter, he is laughing too, and I sadly realized it had been far too long since we had laughed like this.

Around 1 pm, part one of the installation is complete, and we head to Glenwood Springs to pick up a list of supplies to hopefully make it all work.  Morgan has a sixth sense about where Steve and I are, and sure enough she sends a text to her father just as we get to Glenwood.  “Are you guys going by Walmart at all?”  He hands me his phone and I answer, “We could. Whatcha need?”  She answers “Size 2 double pointed needles.  Will you call me too when you’re on your way home?” I tell her. “Will do.” And she ends with “Thanks!”

If I had been a knitter when I was young it would be easier, but this is something Morgan has taught herself, and is completely engrossed in and I know nothing about knitting.  She had plans to make a complete bedspread out of panels and is working up to it with smaller projects. Steve and I stand at the art section and look at a mass of needles, and while the request sounded simple at first, we find out right away there are no size 2 needles. Steve is trying to find a set that includes them, and I send a text to Morgan that we are at Walmart.  My phone corrects it to ESP art and Morgan wonders where ESP art is, she has never been there. I tell her Auto correct and she understands.  “They have size three.” I tell her and send a picture of them. “Perfect :)” she answers and then adds, “HaHa That’s exactly it Thank you!” I sent her a text back that said, “Great, since that’s all they had we bought it.”

We head home and I do some work while Steve pours through manuals with the magic codes, and the programming that has to take place and of course the inevitable glitches, but 2 hours before we expect Morgan back home we have it on.  And far better than I could have imagined we are looking at a screen of six different views around the house.  It is just getting dark, and the last tune-in is me watching the screen and directing Steve as he goes around and aims each camera.  We will move and re-point them many times over the next few months, but we have pretty much the entire perimeter of our house in view at the same time.  I’m both thrilled, and sad for the obvious reasons.  Thrilled that we have this new protection, and so sad we needed something like this, I would never have imagined.

I can’t wait, and called Morgan to share the good news with her including the part about her father ripping the leg off his pants.  She laughs too, as I hoped she would.  I really want her stress to be less.  I also want it to be over.  And I don’t want her to let her guard down.  It’s a lot to want all at once.

Morgan is home shortly before midnight and we show her the latest greatest in our arsenal to catch the stalker.  She is visibly excited about the cameras, and I am so happy for that.  We are all tired and go to bed.  I’m almost waiting now for that bang on the window, so I can play back the video, and watch him, then call the sheriffs, and show them, won’t that be nice.

(Police reports later show the “suspect” was not working this evening.  On 9.18.2011 he worked from 1:00 am – 6:02 am & then from 6:28 am – 9:31 am)

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I welcome your feelings and ideas on Morgan's Stalking

  1. My stomach is in knots with anticipation! You are a very good writer, Tina. I would buy your book in a heart beat. You have a special way of drawing a reader in. I can see Morgan smiling down as you type with her approval. That is how well you write, your writing makes us the readers feel like we know you, and are living the experience as you did. God Bless and I only pray that the out come would have been Morgan Alive and well. It is clear that Morgan’s heart is alive and with you and Steve. That ##$&(#&$# who took her from you I hope burns in hell!

    • Her name is Toni… Sorry just seen the mistake a few times and didn’t know if you had auto-correct on… Just an observation 🙂

    • I am glad you like the writing. Maybe someday it will be a book but for right now all I can think of is how to raise money for Morgan’s investigation and to get the word out on a national level…it is slowly starting to get there, but I would really like it to happen sooner then later.
      Thanks so much for your kind words.

  2. ^TG I believe her name is Toni.

    My heart goes out to and your family. You are a great writer and obviously a great mother. At this point in the process had anyone even been interviewed or investigated?
    I was robbed a couple years ago and the first thing the police did was to knock on doors to ask what everyone saw. They even put surveillance on possible suspects! The lack of expertise (or worse indifference?) here is so frustrating to read – I can’t imagine as the victims how hard it has been for you.
    I’m praying you get justice for Morgan, she was a beautiful soul.

    • L, That is so sweet. I find myself on the phone more and more with people in the area who have also suffered and are suffering greatly from the lack of complete training and good sound protocols for stalking and other crimes.

  3. Toni, now I had only been to your home the 1 time with L, but what I remember of your house was that your porch was partially blocked from view on the left hand side, with the driveway on the right (if looking at the house from the street) if someone was watching the house it would have come from either in front or the right hand side? Was that the direction that K lived? Also maybe I am imagining but was the house on a circle drive? Also when I came with L I remember taking a paved path to the pool? Did that path go anywhere else? I know you view these comments before they actually post and you don’t have to post them it was just a though that popped in my head tonight after reading the new post. Keep your head up, Morgan’s story is getting out now, and you have sooooo many supporters around the WORLD! Love and prayers sent to you tonight 🙂

    • S, Very well put I agree, For all those out there with any question E could see Morgan drive by but not the porch from his office up front. ? and K could see Morgan drive up the street from their front room, but could not see the porch either. The paved trail to the pool ends right there at the club house. And thanks for the support, it is soo helpful!

  4. Is it possible that someone could have put a small camera in your porch area and retrieved it within a short time to get the key code to gain access to the inside of the home?

  5. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ingram
    I’ve just read the article in the Aspen Times and am filled with so much anger at the inability of law enforcement to look at this case as we are, day by day leading up to her death. I like your husband find it hard to say MURDER as it leaves us all vulnerable to the fact that there is so much evil in our valleys. I really hope that LE are reading this and will respond in kind stating that they will reopen the investigation. How can Kurtzman dispute the fact that there was no evidence of pills in her stomach. She wouldn’t have been able to drive home, carry on a conversation and be found hours later and not have something in her stomach. I wonder what their theory was. How did they justify themselves? I think the lack of comments from them screams volumes. I have been talking to friends in my valley and they all comment on the number of suicides that are labeled here. You could be opening a huge can of worms!!! KKCO recently did a story about the inordinate amount of suicides. Is his hand in most of them? It just seems there is a cover up.
    With the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah approaching may the work you do in this new year bring closure to your family. May G-d compel the parties involved to repent for their sins and confess. Sending you Love and Light,

    Shana Tova!

  6. I agree with you – we want to keep telling the truth, and I think the truth is coming to light now. I have had so many people respond to me, and they are concerned about the suicide rate being so out of whack is this area – I think it really is something for someone to look in to – was Dr. Kurtzman the Forensic Pathologist on most of them? Was there any suspicious circumstances that was overlooked, or just not cared about? Every life is precious, and everyone needs to know the truth in every case.

    Thank you for sending love and light – we appreciate it!

  7. I work with domestic violence and I had a training on stalking… it was a really great training and we went a lot over the way technology is used to help commit this crime…. I wonder if I could get the powerpoint, if it would be helpful for you – the thought crossed my mind that maybe someone had put some type of spyware on Morgan’s phone or otherwise hacked it which allowed the stalker to read text messages Morgan sent/received – would explain how he would know when she was going to be home… just a thought and I suppose at this point, it could have been anything or any number of ways that he did what he did.

    I’ve been thinking of you and Morgan and your story and many thoughts and hopes that justice will prevail!

    • Thank you so dearly, and YES I would so love to have a copy of this powerpoint. If you can’t get a copy for any reason, please give me the contact information so I can try to get one. And on behalf of the many victims of stalking, I can’t thank you enough for your diligence.

      • I will do what I can to get you a copy – I’ll work on that tomorrow! In the mean time if you feel like you want to see what you can do, the detective’s name is Deirdri Fishel and she is a detective with State College PD in PA. The training I was at was held on a Navy base in San Diego, CA. There was so much information and I think we all left thinking “WOW” regarding all the ways someone could use technology to stalk – and it’s normal people, not experts in technology or anything.

  8. It has been mentioned that someone could be tracking Morgan by her cell phone. I googled it and this is what I found:…1ac.1.dhxhppvRtZk

    Most are “undetectable” but this could be a possibility as to how the stalker knew where and when she was and was to be home. I also googled catch my spouse cheating and found a lot of info on this subject. There are actually adds on tv (late night) for this sort of stuff.

  9. I must say that I have cried several times in reading thru your blog. It is heartbreaking to say the least. I am so sorry for your loss and the lack of help from authorities that you should have received and still are not. I do have a question… your opinion were the cameras and dvr setup worth the money and time and did they do what you needed? We are currently looking at this set up for our own home because of various problems and coincidences that keep happening and we cannot prove that they are what we think. Would this be a good set up?

  10. My condolences to your family for the loss of a beautiful daughter. My niece had this posted on her facebook account today so I read it and was so amazed it received so little press. I had never even heard anything about it. Have you or your husband contacted Nancy Grace or Dr. Phil to get your story out. Nancy Grace is very good at pushing the buttons of those that should be involved. How could they make over 60 visits to your home and rule her death as anything but murder? How could the person of interest still have a facebook account with his full name I find that kind of taunting. Would you not want to change your facebook account as in cyberspace you can be just about anyone? I hope they find this person someone will talk or brag like always but in the meantime I would be asking for air time on every criminal show and see if that gets the word out. This is just mind boggling that this poor girl lost her life yet the news is full of worthless crap no one cares about. Shame on all those involved that turned a blind eye. I pray you and your family can find peace and find the person/persons responsible for Morgans death.

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  12. Hi Toni, how’s the investigation into Morgan’s murder going? I live in Brazil and saw the case, for the first time, at Investigation Discovery, then I read your blog a few times (translating on Google Translate) piece by piece until I could read everything. I feel sad as if Morgan were from my family and I hope with all my heart that the culprit or culprits pay for it soon. We are in prayer for you. I wanted to get this case to Kim Kardashian, she is quite influential and I think it could help.

    • Ludmila that is so kind of you to want to help…I really appreciate it! I appreciate your prayers and kind words as well. It is beyond belief for us that there is so much evidence that Morgan was murdered and they refuse to investigate. We will NEVER give up in our quest for justice for her. Take care!