Wylah is so happy she’s remembered – and wants to say hello!

Wylah visiting

Wylah stopped by and wanted to say hello

13 thoughts on “Wylah is so happy she’s remembered – and wants to say hello!

  1. Beautiful dog. I mean this from a good place, please be careful what details you post in pics. I would hate for someone to be able to identify anything in the background to find your location.

      • Im so relieved you have her.. I haven’t wanted to ask because of the many times you have mentioned that stalkers will harm the pets of their victims, and I was so afraid that one day I would read in this blog that somehow he had gotten to her puppy. Finally, for once, tears of relief as a result of reading this blog. 🙂 – Valerie

        • One time after Morgan was gone (just about a week later) I let her out in the backyard late at night, and I had a bad feeling, so I went in the door and stood behind the curtains and listened with the door open. I heard a whistle close by, 2 times, so I ran out the door and couldn’t see anyone, but Wylah was starring towards the back berm area, ears up, right where the trail was that the stalker used to come down so I ran out and grabbed Wylah and brought her back in the house…after that I always stood out in the cold with her until she was ready to come in.

          • I was drawn into your story from the start because of Wylah. She looks so very much like our son’s dog, Chelsie. She lives with us because he is a Marine, and it is very much like having a grandchild! We adore our girl and know that Wylah must cry for Morgan. Chelsie whined piteously when her daddy went on a deployment for 8 months. I can only imagine how Wylah misses her mommy…

            • She does miss her and sometimes she looks like her eyes see her and she cocks her head like she’s listening to her. But we let her in our bed, just like Morgan used to and we give her lots of attention. She is a really smart dog – which is starting to be a problem with our older larger Newfoundland, because Wylah is teaching Tessi how to lift the toilet bowl seat cover, and drink – Tessi (has never figured this out in 6 years until this little one taught her) is big and slobbery so now we have to always keep the bathroom doors closed!

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