September 19, 2011 – Day 49 of Morgan’s Stalking – Why Do All These Cameras Worry Him?

It was a calm day, Morgan loved the new cameras so much!  She felt some level of protection, so did I.  She brought a group of friends in to see how the house was like a fortress now.  Her stalker could not just walk up to our house anymore, not without his picture on video being captured.  Morgan seemed to take a measure of confidence and safety and for me, that was priceless.  It was almost a normal day, it had been so long, I had forgotten what it felt like.

That evening Steve texted Morgan to tell her he was cooking, “Making dinner right now – coming home?” Morgan texted back, “Is it OK if I eat at Caldos?”  Morgan turning down a dinner of Steve’s was not often. He turned to me after looking at his phone and said, “She is so happy, I can just feel it!”  He texted her “Sure,” and asked her if she could pick up coffee on the way home.  Morgan asked what kind and he told her.  It was so easy to slip back into denial, that now we had solved this problem, it may have taken us a while, but we did.  There is not a thing written in my dayrunner for today.  Every other page is crammed with notes – notes that were going to save Morgan somehow.

Later Steve would tell me that he could sense the alien out there, somewhere.  Looking at the cameras and stroking his chin, wondering what they were, how far they peered into the night, how he could avoid this new detection.  Avoid arrest.  It was only a new challenge for him, he was probably excited we had raised the stakes.

(Police reports later show the “suspect” did not working on 9.19.2011)

Today on September 16, 2012, I spoke with a young woman that is currently being stalked, if only I could have reached through the telephone lines and hugged her I would have.  She needed a big hug, and she needs help.  I fear for anyone being stalked, not meant to keep them up at night, only to keep them safe and let them enjoy the life they were given.  The life they deserve.  That is every person’s right and it is not being respected.  Steve and I, and most of all Morgan – we all learned that the hard way and no one else should have to go through what we did.  It is just not right.

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  1. I listened to the WebSleuths blog cast tonight. Way to go Toni!!!!! And thanks for a few more tiny details that I’m sure help their community put a few more pieces of the puzzle in place! Big things are on the horizon, resolution for some of your grief is coming! Tell Steve thank you for stopping by the forum, too 🙂
    Peace of mind and love to you both,


  2. I read your blog daily, and check back throughout each day for new info, new comments, anything to get me closer to finding the truth. I can honestly say I have been extremely paranoid every night after reading the very first post. I can’t even go into the garage without thinking someone is in there. I am now to the point where my husband had to tell me i have nothing to worry about. But I’m still VERY aware of my surroundings and neighbors, especially! I don’t have children…yet. So I can’t even begin to compare. But if something like this were to ever happen to me – god forbid. I would like to think my parents would fight as hard as you both are. I admire your persistence and love…love for Morgan and love for eachother. Anyone would be lucky to have you as parents and I’m sure Morgan is smiling down and thanking you. I only wish I could be so strong as you both sometimes. Thank you for bringing this story to life through your amazing words. I will continue to spread the word as much as I can. Fight fight fight! Lots of love!!! Hope you get a REAL investigation…

    • Cal thank you so much for your strong encouragement.!

      The art of love is largely the art of persistence.
      Albert Ellis

      And yes, we will continue to be persistent, because that’s all we can do for Morgan – we love her so much, and we want to do whatever we can to get justice for her, and to help others in her name. And I am sure your parents, and every parent out there that loves their children would do the same, especially if they knew there were ways to push through the horrible grief that hits you when you lose a child. And to always question everything!

  3. Mr. and Mrs Ingram, On the radio show tonight you mentioned that Morgan brought some friends in to see the new camera system Steve installed. Have you both thought strong and hard that the person on interest was one of those people that saw the camera set-up. How else would the perp know to avoid the camera. He would have seen exactly the view the camera’s saw, so it would allow him to know which angle to approach the house and were the safe areas were. The other thought if not a suspect what if one of these people spoke about it in the company of ? and K?

    The reason why I ask that you take a strong hard look at her inner circle of friends is because they would know Morgan’s routine better, they would also know the layout of the house and even Morgan would confide in them. The person would also know that she took the medication at one time. It all would make sense to me if this was applied. Her x-boyfriend was friends with the other’s down the street, he could have had an innocent conversation and divulged critical information.

    We know stalkers can be random but they also can be a result of a jilted person who had a relationship end. To you they would appear a nice guy, to Morgan overly nice and helpful. This is what I think the killer is, very helpful, caring to keep your guard down and to gather information.

    Sorry if this adds to your pain for not my intention, I just was thinking about this case a lot, and after the radio show it left me very suspicious of her inner circle. A friend would send a text daily and ask what she is doing, where is he going and nobody would think anything of it because it is her friend.

    With all my sincere respect.


  4. You bring up a really good point…I am going to look at all her text messages again on her phone and see (with the time line) who was always asking her where she was and what she was up to – I think I know my answer already but I will definitely double check to see who, where they lived, and if they were friends with B or K. Thanks!

      • I think that in Morgan’s circle of friends there was a person in connection to Hannah, ? or K. I bet that this person did not even realize that they were helping out the three demons.

        • I have thought the same thing and I think I know who it might have been (2 people in mind) but because I don’t want to muddy the waters of a possible criminal investigation and arrest I haven’t spoken to these 2 guys about that – that’s why I need to have a really good investigator or the State of Federal LE folks take over. Thanks for your input – it meshes with what I have felt all along. I actually brought up this thought to Morgan but she told me none of her friends would ever do such a thing.

  5. With Morgan in mind, I wanted to share the information listed below for anyone who may be interested.
    Free Women’s Self-Defense Seminar at Glenwood Springs High, Glenwood Springs, CO, Thursday night, October 11, 2012. Open to women only, ages 10 and up. Sponsored by “Fight Like a Girl” and “James Lee’s Karate” of Glenwood Springs Registration is at 6:30PM and the seminar is from 7:00PM – 9:00PM.

  6. why did Mo9organ go about freely and alone in her vehicle?were you concerned with this stalker following her and having so many opportunities to get at her when she was gone from the home? what did LE say about her not having someone with her when in public?

  7. Toni and Steve, I am so sorry for what happened your family and to Morgan especially. I started reading your blog last Friday. I want justice for you all. I hope you will get it. I was nervous to post on the blog because I am sure the person or persons that did this to your family is reading everything and taking great pleasure. This notion makes me totally disgusted.
    What you are doing, however, I know is important, and maybe there will be some reason this monster will slip up and the right person will hear it.

  8. Great job last night Toni, you are getting closer and closer to the answers. I really feel like the persons that know the truth will be found soon. I know you mentioned that you were away on vacation for a couple weeks while K moved into ?’s house. Do you think he knew you were away and was in your home while you were away on vacation? And also I really feel like ? knew about K stalking, otherwise why didnt she just let the officers see K sleeping to prove that she was telling the truth? Why didnt the investigators go back and question ?? Thinking about you and your family, you are such amazing people. Take care of your selves xoxoxo

  9. Why can’t the DA’s office do a correct investigation now that there is evidence of other meds found in Morgans body? They need to figure out where Hannah, ? and K were when there where quiet days. They should all be brought in for questioning! They lived two houses down and ? hated Morgan, I really think she was the one who wrote on Morgans car. Was the car that followed morgan one of ?’s or K’s cars?

    • also too, when you reported to the police that Morgan was being followed in her car and you gave them the make and model and told them who was driving ( the second time morgan was followed when she could id the people in the car) why didnt they look into these individuals and question them as to why they would be following her? It seems all so crazy to me, that all of these things went uninvestigated by the police???

      • They already knew who they were – in fact Morgan’s felony stalking detective that was in charge from the Sheriff’s station put together a color flyer after she was followed with the guys name, picture, description of his car, our address and map of where our house was, picture of Morgan and the car she drove, etc. (I never saw the flyer) and he said it was given out to all the Sheriff’s Patrol officers as well as the Carbondale Police Department so they could all be on the look out.

  10. I thought that too, about the friends when I listened to the webcast last night. My other thought, could you see the cameras from the outside of the house? He seems pretty perceptive unfortunately. Also, if you are sure he had been in the house, what was stopping him from coming in and taking a look at the setup? It might have been quiet for awhile since he was staking out how to get in and get a grip on where the cameras were. Very very scary.

  11. I really think he had a software program so he could hear her calls and read her texts. There was a post about it where a reader looked it up. Either that or he was one of her “friends”. I also think ? had a hand in vandalizing her car.

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