Penguins painted on rocks by Morgan a couple of years before her murder and stalking


Penguin Rocks

I know it might seem silly to others reading this blog but these little painted rocks fill my heart up with love every time I look at them on our bathtub surround.  Morgan painted them for her dad a couple of years ago as a Father’s Day present.  They are a depiction of our family, Steve, me, Morgan’s older sister and brother and Morgan (the smallest rock).  Morgan loved doing all kinds of “art projects” and most of the presents she gave us were things she made.  Anyway, just wanted to share our “penguin rocks” with everyone…not sure why I felt like I should share but my heart told me to…that’s why.

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  1. Beautiful! I am a very sentimental person and always say the best gift are not expensive…they’re made with love and that is priceless!!

    • Thanks for your comment – that’s how we feel as well. These little rocks give me so much happiness compared to the most expensive gift in the world, especially when I see how she depicted all of us; me with my arms flying in the air, as I am very expressive, her sister with a purse, because she is always shopping, etc. I love them!

  2. I love them! I totally understand how you feel when you look at them. I have similar tiny painted rocks from my late grandfather and I treasure them more than words can say. <3

    • Oh when you mentioned your grandfather it made me so happy because my grandfather used to make little things too and I still have them…it feels good to look and remember the love, huh?

  3. Thank you for posting this blog. I started reading it last night and had a hard time sleeping and had anxiety today thinking about my little girl, who is only 5 at this point, and what you all have been through. I am so appalled at the behavior of law enforcement and I would have thought more people might have come forward by now. I know I have seen Morgan’s story posted on Reddit, and through Facebook (which is how I originally came about it), so it is getting out to many, many people. I am amazed and your and Steve’s dedication, the thorough records you’ve kept, how much investigating you had to do when the police didn’t do their job. Morgan sure is lucky to have you both as her parents. I am sure she is looking down on you knowing that you will make this stalker pay for what he has done.

  4. I just found your blog and website today via a Facebook friend who posted the link. I have been enthralled all day reading each post. Crying and feeling nauseated over Morgan’s story and was wondering who else was reading this. I then wondered if you have an IP tracker to keep note of who all IS reading. You never know, it may be of use. Some of the anonymous comments are a little off putting to me and if the same anon posted (or IP) is continually making comments I couldn’t help myself but to want to keep that info in my back pocket. I know how this story ended for Morgan but not for the person responsible. I just always replay the theory that a serial killer often can be found in the crowd of a crime scene. This jerk may have found your site and is following along too. I know that sounds unsettling and that is the last thing I want for you all. I hope Morgan’s spirit can guide you to the answers we all desperately want for you.

    • Thank you for participating in this, and you are right Morgan’s spirit is guiding us and we are actually getting somewhere. Take care!

  5. I was made aware of your blog via Facebook yesterday. Since then, I have read every one of your blog entries.

    I know that nothing anyone says can ever bring Morgan back or fill the void left in your family’s lives, but my heartfelt, deepest sympathies go out to the Ingram family. I give you so much credit for your strength and perseverance. Your blog is not only a wake-up call to local authorities, and a resource to other families, but also a wonderful homage to your beautiful daughter. Through sharing your very personal, touching stories and photos, you have given Morgan a voice. The world is a much better place because Morgan was a part of it, and her memory lives on forever.

    As a young mother of two children, I am so disturbed by the ordeal your family has had to endure. I too was a victim of a stalker in high school. He was an upperclassmen who happened to be in one of my elective classes; we never spoke. I started to notice him alone in the stands of my soccer games, in my line on a daily basis at the grocery store where I cashiered, in the parking lot of places where my car was parked, and he would follow me home from work sometimes. The encounters increased and he became more brazen. I would arrive home in the evening hours on the weekends, only to watch his truck creep by our home minutes later. How did he know where I was? When I was coming home? Thankfully, the local authorities and my high school took the incidents very seriously and he stopped before it went any further. Apparently he was schizophrenic, and his family got involved. Although my experience is so trivial when compared to your family’s nightmare, it brought me back to that time and those feelings. Morgan was such a courageous woman, and your family is remarkable.

    I pray that your family gets justice! That enough people read your blog and demand answers.

  6. Sending you so much love…and hope. As a parent myself, I would move Heaven and Earth to protect my children. Just as you have for Morgan. Your spirit is amazing to me.
    I live “down valley” from you and Steve, but I am not surprised by the actions of the Garco Sheriffs Dept. It’s appalling.
    I have faith, that you and Steve, with Morgan’s help will end this mystery and find the awful human being that extinguished so much beauty and life from this world. I just wish these events would work on our personal time frames! It never happens as quickly as we would like. Thanks for sharing your Morgan with all of us. I feel as if I know her~
    Again, sending you much love and hope.

    • Wow – it’s so nice to hear from someone close by, and I am so glad that I was able to share Morgan with you. I know if she were still with us she would still be making a difference in other peoples lives, but now she is having to do it through her father and I instead.

      Thank you so much for sending us love and hope – some days are better than others, and tonight was a night I really could use it.

      • Glad I could send you a virtual smile tonight. This last year has been very “trying” for my family as well…it’s the small things that matter the most sometimes. I think Morgan continues “her work” everyday through her loving parents…and you are doing a wonderful job. Stay strong…I am not in your shoes, and it’s very easy for me to say, but your love and faith will get you through.
        I look forward to reading your entries every day…I just know this has a positive ending at some point. And I hope it makes our local law enforcement take a second look at how they operate!
        Just as a side note…I have had some “connections” with our local funeral homes, coroners and such over the past 20 years or so, and when my father passed this last November, his request was to have his affairs be handled through a WONDERFUL business in Craig. See, my parents assisted at one of these local funeral homes and saw mishandling that was shocking. It’s amazing how little respect, care and diligence is provided to people when they need it the most. The sloppiness just trickles down from there.
        Remember, Chin up…or you are always looking down!

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