Non-Consensual Tracking


Information from the Confidential Address Program – if you are a victim of stalking, check your own state for that program, it is a very powerful resource.

Non-consensual tracking (NCT) is “the monitoring of a person’s location without their consent.” 

The increase in personal tracking devices (e.g., Airtags, Tiles, etc.) may increase NCT risks for victims of stalking and other crimes. An online token from provides information about NCT and ways to prevent it. You can find it at:

There is a TED talk about stalker-ware with tips to protect yourself. You can find it at:


1 thought on “Non-Consensual Tracking

  1. Thanks for sharing this info. I never thought about someone planting a tracker device without someone elses knowledge. We had a tile once and it barely worked. I assumed most were junk. Technology: good being used for evil.

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