Our precious Morgan…

Today is another hard day – looking through so many pictures of Morgan, from the moment she was born till her short 20 years of life ended…she was always such a happy bright light in our family and it’s not fair that some obsessed evil person(s) can take her life from her. Living with this intense pain in my heart is something I would never wish upon any other parent – ever!

We will never give up – they hope we will, but it will never happen.


4 thoughts on “Our precious Morgan…

  1. I am truly touched by this story. Not just a memory or story, but once a life of a beautiful young girl who’s future memories were shattered from all those who adored and were inspired by what shoe brought to their hearts. She is now riding her bicycle with her hair blowing in the wind, big smile on her face and sign language interpreted as “FREEDOM.” The only one touching her soul now is the ALMIGHTY KING OF LOVE. Continue staying focused and everyday write an email and send it every single day until a reply is received to president TRUMP. Instructions are on GOOGLE for how to email the president. NEVER GET DISCOURAGED AND TRULY REMEMBER SHE IS NOT THE SAD OR THE SELFISH. The selfish are those who wish not a better place for her . Suffering truly is not being surrounded by perfection. She will be waiting with open arms at those golden gates , and it is your job to make sure u unequivocally earn your spot as well. Best wishes, always and respectfully, KIMBERLY

  2. I find myself drawn to Morgan and your beautiful family. I have your blog as a bookmark to constantly pray that someday you will find the truth and the evil person or persons that murdered beautiful Morgan will get what they deserve. Stay strong and know people are still praying for you and Morgan. God bless you!

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