Morgan and her puppy Wylah May in August 2011

Morgan posted this picture of her new little puppy Wylah May yesterday, August 2, 2011 – she was so excited to have her very own dog…we didn’t know on this day that their time together would not be very long.

My heart breaks now, every time I look through Morgan’s computer at all the things she saved, every single day, till the day she died.  She was always so busy, always researching, learning, taking pictures, and enjoying life – even while her stalker(s) tried taking that from her.

6 thoughts on “Morgan and her puppy Wylah May in August 2011

  1. I have lived in this valley over thirty-five years , and this is the first time I have truly been shaken to my core with an event so horrendous . I feel you pain as a mother . I hope there is someway to bring this story to the national attention and make it a strong memorial to your beautiful daughter ,Morgan, with her zest for life and her love of family.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. Having kids, your daughter’s age, this frightens me beyond words. I think a huge chunk of blame should be placed on law enforcement. With social media these days you know the stalker was blatantly bragging online. Is it b/c it’s so obvious that it’s couldn’t be this person? So many cases like this & LE still tip toe around these nuts in fear of a lawsuit? I can’t believe they didn’t install cameras & such with all the evidence YOU had….

    • RB Butler – The Sheriff Detective put up 2 wildlife cameras but according to them the cameras never took a picture – what is that all about? One time we even had footprints in the snow walking directly in front of one of their cameras and when they checked it they said there were no pictures because the batteries were dead!

  3. I am new to the site. I am wondering which way to navigate it so I start at the beginning and get all. I started on day 1 and just keep going to next, should that do it? What a gorgeous photo! I have never thought about stalking and how it would feel to experience that. I only heard about Morgan’s story today, and already I have been touched very deeply. I am researching stalking and how to help if it happening to someone you know.

    • At the top of the blog there is a button that says day one Morgan’s stalking and if you click on that and continue to the next blog and then to next all the way to the end you will have gotten through everything. Thank you for wanting to learn more and become an advocate of anti-stalking. The more people that understand and the more awareness of the seriousness will save another person somewhere down the line. Thank you!

  4. Toni, I watched your story today on Dr. Phil when I came across it on YouTube. I wanted to let you know that you and your family have my prayers and my deepest sympathy. Having been suicidal myself as a teenager, I know the signs of it, and this beautiful young woman had none. It is terrifying to me that police have such ‘tunnel vision’ on cases. Once they believe that they know what happened, they stop looking for the truth and instead go on their own theories. I look forward to reading your blog beginning to end, and being able to share valuable information with my family and hopefully one day with my future children. I know in my heart that God has your precious daughter wrapped in His loving arms. Please accept my condolences.

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