December 23, 2011 – Day 22 of Morgan’s investigation – What a coincidence

morgantreeThe detectives were quick to change their mind about a Coroners Inquest the next time we saw them.  Obviously they had talked with someone and now it was not a simple easy thing to do.  In fact it may have never been done in Garfield County, at least not anytime in recent memory.

So basically it was not an option, we would need doctors, specialists and Trey Holt would be very upset if we tried, in fact the order would have to come from Trey Holt as he is the Coroner.

The holidays were coming up and it really had us questioning our ability to forge on without Morgan.  Steve and I were focused on the grandchildren, and trying to let out the happy memories of Morgan, there were so many, and for that we were so very blessed and shall always be.  Morgan’s cousins went out into the forest and had cut us down a small little pine tree and made all handmade ornaments all by themselves.  All little ballerina fairies (to represent Morgan) out of construction paper, glitter, popsicle sticks and all kinds of arts and crafts that they had lying around.  Morgan I’m sure was smiling right beside them…she loved making crafts.  They also made little swedish baskets out of construction paper with little individual notes in them that Steve and I could read on Christmas morning – they were notes to Morgan about the things they loved the most about her.  There was so much love wrapped in that little tree that I couldn’t help smile every time I looked at it – even though my heart was telling me it didn’t think it could celebrate any holidays anymore without Morgan.  Morgan’s Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins that had spent so many hours working on this for Steve and I were a bunch of the most loving and special people in the whole world!  And we could never thank them enough!

Today is February 5, 2013 – And on that same day a person of interest, a suspect, the prime suspect, take your choice, was pulled over in Glenwood Springs by the Glenwood Springs police department. Now remember the Glenwood Springs Police Department is a different jurisdiction.  By the time they had finished searching his car he would be charged with a few more charges than he was facing when he was first pulled over on a warrant.

When we found out about this arrest it would be much later, and we would immediately raise the point that he had been given glowing reports, squeaky clean references and here he was up to his eyeballs in charges.

As usually happens in these kinds of things we were told they were willing to drop the charges of theft by receiving for a guilty plea on the drug charges.  He was serving probation so something had happened.

Out of it all of this all we cared about was the story that he had been to a cash for gold store in Glenwood, and sold someone’s valuables, which had been given to him by someone else, hence the theft by receiving.  The nuances of law were explained to us at length.

It was also after we had visited doctors in California who had completely different interpretations of how Morgan had come to die that night.  So Steve looked at the cash for gold store sale with disbelief.  He said nobody would go to a cash for gold store a dozen miles away and sell Morgan’s things a few weeks after they had been involved in her death – this was too crazy.

But of course we went there anyway after consulting with one of Steve’s friends on the inner workings, legally, of a cash for gold place in Colorado.  The people at the place were friendly and helpful.  We showed them a picture of KVG and they instantly recognized him as a regular customer.  But as for the jewelry sold that day, frantic searches through stacks of papers in various places yielded a copy of his license, but nothing else.  There was nothing to see.

At least it was a lead and we had followed up on it.  Of course parents of the deceased are probably not the first choice to be collecting evidence of this kind.  I was just so starved for answers at that time, I had to know.  But if Morgan’s jewelry was part of that sale, or of the sale before it or the sales after from their “regular customer” we probably will never know, because that part was not investigated.

It’s maddening I know, trust me.  I asked Detective Rob a hypothetical question about this.  I wondered if they were serving a warrant on his house and in the search found things of Morgan’s would that prove it?  And he said, No, he could just say someone gave it to him, wouldn’t prove anything.  I wonder about that, because if I was on a jury and these facts were presented to me I would take it very seriously, that would be a really big coincidence for me to just ignore.  But maybe I am the only one that thinks this is just too peculiar, just like the many other things we have found out over the past year.

I welcome your feelings and ideas on Morgan's Stalking