Trust me – Hollywood is a lot harder than it looks!

I was unaware, but I guess a few of you were busy asking the Dr. Phil Show to share their thoughts on the story of Morgan’s Stalking.  They spoke with me, and then asked others to be on the show to give them a chance to tell their side.  Unfortunately, no one would agree but then ? and ?’s dad did agree to be on the show.

Well – I had to miss work for a few days, and am now furiously, but without any complaints scrambling to catch up.  Steve and I were in Los Angeles since Friday, guests of the Dr. Phil show.  They are all amazing people, and work so hard at what they do, and I assure you both Steve and I were humbled to watch them all at their craft.  We met so many people we want to thank for what they did on behalf of our daughter Morgan.

Monday November 12, the episode will air and I honestly don’t know what it will come across as, but I hope you can all see it.  Showing the world what Morgan was really like has always been a goal of her blog, and it does get lost at times.  Her cousin Camille and Dr. Dobersen had a brief chance to tell their feelings about Morgan and I thank both of you two sooo much!

Please don’t hold back, tell everyone you know about the show, and as always, feel free to comment, good or bad, after you have had a chance to see it.  Steve and I have never been on TV once before, a few seconds on CBS Denver news,  but for Morgan, and all the other stalking victims out there, we would do anything.   We both are feeling more than a little self-conscious about how we will look on the show right now – but I know I can’t think about that.

Finally, with all of the best wishes Steve and I can ever express – thanks to Lindy and Sam and Alex and of course Dr. Phil, I had never met him before, we met on stage and I think he is a really wonderful man…no wonder all of his employees love working for him.

Daddy and I miss you dearly Morgan!  But we are happy a lot of people will get a chance to meet you, not in person, but perhaps the next best thing – this coming Monday.

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  1. Really excited to see it!! Thank you for writing to me to tell me about it Toni! And I know you will look beautiful on TV 🙂

    • Thanks Amanda – that is so sweet of you…I decided before the show it doesn’t matter what we look like as long as Morgan’s story gets out and others get some help from knowing what happened to her. Cross your fingers that there will be enough attention from it that an investigation gets opened and the truth is unveiled.

  2. Oh that is great! I sent a link to your faceook page last month to Dr Phil and Nancy Grace, I am sure others did too as it is definitly a mystery that need to be investigated! I am happy and hope this sparks outrage at the LE in your area and forces an investigation! Prayers are sent your way!

      • I don’t know… Nancy Grace does not have credibility in the eyes of a lot of the public. Her attention to Morgan’s case could work against it.

      • I called the hotline 1877 626-2901 you can leave a short message, I just said they should check out Morgans Stalking on fb or check on That it was a stalking story that ended in a death and needed investigating.

    • I pray every day that this investigation gets opened – I hope this will help it. When the Dr. Phil show called they said they had so many people contact them and they wanted to know what was going on. I think all of you made a big difference because Steve and I were so caught up in everything else going on we never had time to contact anyone – so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    • Thank you so much for your prayers and for sending the information in to the Dr. Phil show – every one of you have made big strides for Morgan with all the things you have done.

  3. Hi Toni, I was one of many that sent an email to the Dr Phil show about your situation. I will be honest I was a little worried at the time that I may he over stepped by contacting the show on your behalf but I knew I wasn’t alone. I’m so glad they were listening! I just watched the preview and I’m going to tell as many people as possible to tune in.
    I’m so glad your getting the media attention you and Morgan deserve. I really hope that this is the turning point you need in Morgan’s case.

    Much love from Canada


    • Dear S from Canada – thank you so very much for doing that. Whether or not something comes out of the show is important but the fact that people like you did this for us to help Morgan is so very important to us and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts…we couldn’t be as fierce and strong without all of you.

  4. This brings tears to my eyes. I’m so happy and relieved for some reason. Finally some recognition.

    • Cheyenne I know how you feel- I cried and cried. It gets so exhausting on a daily basis trying to get the word out and trying to get an investigation open that I just pray Steve and I can eventually take a break and have LE take over. Thanks for all your help behind the scenes I can feel in my heart what you have done for us. Can’t hide 🙂

  5. I just wanted to share my support for you. It takes alot of courage to share your story especially on the internet. Unfortunately – your family and every word you write will be put under the microscope. All I can say is to stay tough and hopefully you will find the justice that you are looking for.

    • Karrie – what you say is true and I am sure 1/2 the people out there that don’t know us will think we are crazy people but the other 1/2 will know we are just parents that love our children and not only want to get justice for our daughter, but want to help all other daughters, sisters, aunts, mothers, cousins, friends – everyone else out there that are victims from having to suffer like this. Laws can be changed, protocols can be changed, people can stand up for each other and make a change, so even though every word and every expression will be put under a microscope I pray people will see the truth and not the lies and this predator will be eventually arrested along with those who helped him get away with it so far.

  6. I really hope that eyes will be opened to the truth, if your blog saves one single would be victim and a family from all of the grief you and your family have suffered, then you have done a great service to all those who are reading this and see it on TV. I hope laws on stalking get changed, and when it does change I hope they call it Morgans Law. Your beautiful daughter will live on forever and with in the changes in laws will help many victims.

    • It would be wonderful if laws changed and it would be great if it were called Morgan’s Law but I think that will take a long time so I am bracing myself for a marathon.

  7. What great news – so glad I’m off work on Tuesday to watch it & hope this jumpstarts the opening of Morgan’s murder. So hope you get some answers

  8. I don’t much like the dr phil show but for this story i will watch. Hopefully it will help the hand of justice close one more finger, putting the squeeze on those responsible, from her stalker to those who have helped him all the way up to the corrupt government employees that have helped with a cover up. My heart and thoughts are with you.

  9. Wonderful news. I hope those of us not in the US will be able to watch somehow. I would dearly love to watch the story. So Toni, ? and ?’s dad were on the show?? If so I hope they were able to give you much needed information.

    • Yes they were on the show and as you will see when you watch it – they did nothing less then I expected THEY LIED. But I didn’t think for a moment that they would come on the show and implicate themselves, but the best part is that they did come on the show so now it has all been recorded

  10. Toni /Steve.. This is so good! Good…over sad. Glad this is ongoing, and I just texted daughter/ Katherine to tell her this has come about, as she had hoped. Would like to see you both when things ever slow down…and meanwhile extra hugs, as December draws near.
    xxo ~linda (Neville) Swanson [You have my email /we’ll talk]

    • Thanks Linda – we will get together. It has been so crazy busy for us with everything happening and everything we have to get done that we haven’t had any time to come up for air, but we will and I will email you.

    • I’m sorry – I wish I could figure it out for you. Look on your local listings for Monday I think it plays in the later afternoon.

  11. I’m with everyone else on team Morgan, very pleased that finally her story will be heard by more and more, this is sure to bring real attention to her case and more pressure for a real investigation. Sooo very exited, and trust and believe me when I tell you, we’ve seen you in your news interview and you’re as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.

    • Hollie that is soooo sweet of you to say. But I keep remembering this is all about justice for Morgan and helping all other stalking victims so whatever people think of me or Steve can’t effect us. I feel so much stronger know Team Morgan and Morgan’s army of Angels, and everyone one else is behind us. The truth will come out!

  12. Excited to see it! Glad we have a TV at work. I signed the petition and had my boyfriend sign it too. We wish you and your husband the best of luck.

  13. Wow! I had no idea they air shows in such a timely manner… I always assumed they were back logged for weeks. I’m so looking forward to watching and learning more about Morgan. Prayers to you and Steve!

    • I know at first they said it would probably air within 3 weeks and then on our way back to Colorado they said it was airing on Monday – I was quite shocked.

  14. Wonderful news! I’ve set my DVR and will let other know. I’m also happy you had a positive experience at Dr. Phil’s.

  15. Glad Morgans’ story is going to get National exposure.Now,if Dateline or one of those types of shows can pick it up too,it just might be the break you and Steve need to finally get to the truth about your daughters stalking and death.I so hope this helps you both get there-for your sakes and Morgans.

    • Anne – I hope your words are heard. Help is exactly what we need right about now and Dr. Phil was really wonderful so cross your fingers.

  16. that is awesome news! I am sure you and Steve will look great on TV!
    I have to work on Monday. I hope we can still see the episode some how?
    I hope they open some eyes with the show!!

    • Yes – I hope a lot of people see it. I hope a lot of people can see the truth and see that an investigation needs to be opened.

  17. That is so awesome! Back when I first started reading your blog I sent in a brief email to the Dr. Phil show asking them to help you. I saw others mention it as well. I hope something can come of it. Can’t wait to see it and hope it opens more doors for an investigation.

    • Thank you so much because of what you did – along with the others that wrote in the difference was made and we were on the show. See this just goes to show how if everyone did just one little thing we could all move mountains together! Thank you so much!

  18. I too am thrilled but cautious. Something is telling me that ? and ? dad will paint the Ingram’s as not being able to accept suicide type crap. That is what will come out of their mouths. (I called it first) Just stating this so all will be ready to watch and be upset too. They have not done themselves (? and ? Dad) any favors by being on the show. As a matter of fact, I’m gong to go off my gut instinct and say, this will be ? downfall to get this case opened.

    • You are right, and there will be many lies from that side, but that never stopped. What do you usually see when people, or for that fact animals, are backed into a corner? They usually become ferocious, and that is what we are going to get more and more of moving forward, but that is to be expected. I never once thought they would just roll over and tell the truth.

  19. We believe and so is the world..congratulations Morgan is smiling ear to ear from up above. Love and happiness!

    • GH this link really helped me when I put it my state it showed all the listings for the Dr. Phil show times – Thanks!

  20. For those of you who have seen this preview …. was it online? Anyone have a link to share?

    Toni & Steve: when I read this, a huge gust of wind swept through my backyard and blew thousands of leaves round my house. I smiled ear to ear; I’ve asked those I was close to that have passed to look after Morgan and I felt this was their way of saying, “See, we got her back.”

    Keep holding strong …

  21. It bothers me that you’re worried about how you will be perceived. I can’t wait to watch but in going to be livid if it’s not in your favor. The facts are there and if there’s nothing to hide then why not reopen the case!?!?! This makes me so frustrated did you. There’s. Huge place in my heart fog your fanily and Morgan. I live here in the valley and actually worked at konnyaku during this time. I know some people who knew Morgan or knew of her and they only said wonderful things about her. You and Steve are dear to my heart. My I’ve goes out to you, I hope IOU finally get the peace you need. Sooner rather than later.

    • Of course it bothers us a little. and we wish more then anything that we didn’t have to keep getting more and more exposure for this, but we really do not have a choice – no one has opened the investigation and so we continue on with all methods of communication to try to get it open and spread the word to help others. It is not about how Steve and I will be perceived it’s all about Morgan and all the other victims out there that need things changed in order to get help will be viewed.

      • Toni you and Steve will perceived as desperate parents seeking justice and truth for an unfathomable injustice and tragedy. You will be seen as parents who are grieving an unimaginable loss and working to find one simple thing….the truth. IF it was suicide, you would rest easier, no matter how hard that would be to accept. IF it was “natural causes” you would be left with a million “whys???” but you would come to accept it. That is all there is missing. Truth. This blog, your bravery in telling your story publicly, pursuing answers from those who should provide them and have refused, that was the first step and should have been enough. This is the next big step, and with God’s blessing, this step may be the final one YOU have to initiate to eventually get to the truth. Nobody knows how long this road will be, how many detours you will take, or how many steps, each more difficult than the previous, you will have to take. But your love and devotion to Morgan, and your determination to find the truth in this hell of misinformation, lies, omissions and indifference WILL pay off. And we will continue to be your army, guided by your Angel, seeking nothing less than the singular victory of truth. Love and blessings. Peace. Don’t worry. THIS is a good thing. – Valerie

        • Thank you Valerie – the truth will come out eventually and I know that it will probably take a long time I just keep pushing for sooner rather than later but you and all the others helping are the biggest singular thing that will help it become sooner. Morgan’s army of angels is amazing!

  22. What TV channel and time will the Dr. Phil show air for the USA Eastern time zone? Thank you, Linda

  23. That is wonderful news. Some much needed media attention….next is Dateline, 20/20…etc. 😉 I am making a note to watch the show. Thankfully, in my city, they air it again in the evening.

  24. That is so swesome! I cannot wait to see it. I set my DVR last night when I seen the post from Love Tay Botique. Stay strong.. I feel the beginning of getting justice for Morgan is just around the corner. xoxo
    Jen from TN

  25. I won’t miss the show! I’m so glad your situation will be going national! Makes my skin crawl everyday knowing the stalker is out there still.

    • Amanda me too – I know the stalker will not stop he can lay low for now (which is good) but eventually he will be compulsive and need to do it again so he needs to be investigated and stopped

  26. Such great news! Not only do I pray for you and your family, but pray for those involved to find a way in their heart to help you find the answers that you need. I hope this message finds its way to the Aspen Times, Aspen Daily News, and Glenwood Post so the valley is watching!

    • I believe it will and KDNK will be starting a Public Announcement Series on their radio show and their website starting this Monday as well to help raise awareness for people in this valley.

  27. Tina & Steve…..WOW!

    This is a huge step! Thank you for your voice speaking for all us who have been seriouslly stalked, myself being one.

    I have gone through the frustrating law and judical system re. stalking….mine was caught only to a viligeant neighbor. I went to his court hearing – it was a joke. My stalker told me his next move was he was going to come in my home and visit me..(more explict), thankfully he was caught 2 days later. These stalkers are sick and serious to do this in the first place. And to have others join in on the stalking – they all need to be in court and accused as any other serious crime!

    And the stand and voice you are fighting in Morgan’s name is very heartfelt. Most of us never even knew her or of her. But through your words and seeing her pictures, her gracious, young face shows a sweet spirited and kind person she must have been. I am sure she is singing in Heaven and also so proud of you..her Mom & Dad for doing so much work on her cause. Her death and investigation was a shame and really does need to be opened up and reviewed. It is sad you have to fight this hard to do that with the excellent records you have kept of such poor police and coroner work,

    And soon…I feel strong there will an end to the this fight you have had to endure with so many local authorities. You deserve to know the truth about your daughter…and why the process was not followed the way it should have been,

    I hope who ever did this stalking speaks up and puts some peace to this.

    I will be watching the show and am so proud of the strength you have to keep carrying on!

    I also wrote Dr. Phil and I was very surprised and happy with their quick response to the case. I am glad they treated you well….and this just has to be a start to getting the case opened and answers you so deserve.

    Hugs ~


    • MM – thank you so much again for being one of the people that contacted Dr. Phil and again for being such a great supporter and also for telling your story – I know that part i really tough.

      • Why didnt they do a lie deterctor test on the girl you thougt killed Morgan? Loved the show by the way!!

  28. Dr. Phil usually airs at 4 pm on the east coast. I really am not a fan of Dr. Phil, Nancy Grace because they only care about ratings however it is the nature of the beast, one must indulge them in order to bring attention to this case. That ole Catch 22 at work.

    If Dr. Phil did get ? and her dad on tape telling their side this is a good thing because there will be a record of their statement. Which could be a good thing in Justice for Morgan.

    • I have to say Dr. Phil is a really intelligent and nice man and his staff really trusts in him so I am crossing my fingers.

      I couldn’t agree more – I think you hit the nail on the head. I think they will have a lot of explaining to do based on their answers on TV once LE gets involved.

  29. Been reading for awhile and just got caught up. It’s a good thing for Dr. P to pick this story up and run it. I can’t wait to see watch it as I seen a preview of the show. And it’s quite interesting. Good Luck.

    • Here in California, set your DVR’ to record on Nov 12th, @ 3pm, Channel 2 (here), I know that myself and our local “chapter” of Team Morgan will ALL be watching!! I wouldn’t be worried about ?’s Dad, and just to clear it up, her and K, don’t have the same father, it kind sounded as if a few people thought that K’s Dad & ? ‘s dad are one on the same. K’s dad is not on the show, correct? I’m very surprised his lovely mother didn’t want to make an appearence… Since “a fool’s face, like his name, is always appearing in a public place.” All of our love & respects.

  30. I think the most important thing is the bright light will be shone on the fact that the LE officers in your area are lazy do-nothings. Hopefully, Dr Phil will take hold of this and run with it. And it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t believe it is who you believe it is, as long as he will get the case open and them actively looking for where the evidence leads! That’s what’s important–what is true! Convicting the wrong person would be insult to injury because the real culprit would get away free and someone not responsible would be ruined. Praying they open the investigation and WORK tirelessly until they find Morgan’s killer(s)!

    • I agree absolutely – I would only want the real killer(s) convicted as well as accomplices. Thank you Mimi!

  31. I’m with Ann also, Dateline & 48 Hours (who I know a few peopled have written to), both have independent teams of investigators ( seasoned & retired, therefore no agenda) that look into unsolved/mysterious cases, it would be a blessing if one of them would gain interest in Morgan’s Story. Toni, if you haven’t, maybe you should write them, I bet your asking would have moore validity than all of ours, just a thought.

  32. Good idea but for now I do trust Dr. Phil so I have to wait to see what he will do – he has put a lot in to this…cross your fingers.

  33. I am so glad!! YES, (I wanted this and others for you too) will be watching!!!! Love and Light!! Justice for Morgan!!

  34. I watched the Dr. Phil show today and I was very touched by your story. Just by what I have read and watched, there is more to this story I am sure. One thing I know for a fact, that girl had something to do with this. I can read people really good and that girl knows something and it would not surprise me if she is the one involved. I hope you justice finds you, but if it doesnt, karma always does.

  35. Tina.

    I saw the show today and this was the first time I’ve really watch the Dr. Phil show or have heard about your families story. I would have to agree that something does not add up about this tragic situation that has occured. It does seem that ? does have something to do with the situation, but will not say anything. I get that feeling as to watching her body language from today’s show. If ? had not had direct interaction with the situation at hand, I do strongly feel that ? may no more then what is being led on. I do think that if you need further support in any way please feel free to let me know how I can help. Senidng emails, or doing phone calls. I’d be happy to help support in any way possible. I would do the same if it was my little girl.

    I can not get over how no one has done anything about the video tapes and the recordings that you had take at your home. That right here should have been the way to keep this case and investagation going. Maybe hiring your own private investagtor will hopefully help break the case open to be reopened. Just a thought.

    Prayers to you and your family.

  36. Loved the show! But why didnt they do a lie detecter test in the other girl you thought that killed Morgan?

  37. Loved the show!!! But why didnt they do a lit detector test on the girl that you thought killed Morgan?

  38. Why didnt they do a lie detector test on the girl you thought killed Morgan? But loved the show!!

  39. If ? was innocent she would have said “No, I had nothing to do with her death” instead she replies with “Show me the proof”. Good move ?! How can you deny that was said now? I am very disturbed that Dr. Phil did not pick up on that and have her take a polygraph. Did you notice she never looked anyone in th eye when speaking? She was looking down when she replied to questions.

    I also would like to know more about the facebook page.

  40. Toni and Steve a friend referred me to your blog about a week ago and I have read every post and I know this has to be so hard. I also watched the Dr. Phil episode today and I agree that you all have a case and whether K and ? were/are the stalkers they are some how involved…I also think the neighbor guy that you mention several times is involved. I pray that you all get justice for Morgan. Please continue to post your story.

  41. I just watched the show before going to work. Quite frankly, you were exploited by the show whether you realize it or not. Dr. Phil has done similar shows and offered a polygraph to the accusers. Where was the offer? He has asked tough questions of the accusers. Where were those tough questions? A passed or failed polygraph could have done so much to resolve this issue either way. He seemed to have already decided the outcome of the show, and gave you no assistance that might contradict it.

  42. Hi. I’m not sure if I’m writing this in the correct place, but I just wanted to tell you that I saw your segment on the Dr. Phil show. My girlfriend and I were watching it together and we both had the same thought. If that girl who stalked Morgan, the one who was on the show, did not participate in the actual murder……she definitely knows who did. My girlfriend and I agreed that something is not right with her and her father and also agreed that Dr. Phil seemed to side with those two over you and your husband which annoyed us to no end. We really wanted to see him grill those other two so we could see their mannerisms and body language when they answered questions as well see what their actual responses would be. One thing I want to know is…….did they perform a polygraph test on the daughter and the father? I would love for that guy that Dr. Phil uses all the time, to administer one of those to them AND the kid that didn’t show up to the show. That also raised our eyebrows that he didn’t appear. Doesn’t look good for him nor his family. I really really really hope that justice prevails for you, your family, and for Morgan. I’ll be checking in on your blog and I’m proud of you for keeping it up despite Dr. Phil’s recommendation to take it down. That was the right thing to do. God bless and take care!

    • Answer to your question is no – not that I know of and thank you so much for your support…the truth will come out especially when an investigation is finally launched.

  43. I’m so sorry for your loss. I watched the Dr Phil episode and was very disappointed in the way Dr Phil handled it. He did not question the girl or her father in a way that I have seen him do in previous shows. He seemed bias. He did not ask about a polygraph and seemed as though he made up his mind that they were innocent. The girl could not look straight in your eyes or Dr Phil’s..she looked away when she answered any questions. If she didn’t do it, she must know what happened and is covering up for someone.

    Prayers are with you and your family. Don’t give up hope! I truly believe it will come out what happened and those involved will pay one way or the other. You have a lot of supporters rooting and praying for you!

  44. I dont think the Dr. Phil show did your story any justice. I watched the show and came away from it thinking that this was all in your mind and you were just seeing and hearing things because you were hyper- vigilant at the time, and that you are just looking for someone to blame, in your grief. After reading the entire blog in 2 days ( i couldnt stop reading it) and seeing the video footage, it seems evident something was going on. I got a sick feeling in my stomach seeing those videos. I think Dr. Phil really dropped the ball on this one. Why didnt he show any of the video footage on his show?, or have any of the investigating officers on?

    • I know he tried to get any of them on but they would not do it…do you blame them? It would have probably been really, really bad for them to be on.

  45. I commented earlier, right after seeing the show. I was about to leave for work and didn’t have a lot of time. You are so gracious to thank Dr. Phil after being on the show. It was good that you got to share your story, or I would have never known. But, honestly, that is all the thanks Dr. Phil deserves. He tried to make you look like a bad person. He implied your daughter used alcohol and drugs. If she did, would that justify what happened to her? Of all the people supporting your blog, he found and AIRED one critic. He barely asked the other people any questions that would explain their relationship to your family.
    I am a 41 years old teacher. I was stalked and my entire family was terrorized when I was 23 years old. It went on for a year, until one female judge finally got the case in her court and put my stalker away for a year. For one year of punishment, I have a lifetime of emotional damage. You and your family need justice AND psychological healing. Dr. Phil did not appear to offer you either one. Your airing is and was the last time I watched his show.

    • Dawn I am so sorry you had to live through that – thank you for being so brave as to share your story.

      I believe every story helps future women, girls, boys, men, all humans by raising awareness of the problems with stalking – it can’t be thought of anymore as though it is no big deal – it is a huge under reported crime, and law enforcement officers across the globe have not been educated enough at this time to really deal with it. We need to bring back humanity into law enforcement so they realize the have to protect stalking victims.

  46. Toni,
    I, like some of the others, don’t watch Dr. Phil but I recorded your episode after seeing the preview. I agree with Dr. Phil being bias. ? and ? gave me a creepy gut feeling when I seen them and their half grins. Seems like enough proof by their actions. (at least for a polygraph).. Also, I would like to say this is my first time on your blog and I disagree with Dr. Phil you should not delete this blog I think it is amazing what you are doing for your daughter on a regular bases (writting about her).
    I wanted to point out to everyone and to tell you and your husband, by this blog and your appearance on the show I do not believe there is any signs of suicide. Most suicides that involves people with close family or living with family or having loved ones leaves some type of note or letter. I wonder why no one would have touched on this.

    My prayers are with your family.

    I will be watching for an outcome from a future investigation.

    • I am so sad. I watched the Dr. Phil Show and can say I am extremely disappointed. The way they smirked and smiled at times was extremely frustrating. WHY didn’t he at least offer ? a lie detector tests to prove ?’s innocence like he does for so many other cases? I keep waiting and waiting for him to ask the important tough questions and they never came. What was up?! I have always loved watching the Dr. Phil show and can honestly say I will not tune in any longer after this episode. I am extremely disappointed with the way the show went. I wish you the absolute best and PLEASE keep pushing forward…do not take down your blog or stop fighting…because something is not right-and that girl was definitely involved; she smiles cause she thinks she’s getting away with it…so far

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