September 20, 2011 – Day 50 of Morgan’s stalking – Have We Scared Him Off?

I can’t believe it has now been 50 days of stalking, and it has not yet ended – we are wondering out loud now, “Have we scared him off?”

Morgan sends a text message to her teacher, “I might be a little late.”

Everything seemed a little better.  It was such a different experience for me, but now anytime I wanted, I could sit in front of the monitor, and watch outside our house in six rectangles, all sides at once, driveway, back patio, side yards.  It’s all quiet, then a bird flys by one camera, and then I see the same bird frolicking on the next camera.  This is too good to be true.  Why did we wait so long to put up these kind of cameras? This is great – I wrote in my day-runner.

At 5:08 pm Steve sends a text to Morgan, “Just left for Aspen with your Mom, she forgot her phone so I will text you when we are heading home.”  Morgan answers, “Thanks.”  At 6:21 pm Steve sends Morgan a picture of the menu from the restaurant we were in. “Would you like us to bring a salad home?” And Morgan answers, “HaHa, I love you guys, I’m good though, thanks.”

We talked to Morgan on the phone later to coordinate when she would come home. Our guard was not lowered at all, but the stress level had been cut considerably.

(Police reports later show the “suspect” was not working this evening.  On 9.20.2011 he worked from 12:58 am – 6:08 am & then from 6:38 am – 10:33 am)

Morgan outside

Morgan having a moment


Today September 18, 2012 – If you have been following the blog you know that a lot has been happening lately.  Our weekend was over in the snap of a finger.  Friends have been calling to see how we are holding up – we have learned to smile and tell them, “We are fine” it’s always easier then explaining how we truly feel.  Steve and I look at each other and shrug, we are not going to stop, so whatever happens we just have to find a way to welcome it.


Last night we did take a break.  Steve took me out to Konnyaku, a restaurant in Carbondale, it was one of Morgan’s favorite restaurants, she would never turn down an invitation from us to meet there for lunch or dinner.  It was like cheating when we wanted to steal her away from her friends for a little time to talk.

But we haven’t been there since Morgan was killed.  As you have all guessed, there have been a lot of tears for Steve and I.  We are learning to live with them much better now, and we have even begun to appreciate the “happy tears,” the ones that fill our hearts with hope, and last night was a one of the few occasions Steve and I have had a “happy tear moment” We promised each other that there will be many more.

Morgan draws a heart

Morgan drew hearts everywhere

It was really tough to be at Konnyaku at first, just like old times and yet to know Morgan would never be there in body, only in spirit, but it was really great to have some hugs, and hear kind thoughts.  The complete surprise was when they brought out a sushi roll that was not round, it was pressed into a heart shape and they called it the ‘Morgan roll’ – we all had such happy tears!  Then they wouldn’t even let us pay for dinner!  Thank you Susan and Willie, that little break was much needed and your thoughtfulness will stay with Steve and I forever.

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42 thoughts on “September 20, 2011 – Day 50 of Morgan’s stalking – Have We Scared Him Off?

  1. Was there every any concern that someone could review your text messages somehow? It seems so much communication was done via text. Could they have taken a bill from your mailbox and gained access somehow, perhaps through parental controls or something? Im not even sure if this is possible, but just a thought.

    • B – Yes we were worried that maybe that is why someone was able to know when she would be home, but whenever we asked her to just call it never seemed to work. I never heard of getting control with a bill, and we do have a shredder that I used for anything sensitive, and usually kept every bill or did online billing. I really wish I had a better answer for you.

      The interesting part of what you just said is that last Tuesday when Steve went to roll our trashcan down to the street for trash pick up he thought it seemed rather “light” so he looked in it and all our trash was gone…what is that all about??? We are still trying to figure out why someone would do that to us now – it has never happened before in our whole lives!

      • From the outside, looking in, I have to say the trash missing is seems like a red flag. It may be that it is nothing, but surely it is very odd. This person or people terrorized your family. I know you have moved but it it sounds like not too far a distance that you don’t go to your old stomping grounds. I remember you saying the stalking was happening months before you realized it.

          • Good question – do you think maybe someone that has something to worry about from us and they are looking for notes or something?

        • Hi Tina, I’m the poster who mentioned you about having attended a training on stalking in CA and how there was a ton of info on technology and the ways stalkers use it. I just wanted to mention that it is completely possible for them to monitor text messages without ever having possession of the phone. At the training they even talked about how someone could remotely listen in and the phone could be turned into a listening device, even if it was turned off. I hope you are able to contact that detective and obtain a copy of the powerpoint – so far I haven’t had much luck!

          • I have an iPhone and and iPad and a MacBook and when I get a message on one…I get that message on all of them as they are linked and it just took a phone number and close proximity to pair them all.
            This is as far as I have read so far so I am not sure what the end is or what has happened; or if it has ended, but I got to this point and as I was reading the beginning and you mentioned the phone worry, it kept popping into my head about my text messages being shown on all of my devices. I also was able to track my husbands phone and he mine (in case we lost them) by an app called find my phone

        • I think it is a red flag but kind of silly – I usually shred important documents. Just one more thing I can’t worry about right now, but it is not normal that’s for sure.

          • I know this is going to sound paranoid especially after all you have been through but please, do not ignore the missing trash. It is one of the number one ways that stalkers find out information about their prey. It looks like trash to you, but it is loaded with info for a stalker. Do not leave your trash unattended, keep it in covered bins in your garage until trash day. If possible, make arrangements with the trash company to set up specific times for your trash to be picked up so that one of you has to hand the trash bin over to the garbage man.

      • Regarding the trash thing–

        The stalker would certainly be the primary concern. Also, K might have his own adherents looking to derail your efforts.

        However, maybe this blog, and the level of attention it’s gotten, has riled the feathers of a local official, who’s looking to avoid further embarrassment. Seems silly and far reaching and unlikely, but a remote possibility…

        Regardless, if something similar didn’t happen to your neighbors at the same time, I’d be concerned. That’s just fishy. Keep your guard up, and keep fighting the good fight, Ingrams!

        • I agree with Jeremy about the “feathers riled.” In a community where the good old boys are tightly knit, they watch out for one another, protect each other, and their families. This is one reason that I completely support term limits for elected officials. Even if an elected official is doing a good job, he/she should not remain in office mre than two terms. Beyond two terms, the official tends to “own” his seat, and believes he can do no wrong. From a fellow resident of Colorado, keep your chins up. Lots of us out here to help if needed.

  2. My heart is full of joy that you and Steve shared a nice evening out and were showed so much kindness. It must be of some comfort that there are still great people in our valley. I know it makes me feel good.
    Keep on swimming…wishing you hope and love.

    • I was so wonderful of them to do that for us, Morgan loved their food and so do we, and I truly believe that there are so very many wonderful people still that really care in this valley.

      We will keep on “swimming” don’t worry about that – it may be hard at times, but there really is no alternative. Thank you so much for wishing us hope and love – I can’t tell you how nice it is when we hear from someone in our valley.

  3. I will have to try Konnyaku next time I’m over. Makin me want some sushi. 🙂 I too am glad you both had an evening out! You deserve some R and R

  4. Hi Toni…I have been faithfully following your blog for about a week and got caught up last night for several hours. I found Ks facebook and looked at his friends. I didnt see ? but I did notice and older man sharing the same last name (father? Uncle?) on the list. The profile pic is of this man (I assume) and he is decked out in hunting gear, bow included. Not implying he should be a suspect, just an observation. And about his other friends on facebook…they have to know about Morgan right? Did they go to school together?

  5. I have been reading this blog for a few weeks now, and I just can’t get enough information. It’s so hard to know that this doesn’t end well. My heart goes out to your family. My family lost my younger brother at 18 due to an accident. It is the hardest thing we have ever gone through, and I can’t even imagine losing him in the way you lost Morgan. I know you’re doing the blog in mostly a timeline of what happened a year ago on these days, but my biggest wonder right now is whether your cameras ever caught him again, and how he managed to get in to the house unseen by them. My prayers are with you to find the justice you deserve and closure.

    • We did catch his image many times over that time period at all different times in the middle of the night and unfortunately the doors were not covered by the cameras so it was very possible to get him without a picture.

  6. Morgan seems like a truly beautiful person who saw beauty and love in the world around her. It’s nice that that is what people think of, when they remember her.

  7. Wouldn’t it be cool if Konnyaku coud put the Morgan roll up as a special and donate the proceeds to Morgan’s fund! Advertising and tax write off for them and money for the investigation???? I don’t know if they would be willing, but it seems like a win win!

    I have been faithfully reading this incredible blog since the holiday weekend. I grew up all over Garfield county and it is still to this day one of my favorite places on the planet. It kills me that something this evil is happening there. Thank you for your dedication to this blog. I hope that it will illicit a change in the current policies and perhaps the elected officials of the county that have clearly shown negligence in Morgans case.

    You two are amazing parents. Keep it up!

  8. I’m not sure how to private contact u. I’ve never posted before I’ve been reading for a few weeks now & my heart breaks daily for you & your family.

    That said, I just read about the trash. Huge red flags!!! My family believes in our 2nd amendment rights! But I just told a local law enforcement officer (we are garco cry as well), that we have several arms…but I’m not confident enough in the & I said I was interested in a tazor. He said they are a great option!!!

    Please look at your own safety as your tell more of your story. You can never be too safe…people who don’t want your story our due to their mistakes & those covering what they did. I’d recamera my house & start carrying something. Remember Colorado still has the make my day law. You can shoot them dead on your property. Just saying. Please be cautious. If my trash was missing I’d freak…especially when u have to wheel it out!

  9. Please put up those nanny cams or those 6 cameras that you guys had and invest in an alarm, trash taking where you guys are at is no joke, especially when other “odd” stuff is going on… That is not normal! I also will lend you guys my dog, I’m sure many of us will or get you guys in touch with the right people to get you one. They will protect you and will attack anyone who will endanger you guys, and will let you know when someone is there. Their nose is their sight!

    We have all fallen in love with your family through your words, all just through the picture you paint. It’s so real and I could only imagine! You guys are amazing & please stay safe!

    • You are so kind to offer your dog…because we have Tessi and Wylah, I don’t think that will work, but I think I am getting through to Steve and we will get more prepared on our end so we are not vulnerable. We are hyper-vigilant and we are keeping an eye on things – we have had offers of protection but I honestly think at the moment we are pretty prepared.

  10. Hi Toni and Steve
    Another follower here from Australia. Firstly I would like to say that I am so very sorry for your loss… Judging from the photos and stories you have shared of Morgan, she seemed like such a beautiful and talented soul, whose loss from the world has made it a little bit dimmer.. Secondly, I really hope you (or law enforcement!) catch whoever perpetrated this vile crime. I feel for you that there has been no resolution, and you must still invest so much of your energy in questioning, reassessing, churning all the info around and around. The perpetrator is still winning, and that makes me feel very sad for you. In saying that, I would hate for him to win further, and while i have absolutely no doubt that your suspicions are correct, I just wanted to bring to your attention the subject of defamation.. I’m not sure this has been mentioned before? Given that the US is such a litigious nation with very strong Internet defamation and libel laws, I fear that the mere mention of names on your blog could be cause for a lawsuit. Food for thought, and I hope you can seek some advice on the matter, or one of your readers has knowledge of the law and can advise, because I would would hate to hear that anything has come from you airing your suspicions.. which we should all feel free to be able to do but the law sometimes forbades it!
    With love and wishes for some closure for you both,

  11. First of all, my heart goes out to you and your family. This stalker didn’t just stalk Morgan, he stalked your whole family. Second, get a small metal trash can and burn all of your mail you don’t want anybody getting hold of. Is it possible this “person” is still stalking you and your husband? It’s brave of you to face this pain daily to have your voice heard. I applaud all of you your courage and strength, especially Morgan, may your family find the light at the end of the tunnel.

  12. With a bill, they would have your account number, name, address etc. that could give them access to make restrictions, or set up an online account for your account etc. Worth a call to the phone companies to see if anything was ever set up.
    Very strange about the trash. And like a PP said, it doesn’t sound like you moved all that far away. I think I would be high tailing it out of there. Shred everything, keep your trash in your garage or something. Whew.

  13. Tina,
    I have been following your blog and I am so very sorry for the loss of your daughter. The trash being gone is very scary when you think about all that has gone on. Have you considered that Morgan wasn’t the one actually being stalked but that this is about hurting YOU? Could you be the one being stalked and the stalker used your daughter to terrorize and hurt you? It just seems to me that it may be a possibility.

  14. I wouldn’t doubt that someone could have been tipping stalker off as to Morgans where abouts and other info! …but the fact is, he lived right there.. He could watch every move of your house.. When everyone comes and goes. He also, I’m sure saw that routine of her always coming home around 10 PM every night. He was aware of your family routine and knew when to make himself
    Comfortable on the roof.

    Did K have a job? When did he work? It almost seems like this stalker didn’t work. He’s always at your house at night and early morning and it even seems like during the day when no one was home.

    When did K make time to sleep? Was K’s car home when stalking was going on?

    It’s creeping knowing that every time Steve would run out to chase him, he was right there on roof just watching him.

  15. Concerning the trash discussion, in the movie Kiss the Girls, the stalker tells the victim in then end of the movie how he learned so much about her. Taking her trash at night and going through it. It’s very disturbing how he says it word for word in the movie.

    • So sorry I have never seen the movie “Kiss the Girls” but I will try to view it in the future…thanks for telling me about it. Going through the trash is something I had never thought of back then…but I do now. Our trash was accessible back then, so that could have been a possibility. But here is the thing, we know the neighbor girl, along with her male friend were Morgan’s stalkers, Morgan identified them and the sheriffs also knew. This girl was also friends with some people Morgan knew – so she probably got a lot more information about Morgan from those people than from our trash, but you never know. Also, just months after Morgan’s murder and after we had moved into another house our garbage was taken the night before trash pick up and our garbage can was not even close to the street – it was all the way up our driveway against the house…they took EVERYTHING out of the can. Now that is no coincidence!

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