Can technology help stop a stalker?

We live in an age of constant change – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the changes that are constantly unfolding, at such a fast pace, before our very eyes. Now, in order to get ahead of the criminals why not use technology like Familial DNA…  bluetooth cameras, alarm systems, etc. to stop a stalker?

Question is…

With new technologies emerging in our world, there are changes that can even out the playing field, when it comes to solving crime, so why not use those technologies to stop stalkers right in the beginning, before they have a chance to become lethal? It’s all about early intervention when it comes to stalking. And as “humans,” on this planet, why can’t we all pull together, and use the resources at our disposal in our fight against crime?

Ask yourselfhow can we change the playing field when it comes to stopping stalking? Early intervention is the key, so let’s get on the technology bandwagon, and utilize what is now available to us.


3 thoughts on “Can technology help stop a stalker?

  1. It’s not easy getting on the bandwagon though when you are not the one running the show (LE) and the ones running the show put up road blocks.

    • That is very true, but I believe in the voice of the people and if enough people talk about it, use it and push for it’s use I think LE will start using it more and more…many have already and now we just need to raise the awareness of cases that are ended with the use of early intervention and technology.

  2. I’m pushing for the Blue Wall of Silence being taken down. No more secrets about corrupt cops. They need to be brought to justice. Not just put out to retire, or move on to some other unsuspecting police agency. Remember the East area rapist aka Golden State killer? I believe LE knew all about what he was doing and by just keeping secrets (The Blue Wall) he goes onto kill more people.

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