Stalked & Murdered: How Do Medical Examiners Get It Wrong?

Many people that have never had to deal with an incompetent or down-right arrogant, and greedy pathologist. Unfortunately in our daughter’s murder case we have had to deal with just that.

Dr. Robert Kurtzman was, according to Colorado law at the time, responsible for Morgan’s death investigation and crime scene. He was given the corrected information about her body position, but instead of realizing at that time that this was most likely a staged crime scene, as he could see from her lividity that her body had been moved postmortem, he just told us it was a cut-and-paste error and then never corrected it. This was HUGE – we just didn’t know it at the time, as we are not pathologists or criminologists…just parents.

Because of Kurtzman’s ego driven refusal to correct his many mistakes in our daughter Morgan Ingram’s case, his negligent acts and omissions have made him responsible for medical malpractice and gross negligence. Families should not have to deal with pathologists like this when they are already traumatized by the horrific loss of their loved one.

There can never be justice when medical examiners/pathologists don’t do their job correctly – the result is murderers remaining out on the streets among us.

A question of homicide: Rulings by medical examiners raise doubts about protocols

“We know there are rare cases that look like suicide that are staged,” said Robert Bux, the coroner of El Paso County in Colorado Springs, Colo. “We all know that.”

3 thoughts on “Stalked & Murdered: How Do Medical Examiners Get It Wrong?

  1. I totally understand. After such a long time needing proof of my stalker it happened. I eagerly went to the business that set up my cameras to make a copy off the 8 track tape. My house is 3 levels Cape Cod style and the perpetrator or ‘s always knowing what floor I was on enabled them to leave me a sign i was “vulnerable “. Usually paper origami or some “crap” smudged on floor , counter, upholstery. Never knowing how entrance was made I loaded my 3 cats and sheperd in car and set off to Hillsbore to The Security Store and left the video. I went to Parr Lumber for plywood to cover my basement windows and doors hoping to lessen the entrance possibilities. After leaving the hardware store heading home as i approached the stop light my foot went straight to the floor. I came inches from hitting the car ahead of me. This happened again and as I was approaching Cornelius Pass and fear was consuming me., Glanced to my left and saw Les Schwab tires simultaneously turning the steering wheel into their garage. I was worried it was too late 5pm but the guy looked at me asking what’s wrong? I stammered saying I think somebody may have done something to my brakes. He opened the hood and pulled something out resembling a condom filled like a balloon. He said you cant drive this anywhere. Somebody introduced petroleum product into your master cylinder. I asked the man to explain to my Dad and he did. Dad had him put me on the line. My Dad said ” Leslie you are almost 50 yrs old, now get in your car and drive, be damned careful. My Dad not trusting the business thinking they wanted to screw me , supposedly because Im a female and ignorant of car stuff. Heartbreaking, to know that this would end possibly my life and those of my pets. I called a tow truck. To top it off the detective I told this story to and asked him how he thot my stalker was gaining entrance into my home , replied “if and when you get help I will come back and answer your question” I was astonished and said helping me is your job!” I never called law enforcement again. The security store cleared off the proof on my video saying there was nothing on it. I could not win for losing.

  2. I am so sorry that you have experienced Robert Robert kurtzman’s incompetence as we now have. He was the pathologist who conducted the autopsy on our son Cameron Collin and also the Medical Examiner State of Montana that signed off. The errors in the autopsy are too numerous to mention here. His incompetence in lack of a proper review of the toxicology reports and then NOT changing his autopsy conclusions is criminal. Is there a class action suit against him that the Personal Representative of the Estate could participate in?

    • I am so very sorry that your family has also fallen victim to Robert Kurtzman. There is no oversight and people in power sometimes feel like they can get away with anything…no matter how many others they hurt. In Kurtzman’s case is is aiding and abetting murderers in many cases. I have now had so many other families come forward with their horrific stories about what Kurtzman failed to report in their children’s autopsies…leading to the incorrect Manner of Death! At this time I have not heard about any specific class action but I do believe there is one about to come and will keep you posted if I hear anything. Take care and hang in there…there is hope, “Of all the forces that make for a better world, none is so powerful as hope. With hope, one can think, one can work, one can dream. If you have hope, you have everything.” This was a quote I got from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center many years ago, but I think it applies to co-victims and families of murdered children as well.

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