Stalked everywhere you go…even leaving work

Stalking has serious impacts on victims!

Most people need their jobs to survive and are reluctant to tell co-workers, and/or their employer about their stalker – they want to pretend he/she will eventually stop. They have no idea why it started in the first place. We must all realize stalking is serious and can have fatal consequences

This young man obsessed over a girl from his high school for many years before he finally struck and ended her life…and there were many red flags, but they were ignored. We all need to take stalking seriously. Civil lawsuits are an option for victims and co-victims.

One Family’s Civil Suit

On October 15, 1999, New Hampshire resident Liam Youens, shot and killed Amy Lynn Boyer, a young woman he had been stalking for several years. Her family sued a company for giving out her employment location information to her stalker and won.

1 thought on “Stalked everywhere you go…even leaving work

  1. Toni

    Your bravery is unmatched. My utmost thanks for having the tenacity to speak so clearly and authoritatively about the all too real tactics of gang stalking and targeting harassment. I have plenty on video I have begun to upload to a private channel, documenting attempts at intimidation and gang stalking. Speaking out is what they don’t want you to do.I implore you to continue the website- specifically posts on this topic. We need more activists and truth tellers like yourself. The more we speak out, the less they can do. I will be following. I would like to share my most recent experience, which has reached a new level of deplorable heights ; no pun intended. Yesterday started off as a beautiful, clear day and by high noon the air above my dwelling was filled with chem trails in the sky. The aerial attacker in a small non commercial propeller plane circled five and a half times until I sent a signal of my own. Do you have or members have any experience with this? I have been gang stalked nearing a decade with the attackers following my every move online and in person. I have just learned of a man using my name on his writing, a name I began using in university writing class as a literary play on words, after a comment was left on my private videos for him. Surely he is one of “them” and records show he has been pulling this long con for years. I will not be silenced and with this comment, am finally speaking publicly of such. As I close my curtains this evening to retire to bed, four red cars are lined up on my street, 2 with license plates starting with the first digit in my home phone number. As I turn off the light, simultaneously the car lights go on. Ultrasonic tactics have become part of my daily life. Yesterday a sorry looking fellow rushed up to me in a parking lot, snapped a photo with his camera and rushed past whispering “Got ‘yous’ on XRAY”. Pushing that Post Comment button will be freeing, I’m sure. Cheers to your continued valor and allowing fellow victims to share our experiences. Together we are stronger.

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