Saturday, August 13, 2011 – the 12th day of Morgan’s stalking

Morgan’s dad puts motion lights up all around the house.  He leaves to go up to the hardware store and right after he drove away, a person named Matt (that I have never seen in our neighborhood before) shows up at our front door, and asks to borrow an extension cord.  My suspicions about anyone or everyone in this neighborhood is now in full swing.  The officers that have come over to the house to investigate believe the stalker is someone in our neighborhood, or very close by.  The officers have asked us to keep it to ourselves for a little while, so they will have some time to investigate and close in on a suspect.  They believe this because no one can figure out how that stalker could be tapping or banging on windows within 10 – 15 minutes of Morgan arriving home, even when she switches cars. I think this person showing up on my doorstep is strange, so I get Matt to write down his phone number, so Steve can call him when he returns home.  I am just suspicious, because this person tells me he just moved in. And now this person shows up at our front door, right after it was obvious Steve is installing more motion lights around the house, and in one case had to use an extension cord. This Matt person said he had moved in on the corner recently, and is renting a room.  He seems to be the same height as the person in the picture, but his build is much larger.

Later on, Elliott (our neighbor across the street) tells me the name of the roommate that moved into that house, at the beginning of August.  The name Elliott shared with me was Eric, so Elliott states this Matt person is presumably the older brother of the other male living in that house. I don’t think this is the person we are looking for.  So we scratch him off the list.

Steve and I are keeping track in a book and on a calendar when we see cars in driveways right after an incident.  We want to see who is always there or who is not there when an incident occurs.

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2 thoughts on “Saturday, August 13, 2011 – the 12th day of Morgan’s stalking

  1. Just wondering but why does no one seem to question if its not someone right outside the neighborhood that all of you pass on your way in and out? Could someone just see her through windows and profiles, even though she switches cars? I mean you and her shared one car therefore it would be your profile vs hers. They had a 50/50 chance. And because of pattern they most likely knew you were home when she wasn’t. People can place GPS detectors on cars unbeknown to the owners, they can track through phones, they can place a camera on your property or a neighbors without anyone knowing. Technology makes stalking a lot easier for the crazies. I am thinking this is obviously someone she knew.

  2. I wouldn’t write off this Matt guy so quickly if he had moved in across the street right when the stalking began. I do think it’s odd he asks for an extension chord. What did he need it for? He should at least be looked into if nothing else. Criminal history?

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