Almost forgot another milestone

Last week the Morgan Ingram Blog went over 1/2 million views for the week, and I was too busy dealing with hackers of Morgan’s Blog too share.  But someone on their way home from shopping stopped her stalker in his tracks. And a small radio station began to raise awareness of crimes reported in one Sheriff’s district and ignored right next door. I applaud you all for your concern. The time to take stalking seriously has arrived. Remember that Morgan loves you for your efforts!  And the next victim we help could just be you. Share Morgan’s stalking with your friends. We all will make a difference!!!

22 thoughts on “Almost forgot another milestone

  1. Toni, your blog is/was being hacked? Any idea if it’s random or a purposeful attack? If you know anything for certain about this, I may be of some use.

  2. Dear Toni,
    I want to applaud your strength and courage that you show by telling your daughter’s story. It is a story that needs to be shown to the public, and you have done such an amazing job of capturing Morgan’s essence within these pages, I feel like we all know her. Please never lose that fire that keeps you going, for all of us who are solidly behind you in your quest for justice, we too want to see this finished RIGHT.
    I’m a mother too. I can’t begin to imagine what it feels like to lose a child, through any means, but my heart and prayers are with you and your family.

  3. Toni – I haven’t seen you mention a home security system I don’t think? Did you all have an alarm system during Morgan’s stalking? If not, I was just curious as to why.

    Praying for justice for Morgan. You are doing such an awesome thing. Morgan is lucky to have you as her mom!

    • Not a home security system I wish we had, but instead we added as we went, motion detector lights, motion detector alarms, wildlife cameras, and then the 24/7 video cameras (6 hardwired).

  4. Toni,
    About Steve’s and I’s thought on gaining access via roof vent. I don’t know the house or roof but Steve does. He was up there, he would know and if his gut is thinking that is how then I would tell Steve to stick with that. Perhaps asking the renters now access to check it out would be prudent course of action. If nothing else to put that nagging question to rest.

    Why else would he be carrying a backpack. We can say drink, food, telescope rod, but I’m thinking the perp carried tools. Like a prisoner in a jail trying to break out, perhaps this perp was breaking in. Little by little. If he did, then he gained access early on. He would be able to hear everything, and know when the house was empty to get a good look.

    Something else that you probably have done but go back to the video the night of Morgan’s MURDER and watch the time on the videos are there any skips, timing off..anything that might show the perp rewinded, erased, or disabled the video feed.

    Just a suggestion. Still reading, still upset, angry, and so wanting this perp to be caught.

    He will be caught, I know that! I had a dream about Morgan the other night. I suppose it was because I follow your blog everyday. I lit a candle for her after my dream and prayed heavily.

  5. TG you have wonderful ideas for us to check…and by the way the night Morgan was murdered we did catch someone on the cameras I just have not released that yet. When Detective Rob gave the DVR back months after her murder he told me they hadn’t had time to check them so Steve and I did. Thank you for lighting the candle for Morgan we keep one lit at all times by her picture and I pray as well – I know she is OK now and I also know she is guiding me and with her as our guide I just know justice will be done.

    • “Didn’t have time”…those words are haunting. What a horrible thing to say to parents of a deceased child. I personally don’t think that the officials did a very good job with this case to begin with. I know that you don’t need me to tell you that. It is just mind blowing how they couldn’t do this, couldn’t do that time and again. Each entry I read makes me more and more furious. I hope and pray that Morgan’s murderer and all of those that were involved or knew what he was doing is caught and they’re all brought to justice. Know that I am a regular follower and will keep praying for your family…..that you find justice for your beautiful Morgan Jennifer!!!!

  6. I just think that is deplorable the detective had “No Time” to check a video after her death when she had been being stalked for months. Just unbelievable!!!

    • Someone told us that after reading the blog she had become hyper-vigilant and noticed a man kept watching her and following her at the super Target – she got in her car and he got in his and followed her so she called the police, and kept driving, and they pulled the man over and questioned him. Yippee – stopped right before he followed her home!

  7. Toni,
    Last night I posted a message about what I believe the white shirt was and why it was used. I am reposting it in case it didn’t go thru.

    Last night my son came home from work (he’s a mechanic) wearing a white shirt just like the ones you’ve posted. I asked him what it was, he said it was “under armour”, that a lot of hunters use them to keep warm, It’s a very light weight shirt that you wear under another shirt to keep warm, it insulates the heat in your body. He had his work shirt around his waist. It looks EXACTLY like the shirt in the pictures!

    That got me thinking about the backpack, the stalker could have had another shirt in the backpack or stashed on his exit route to throw on over the white under armour. That way if he was caught, he was wearing something else! The weather was probably comfortable enough for him to wear the shirt with one over it or not. They are designed to to retain body temperature.

    I am just putting it out there because I believe that’s what he was wearing. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones.

    • Toni, any of these look familiar? I thought of the same thing when E showed you a shirt… they are HUGE among hunters, and sports advocates. All the boys in my high school had em.
      Also, they are meant to be super tight fitting. For hunters this helps with keeping warm, for sports players it can be for any number of reasons… inducing sweating for weight loss, or even SPEED enhancing for runners/soccer players.
      I also wonder if the police mistook it for a sweatshirt on the first picture captured because he had a vest or something on underneath it. This would obviously make it look lumpy.
      Just thinking out loud….

  8. Advocate- I agree 100%. I do believe when E went to get his shirt like the stalkers, and explained many people wear them now, it was the UNDER ARMOUR. However, I never thought about him keeping an extra shirt in his stash. Good thought… 🙂

  9. Toni
    My heart breaks in a million pieces for you. I cannot believe that the Detectives did not have enough time to check the video. The first thing you would do is check the night Morgan was murdered.
    Keep up your amazing work. Sending you lots of love and good thoughts

  10. Hi Toni, I wrote this all out last night but it didn’t seem to post or at least I can’t find it so if I’m repeating myself I apologize.
    I live in Canada and I have been following your blog for the past few weeks. First off I wanted to send my deepest sympathy for the loss of you beautiful daughter and for all the torment and suffering you and your family have been put through.

    I also want to commend you for all the hard work you have been doing to get Morgan’s story out there. I really think you’re on the right track with this blog and all the attention it has been getting. I’m sure Morgan or any daughter would be so proud of how you and Steve are avenging her death. I was wondering if you have ever considered making a You Tube video of Morgan’s story?

    Here in Canada and I have to assume worldwide there is a ton of talk about the stalking/bullying/harassment of Amanda Todd, a 15 year old Canadian teenager who was cyber stalked till her death by suicide on Oct 10, 2012. She made a You tube video about her story before her death and so far it’s had over 5 million view.

    I was just reading in the news that the hacker group Anonymous has stepped forward and made a promise to track down her stalker online and make him known to the public.
    I know that Morgan’s stalking was not internet related but maybe getting her story out in a visual way might convince someone out there to help you guys too.
    I feel like one of the reasons this blog has caught on is that Morgan herself is so captivating. I’m sure with use of her beautiful photography and artwork and your ability to connect viewers to who Morgan really was that it would go viral in an instant.

    While Amanda Todd and Morgan’s stories have obvious differences, I think there are enough similarities to link them. Amanda’s stalker is being blamed for causing her suicide. We all know Morgan was murdered but even if the authorities truly believe she did take her own life why wouldn’t they continue to try and find her stalker, why would he be any less guilty of causing her death than Amanda Todd’s stalker? It doesn’t make sense and just further highlights the injustice that has been served to Morgan this far.

    I know that this blog must be physically and emotionally time consuming for you both but I feel like You tube is such a powerful medium that is would be a shame not to tap into it.

    Much love and support from Canada

    • You are so sweet to tell us all of this. I had to delete the address to the UTube Video because our new security protocol for the blog. Anyway, wanted to tell you we have a great person that has done the UTube video about Morgan and will be releasing it soon – he is also working on a documentary about the stalking.

  11. I don’t know if anyone said that, but did the stalker put cameras in the house when you weren’t there? Because it seems like he always knows when she was alone, where she was sleeping, like when he went to take his dog to pee, without you around.
    About Keenan, from what I saw on his Facebook, pictures of him are always sad, lifeless. I believe he is a very unhappy person, with an unstructured family, and I think he saw in Morgan everything he wanted to have … I believe that was one of the reasons that he persecuted her. She was happy, with many friends, loved by her family, full of life and happiness. My prayers for you, Toni and Steve.

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