October 14, 2011 – Day 74 of Morgan’s Stalking – Crank up the Coconut Telegraph Line…

Wylah looking up to mom

At 9:30 in the morning Morgan texts with a friend who was heading into Aspen, and wanted company, but Morgan had a jazz class and couldn’t go with her so they made plans to meet later that afternoon at a coffee shop.

Our neighbor Elliott suddenly wants to talk with me, he has news.  We had not talked about the stalking in quite a while. It had reached a point where Steve said from what I was telling him, that it was a one way flow of information, Elliott was always wanting to know how the stalking investigation was going, which I would bring him up to date on, and then Elliott never really had any new information except another rumor that always came via Brooke Harris’ mother, Christina Harris.  Steve had reached a point that unless someone had real intel we should not be sharing what we know any longer. I had agreed, so with Elliott I had just avoided him. But this seemed too promising.

We meet out front, as he was walking his dogs. The first news was that Elliott heard from Brooke’s mom that Brooke and Keenan had broken up and Keenan moved out of Brooke’s dad’s house. He wondered if it had been quieter lately. I tell him that, yes as a matter of fact, it has been quiet, silent even, Morgan seems to have this feeling lately that somehow it was over. I didn’t know what to make of it, but now it made sense.

Elliott says this is great, and then he said something that was out of place enough to become locked in my memory. “Yeah, ever since the detectives have been coming around more often they freaked out.”

I immediately ask him who he means by, “they.”  Elliot changed the subject. Telling me how glad he was that Keenan was gone, and now everything could get back to normal. Which only added to my need to know and my attention was piqued, so I again asked him, “Elliott, what did you mean by they?”

He again tried to change the subject by asking what we had caught on the video cameras, and launched into an explanation about how he’s been extra careful lately because he walks his dogs at night sometimes, and he doesn’t want to get caught on camera, and have us think he is the stalker. His nervous laugh sent shivers up my spine, and I will never forget it.

I thought for a moment, not concerned at all about the awkward silence. We had not talked to anyone about the detectives. Only to ask permission from Rhonda to use one of her trees in case they wanted to mount one of their cameras in it. They used bolts to put them up for extra security, and Rhonda was absolutely fine with it. Anything that will catch the stalker, she had said and was still looking to talking to them about things she had noticed anyway.

I told Ellliott we hadn’t really had a chance to talk to anyone about the detectives yet, we were all so busy and they were sort of putting together a game plan. But as soon as we had one I assured E we would talk about it, that we would probably want him to be a part of it. I told him I guessed it was up to the detectives from here, how they wanted to proceed and all.

Elliott did not stop surprising me. He then told me, “Toni, its kind of obvious, first it was deputy trucks at all hours of the night, two and three at a time, and now all of a sudden it’s detectives, everyone is talking about it.”

I wanted to ask him who “everyone” was, but I still had not gotten answer to who they were, so I paused again. The detective’s truck was nondescript.  It said nothing on it, I thought about it, and to me I would not even know it was a Garfield Sheriff’s vehicle.

Elliott suddenly remembered a phone call he had to make, and our little conversation was over.

I called Steve as soon as I was in the house and he was amazed, he also had his hands full and said as soon as he could he would break free so we could talk about it. He also cautioned me to make sure the windows were closed if I talked about this with anyone on the phone today.  He knew me so well – my voice carries.

As soon as Steve came home it was obvious this had been on his mind since I talked to him.  Before we even said anything he was telling me about Detective Glassmire’s truck.  It might have county plates on it?  I’m not sure.  And he said maybe there were the pull you over lights, but they are behind the grill. If that truck passes you on the highway, you might think, oh yeah sheriff, but you would not be sure.  He wondered how it was common knowledge around the neighborhood.  He wondered if they had canvassed, gone door to door asking a few questions, and not told us about it.  He surmised that would put the buzz into high gear.

Then he was talking about the other detective’s car.  He was pretty sure it was a silver SUV, small, an Explorer, once again not certain of the plates. He compared it to one of my friend’s car (a friend of mine that stops by, while on errands, from time to time). Steve said they park in the same place, in fact right behind the same tree, slightly pulled off the street. He thought you would have to be very observant to detect the difference.

Steve had a conclusion, he was now certain and it would seem that it has to be someone who lived in the neighborhood – at least one of them. I told him I thought we were already sure of that. He had a more global outlook.  Until we are 100% certain then we are not really certain of anything.  We have to avoid the trap of becoming locked in on one person and miss another.  Many times Steve had said he not only wants it over, but he wants to know that when it is over it is really over.

Together we arrived at one thing, obviously Elliott knows more than he is telling. After that it was all guesswork – all good stuff for the detectives.

This said something to Morgan

At 8:09 pm I text Morgan and ask, “Are you in Aspen? Everything OK? Tell Paul I said hi. ”I want so badly to tell her that Keenan has moved out, but we have already decided to tell her in person, we are trusting everything less these days and are concerned about our phones, Steve has checked Morgan’s out and looked for some spike you can see in the data usage. So far it looks normal, but he still wanted me to be more vague when I sent a text message.

Morgan answered, “Yes. Yes. Ok.” With a smiley face icon. I sent her, “Short and Sweet.” With another smiley face icon. And Morgan answered, “Coming home soon with Danny, won’t be long.” I thought oopsie, so much for vague, and I ended with “Great.”

About 10:00 pm a man showed up at the front door with a very pregnant woman at his side.  Steve walked out and talked with them. When he came back in I asked him what that was about.  He said right street, just wrong house, and winked at me.  I knew what he meant and just shook my head.

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63 thoughts on “October 14, 2011 – Day 74 of Morgan’s Stalking – Crank up the Coconut Telegraph Line…

    • Is this a comment from Morgan Mumford-James, Keenan’s girlfriend (who lists his mother as her “mother-in-law” on facebook)?

      I’m always intrigued by the comments with such mocking tones… “murdar”? You’ve gotta be personally invested in the case, on the side of protecting the accused, to be so condescending to the victims.

      • I’m sure she is invested in K emotionally…I have heard they have been on again off again since they were 16 and then interesting thing is he seems to always break up with her before or around summertime. We had officers tell us about a similar MO the summer before our Morgan’s case in the subdivision right across from us and then I had a woman come forward about a similar MO in that same subdivision 2 weeks before our Morgan’s stalking started but we were never told about that one. Wouldn’t you think, especially after I brought it up the first time I met our detective, that they would look in to a serial stalker in the area? Also, wouldn’t you think instead of keeping it hush hush that the safest thing for the community would have been public service announcements, something in the newspaper warning people – giving a description of the perpetrator and the area in which it was happening so all the good people could keep their eyes and ears open and try to help catch this guy? He is still out there!

  1. “He said right street, just wrong house, and winked at me. I knew what he meant and just shook my head.” — Can you clarify? I don’t understand what he meant…

  2. “About 10:00 pm a man showed up at the front door with a very pregnant woman at his side. Steve walked out and talked with them. When he came back in I asked him what that was about. He said right street, just wrong house, and winked at me. I knew what he meant and just shook my head”

    Elaborate please.. you shook your head at what?

  3. I have always wondered how much E knew … not that he was the stalker but if he had seen or heard something.
    I’m confused by the right street, wrong house, wink too.

  4. Why wouldn’t the neighbors talk about it? I live on a culdesac and this would be hot news. I can also spot an official vehicle a mile away regardless of its markings. E the dog walker hardly seems the type to scramble up aspen trees and hang out on the roof.

  5. It’s too easy to blame Keenan when E seems to know too much too easily. Not only that but he could just as easily be the one doing the stalking while K’s car is there and not stalking while the car is gone, making Keenan the target, all the while, E getting away with it. He’s asking questions trying to see if he’s getting figured out or if they still think its someone else. I don’t get a good feeling about him at all. He lives in a perfect position to watch everything going on at the Ingram house.

    • too much, too easily? he lives across the street. he wouldn’t even have to try and he’d know what was going on. also, it’s pretty easy to differentiate cops/detectives from regular visitors at a home. especially when they are there 50 times in a few months.

      • He always knew what was going on before it was told to him. I know watching the Ingram house would be a source of info for him, but he knew more details about the situation than would be given by simply watching the goings on.

    • I agree and I didn’t get a good feeling as well and he did live in the perfect position. This really upset me when the Sheriff’s went to question him months after Morgan died and he had moved suddenly with no forwarding address.

      • Agree, as well… He’s creepy as &*^%!!! Why can’t anyone find him, again? Is there anything to go on? I know someone who can do some pretty fancy tracking stuff with names/email/etc. Not saying I can promise results, but he *was* involved w the group who brought down Luka Magnotta (the kitten killer)…

    • WHAT Elizabeth Brown? “or even if they aren’t” so what you are saying is if they are in fact guilty of stalking and murdering MJ that the names of the guilty should be protected? Seriously?Was MJ’s life and name protected? Get a clue Mrs. Brown, in case you have not noticed this blog is for people who support the Ingram family and want to find justice. Go poke your business where its wanted. I am sure if you had children of your own you might actually understand what its like to feel pain, but you sound like a pathetic nosey old lady!

    • At first, I felt weird abut seeing the names of people who weren’t convicted of this crime mentioned in the blog. However, after reading the police reports with people’s names used, I’m less apt to be concerned. The police reports are open to the public soooo we can all find out these people’s names with a little nosing around.

      • Not sure how things work over there but Im in Australia and here it could jeopardise criminal proceedings if the suspects name and image is splashed everywhere along with details of their criminal past. It has something to do with tainting the jury pool and the defence could argue the defendent cannot get a fair trial.

        Having said that I certainly feel it is unfair that the rights of the defendent seem to outweigh the rights of the victim (and yes I know we are not yet at a point in this case where someone is going on trial for murder). But I would hate for anything said here to come back to haunt the Ingrams in terms of getting in the way of getting justice for Morgan.

        I dont think there is a need to attack Elizabeth Brown. As frustrating as the system is, if we dont play by the rules then it could be used to benefit the defendent in this case when the time comes.

        We have a case currently in Australia where the husband of a murder victim has implored the public for social media silence so as to follow the rules of sub judice. Its frustrating when everyone wants to get stuck into the murderer BUT in order to see he is dealt with properly by the courts and gets a very long prison sentence we have to play by the rules.

        Perhaps someone in the know can enlighten us to how things in the US works. I know anyone following this case would hate for something that was said in a comment on this blog be later used to aid in the guilty parties defense in court one day. If they are reading this you can be sure they are keeping records of what is said here to help them in the future.

        The law really is an ass.

        • Freedom of speech can be a mofo when it comes to Civil suits but I’m not sure how it would effect the Criminal trial here in the States. We all remember OJ, not guilty in a Criminal trial but horribly guilty in every Civil suit that followed? I hope the Ingram’s get the investigation that Morgan deserves but I fear the evidence might not be strong enough to get them the answers they seek.

          Toni, I hope you find what you are looking for, but I’m concerned about the repercussions of the Civil can of worms that have been opened up. My mother always says, “you have to do everything for your child to help them” and I hope that you feel strong enough in your actions to accept the inevitable consequences even if an investigation still does not yield the response you desire. I’m so sorry for your loss and the unimaginable pain it has caused you and your family. I know all of your fight came from a good place even if it has gotten brash because “no one can love you like your mommy can”. You had to do it for Morgan, whatever the price because you were her mommy. It’s an undeniable bond that you will always have with her. Take care,

        • Jess – I did actually seek legal council before writing this blog and found out what I could do – because I really wanted to tell the whole story on a daily basis exactly how it happened last year, so I have not been worried about what I have said on this blog. If this ever goes to trial (I pray) and if the defendant(s) lawyer asks the judge for a change of venue then that is just the way it goes I guess. And yes, I do believe they follow this blog and all I can say to them is good, enjoy yourself now, because we are not going away – not today, not tomorrow, not next month, never. We will never give up!

          • Yes just saw today a comment taken from this blog and posted on an interested parties Facebook. They are definitely paying attention. If this suspect is so innocent perhaps they could explain away the stolen jewellery he was arrested with. How do you explain that and cry innocent at the same time. I would LOVE to hear your take on that. It may not prove murder yet, but it speaks for his character.

  6. I’m very sorry for your loss – I just spent about five hours today reading the entire blog. What an amazing read; I just wish it weren’t true. 🙁

  7. Not sure if you watch the Dr Phil show but he had a show recently with a family where the sisters death was ruled a suicide and they just knew it was murder. Anyway, he brought specialists from all fields to the show to look at reports and conduct their own investigation. The show got such a response that he had the family back on the show with his experts and the opinions were that it is was not suicide. The publicity from being on the show and the fact that it made their department look like a bunch of idiots, law enforcemt had no choice but to re open the case. It is under a new investigation completely now. The popularity of this blog alone combined with the amount of people that want justice for your daughter especially considering the circumstances and unanswered questions could peak the shows interest. You should try to contact the show. I would mention your blog is worldwide at this point. Contact as much media outlets as possible. The more public pressure that is put on this the more serious law enforcement is going to have to take this.

    • I never saw or heard about that – thank you for letting me know. This is something that I think we will probably pursue…thank you.

  8. Toni, I am still curious about the couple at the door? Why do you think they were Gypsies and do you think the gang stalkers were somehow part of a Gypsy group? I got chills reading your replies on that!!

    • No they were not part of a gypsy group. What I meant to say that they were like Gypsies not that they were Gypsies…it was late and I didn’t even spell it right! Steve kind of knew them and they talked to him from time to time and they were doing us a favor while they were here. Not to sound mysterious but it’s in today’s blog.

  9. Just a thought … E was weird about mentioning the cameras when he’s out with his dogs. Is it possible that he was out and about the first night you guys caught the stalker on camera? Would the body type fit E’s? Maybe he came over to talk to the police and realized he had be caught on camera and was embarrassed?

  10. I think before anyone considers that they should take the time to read all of the police reports. Not just those from the day Morgan died but all of the reports including the early ones. Dr Phil might not be interested without reading up on both sides of this tragic story.

    • I am guessing that Dr.Phil, 20/20, Dateline,Nancy Grace and many more would be VERY interested in this case. It seems that you have access to more reports than Mrs. Ingram. With this blog growing like WILD FIRE it seems that anyone in the public eye would be smart to jump on and help get this case opened and resolved.
      Regardless if you are on the “suspect(s)” list of supporters, wouldn’t you want the case to be opened and them proven innocent, if that is what they are, so that they could move on? Seems to me that is what I would want.
      AND if I was Mrs, Ingram, you better be damn sure that I would be doing the same thing. I just recently lost my fiance to a drunk driver- and even though the driver is being prosecuted, and has no chance at winning, it is still an open wound that won’t even begin to heal until justice has been served. I can’t even imagine not knowing every fine detail and losing someone.
      Take a moment and think, no matter where your stance is, what would you do if this happened in your family?
      If you can’t answer that honestly, you probably have something to hide.

  11. I think I would like to read the reports as well. That will be one my list sometime soon to get the Sheriff’s reports of the incidents and read them.

  12. Hi,, I get the feeling that you liked and trusted quite a few of the deputies. Some of them seemed to really care about your family and wanted to catch the person or persons doing this. Is it safe to assume that the problems with LE aren’t the deputies but someone higher up telling them what to pursue?

  13. @Toni…who lives in your old house now? Is anything fishy happening at the house after you moved out? If not, then it was definitely someone who lived in the neighborhood at the time and no longer lives there.

  14. No idea – another family bought the house and I have never spoken with them. We just lease / optioned the house all those years.

  15. I’m curious to learn (which I know we won’t) if where K and E live now, if there were any peeping tom, or stalking reports near where they live to this day.

    Big Hugs today for you Toni.

  16. I think the “they” part isn’t as big as it seems – I know I often say “they” instead of he or she when I’m not able to identify the person in question as a hey or she – “they say we are supposed to….” “it looks like they were…” – I don’t know who they is – it’s someone with no identity – we all do it.

  17. No, I disagree. Pronouns are instinctive. Check out http://www.statement-analysis.blogspot.com for confirmation. He definitely meant THEY. Whether or not he meant to SAY it is another thing. My guess, it was ? and K and E was getting his jollies from ?’s mom. Sick, sick people, who deserve to be exposed. How sick of that b****** to bleed Morgan’s mother for information so that he could feed it back to the people who were doing the harassing. What a sick creepy ****. Sorry. I hope we all get to see when Karma swings around.

  18. Just reading along here. Elliot is standing out to me as being a little too interested in the case. You mentioned he just happened to have a long sleeve shirt as well like the one captured in the photo…

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