9 Years Ago Today…

Our dragonfly candle is burning today for Morgan (our little dragonfly baby). It has now been exactly 9 years since I woke up, on that cold Friday morning, December 2, 2011, and found Morgan’s body…there are no words I can ever use to describe what that felt like. The pain was indescribable, and still is.

This morning, Steve said to me, while choking back his tears, “They murdered our baby, then lied about it!” What can I say to him? There is nothing I can do to change what was done to her, or how officials circled the wagons, and lied in order to change the truth, to cover up a murder. It is all so very wrong, but I know life is not always fair and never has been.

So, in all these past 9 years, Steve and I have pushed forward, trying everything we could think of to have Morgan’s case investigated (her murder was NEVER investigated). We are not giving up – we are gearing up for another big push. Every year we receive more and more information and evidence, as to what happened to her, and who was involved in her murder, and the subsequent cover-up of that murder.

Today & tonight, our family will grieve over the loss of our special and much loved Morgan. I know she will be wrapping her arms around us while we cry – I only wish we could see her again, hug her again, and kiss her once more.

My heart is breaking, but I still believe in “Lady Justice” and will continue to fight, till my dying breath, to see justice served for Morgan. I am determined to see the scales of justice balanced, for Morgan, as well as all victims of stalking and murder. This determination is the biggest reason I have not curled up into a ball of grief, sadness, and suffering. Determination, against all odds, keeps me focused, and hopeful. Never give up on hope, with hope, anything is possible.

Call me a dreamer, but I still believe in miracles, truth, honesty, fairness and love, and most of all I truly believe, if you never give up the fight for justice, you can move mountains. So, wish us luck, in the next 12 months we intend to move mountains…

2 thoughts on “9 Years Ago Today…

  1. I am so sorry for what happened to Morgan and all the subsequent stuff. If I had realized that today was the day, I would have recommended that all of the followers of yours do a letter writing campaign for the local sheriff and anyone else who can influence an investigation. A writing campaign could be an annual event for this sad anniversary. If you could or would do a post with names and addresses of people we could write to in a post, I for one would send letters. My daughter lost her dad many years ago to ALS and remembers him on his special days by eating foods that were favorites of his, listening to his kind of music, and doing things that remind her of him. Hugs too both of you today. Thank you for keeping the light for her burning.

    • Thank you so much Ramona for your kind words. You are so very right about remembering with music, special foods and just speaking to her, as if she were right here in the room…it all helps. Just the other day I was thinking about Morgan and missing her so much and wouldn’t you know it, 2 songs, in a row came on…both songs she used to sing while playing the piano after school, and I cried and cried, because I knew she wanted me to know she is still here and hears me…but, I still want to hug and kiss her, and I can’t.

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