Is Media A Good Thing – Even If They Are Stuck On A False Narrative?

Because of my work with so many families of homicide victims, some years back, I was asked if I thought co-victims, families like ours, should allow the media to showcase their stories. Seems like an easy decision, but it was not. After giving it a little thought I replied, “When it comes to the media you are looking at the good, the bad and the ugly.”

You are always taking a chance that when they tell your story, the media will not reflect the truth, but instead they will float whatever false narrative they believe will gain viewership for their show – it’s all about the drama.

I then continued on to say, “With that in mind, I still believe any, and any media coverage that will keep the story out in the public’s mind is not only a good thing, but it also raises the publics awareness of these types of crimes, which is always good for everyone.”

Life is a constant flow of ups and downs, highs and lows, and I get that. I try very hard not to allow the “downs” to keep me down for very long, because if I allowed that to happen then any forward movement on my part would disappear. So, even though the woman with the ultimate authority for the Oxygen show, when they filmed Morgan’s story back in 2019, chose to air only the things that supported her false narrative, I am still glad I decided to do the show. Why, you may wonder?

At that time, after 7+ years of pressing for answers in the death of our youngest child, Morgan, we had learned many things. We had learned that we are in this for the long haul; we need to keep digging ourselves, along with the help of others, digging for answers, as we seek truth and justice for Morgan. We can’t always do everything ourselves – we need others…others with other resources, so with that in mind, I can honestly say that because of Kelly McLear’s investigation, we were able to receive so much more EVIDENCE, evidence that we did not have before, shocking evidence that is hard to believe law enforcement kept from us, evidence that supports the theory that Morgan was murdered, so you could say the show was bad because they did not air all the evidence that proved she was murdered, or you could say it was good because we now have that evidence and can use it in a court of law, once a new investigation is opened into her murder.

Many questions have been filled in because of Kelly’s great questions and interviews with people that had never been questioned before by the sheriffs. Up until now there has NEVER been an investigation into her murder by law enforcement, even though many, many experts have said there is plenty of evidence that she did not die of natural causes (like the pathologist said for the first 8 months), and she did not die from suicide (which the pathologist changed eight months later, after we would not stop investigating and he threatened me to ‘back off!’ So, again, was the show a bad thing or a good thing? In the long run, just like all families of murder victims, we want answers and we want justice, so I feel, in the long run  it was a good thing…