2 thoughts on “Being Silly In A Picture With Morgan…

  1. I just rewatched the ID episode.
    It touched me so much, (as it did the first time).
    My prayers are with you.
    Are they FINALLY investigating her murder????
    Morgan is always watching over you.
    Peace & Love
    Peace & Love
    Rachel in Las Vegas

    • Thank you so much Rachel for your kind words. In answer to your question, no, the sheriff has refused to ever investigate her murder since the very beginning – he refused at first because he said the forensic pathologist said she died from natural causes, which was wrong, then we were threatened to back off when we had experts show us it was wrong, then they changed her to a suicide 9 months later, which was also wrong. We have all the pictures, scientific fact and medical certainty that she did not take her own life and the sheriff still refuses to investigate so we just keep going up the chain of command and won’t let this go…onward.

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