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  1. I’m just curious if the stalker was a smoker, if u had a chance to get his cigarette butt? I’m so very sorry for your loss. I’m devistated for you. If I lived closer I would come n help you. You seem like the nicest person. Feel free to friend me on FB. I will keep u in my prayers.

    • Judy – thank you so very much. I am grateful to have people like you in support of justice for Morgan – you are officially Team Morgan. This is not an easy fight, some might say it’s not a fight that worth fighting, but it is. It may take a long time but we will NEVER give up and along the journey to get justice for Morgan if we raise enough awareness to save other victims it will all be a win-win. Thank you for your prayers because I know they are being heard.

  2. How is this even possible??! You have VIDEO of this man stalking her & still people act like she took her life?! This is what’s wrong with society. No one believes the people who know best!

    • It is absolutely insane. The sheriffs knew who was stalking her. We have video and still shots and footprints in the snow leading back that the officer saw. We have so much evidence in black and white – the crime scene photos as well as her toxicology reports prove it was not suicide but murder and yet our family has to fight for justice and you are right this is what is wrong with society there is NO accountability…things like this can be swept under the rug and a murder remains free to do it again…and they do.

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