A letter I received today from one of Morgan’s dance class friends – they miss her too…and she told them all about the stalking as well

Dear Toni,

November 28,2012

The Morgan that I knew for the two years we took ballet classes together at CMC with our teacher Kari Sea, was very intelligent and happy about her life. She had hopes about going to law school and also wanted to continue in a dance program when she went away to school. She adored her teacher, Kari, and was the one who spoke up for having ballet classes offered on a daily basis. Morgan took good care of her body and seemed to have recovered from some illness that she had battled when she was younger. Kari always encouraged attendance at class. A student could sit and watch if they weren’t feeling well. Morgan almost always was dancing because she loved it. She was the best at remembering the routines and steps that Kari demonstrated. Morgan usually stood where others could be helped if they forgot the moves. During the beginning of the 2011 fall semester our class on one of the days of the week, I forgot which day, started earlier than other days. I usually rode my bicycle, 10 miles, from Glenwood Springs after my morning school bus route to class. A couple of times I met Morgan at the bottom of the 3 mile climb to the CMC Spring Valley Campus where our class was held. She gave me a ride when I was having trouble getting to class on time. I remember her telling me sometime early in the semester that someone had been throwing things or hitting her window at night and they had to call the police. Sandra, my wife, texted Morgan to arrange for my ride and mentioned that we would be praying for her if I remember correctly. At first Morgan did not seem all that freaked out about it maybe because she thought whoever was doing this would be caught or stop.

As time went on it became freakier for all of us when we continued to hear that the noises at Morgan’s bedroom window were continuing. The police would show up and then shortly after they left the noises would begin again. After awhile Morgan seemed to be getting a little exasperated with the police who seemed unable to do anything to help. She said that if she took matters into her own hands she would be the one who got blamed. She was getting frustrated but she always kept her cool. Morgan always seemed to have her life together. She was almost always early to class. She would usually already be there sipping tea and relaxing by the time I arrived. She liked to knit. She made beautiful sweaters and things. I told her that my wife liked to knit but I tried to stay away from stuff that ended up in knots. Usually Sam and Nicole were already there also. They talked about how things were going. Our teacher was often late because she had a difficult schedule with classes in Vail, Aspen, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, and Spring Valley Campus. Once Morgan was there 30 minutes early because Kari said we were going to start class early to try to make up for the times she was late. I only got there 15 minutes early because I didn’t think Kari would really show up 30 minutes early. Morgan was frustrated with Kari so I said, “Hey, let’s tell Kari she has to do pushups for every minute she is late!” Kari used to make us do weight lifting if we acted lame in our dancing. So when Kari showed up we all said she had to do pushups but she laughed and ignored us. We were all like a family and so when Morgan was missing one week near the end of the semester someone asked,” where’s Morgan?” Someone had a text from her but we missed her.

The next week I opened up the newspaper and was shocked and began to cry when I saw Morgan’s picture in an obituary. I could not believe the report that she died a natural death. And for

the next year I never heard anything more about this terrible loss. I wished I could know what really happened or what happened to her family that I had never met. On the last day of class we all presented a solo dance of our own creation. I danced in memory of Morgan. Everyone cried. Our teacher cried so hard she had to leave the room. I will go on doing what I can in memory of Morgan and hope that I can be a friend to her parents. I have never met them but to have a daughter like Morgan they can be very proud and they must be wonderful people.




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  1. Toni, by now you probably know I read your blog every day. (I’ve commented several times…lol) I just want you to know that I am behind you 100%! I am way down in NW Louisiana, so I can’t do much personally, though I wish I could. I can, however, pray that you and Steve get justice for Morgan. And I can be here, giving you support every day. Also, I wanted to ask about a recent entry I read where you had mentioned an ex bf of Morgans that she couldn’t get the msg to that they were “over.” The one about Morgan changing her relationship status as a joke. Has that guy ever been cnsidered, as well? It seems there was K and maybe 1 or 2 more guys (and the girl) in the videos. Was this guy ever frends with K or ?? Just a thought. I hope you have good day today, and I hope you continue to move closer to getting a new investigation.

    • Misty, I have been thinking the same thing. if this guy wasn’t taking no for an answer, is there any way he could have decided that if he couldn’t have her no one else would? The type of harassment she was experiencing really does seem a far cry from murder. I still think there’s a possibility that the two may be unrelated. In my opinion, the fact that she was being harassed would be a perfect way to deflect blame and might even have been encouraging to someone that wanted to do her real harm.

  2. Toni, I to have kept up with your blog, as sad as this is, it is coming to a close in the details of the crimes that have been committed. I so wish I was just reading a very well written book, not the actual accounts of your lives. I hope you will see fit to be able to keep all of us informed as much as you can, with the petition, the reopening of the case and ultimately any arrests. I so hope you will be able to get justice. I just wanted to drop a quick note because I am sure you will in the next few days be over loaded with comments. You and Steve are in many many prayers of people wishing you the best.

  3. Oh, I didn’t realize that this guy she was referring to is N, who went to Austrailia. Hes the one that I think ? had a crush on and was jealous of Morgans relationship with him. I remember reading that ? insisted on going to the airport with them to see him off to Austrailia. I’ve had the feeling that he was one of the reasons that ” Bitch” was CARVED into Morgans car in Feb.

    • BUT, I just want to say that my instincts tell me N didn’t have anything to do with Morgans death. I believe, in my heart, that K, and probably ?, had everything to do with it.

      Also, I don’t think this was the case…but IF by some tiny, itty bitty chance that Morgan had begun taking some of her old Rx medication to try to get some sleep, i would still consider it to be K and Co.’s fault because they were terrorizing her, CAUSING her to not be able to sleep in the first place.

      HOWEVER, given the things such as her broken fingernails, the mark on her head, marks on her hand, the state of her dogs, the bathroom light being ON, ( the neighbor could even tell when the light was off then back on again), her different clothes, her being on the opposite side of her bed looking posed that way, Her eyes being open, (K even admitted to liking to watch when the ” life” went out of dying eyes) AND the button on her nightstand being ripped off, I’m pretty convinced someone was in her room that night that had no business being there. And these are just the things that Toni has been able to share. I’m so very anxious to learn of the rest of the evidence!

      • I don’t believe N had anything to do with it either – unless he inadvertently said something to his friend ? that gave her information in order to help Keenan pull it off.

      • I just had a thought, if K was the one on the roof with a mirror or whatever he had to be able to see Morgan in her room why would he have positioned her on the other side of the bed? Did Morgan sleep on both sides, Tina? Just trying to point that out…
        I do believe K had everything to do with Morgan’s murder and the stalking. just something that just crossed my mind…
        big hugs to you and Steve!

        • She was not only on the opposite side of the bed, she was also in a sleeping position she was never in, and facing the opposite direction that she usually never faced, which was away from her nightstand, where her panic button was mounted. She didn’t sleep on both sides of the bed, and it was so weird to see her in that position. Thanks so much for the hugs – it has been getting harder and harder every day, but I expected it would probably be like this.

    • this just reminded me that when I was watching the Dr. Phil interview & Toni said that was never any friendship between Morgan & B.H. but, B.H. said: we were friends for like six months & then we drifted apart… which leads me to assume that there was a six month period of time that the two girls at least knew each other/mutual friends of each other’s before ?’s perceived “drifting-apart” of the two girls- it is a small town & they were the same age & lived near each other… (to me, Morgan seemed like a nice & smart girl who may have given a person a chance before she realized they were a toxic person to befriend)… & I got the impression that by ‘drifted apart’, ? actually meant this was when she decided she really didn’t like Morgan… the timeline of it directly coincides with when the family car was vandalized & when the girls ‘drifted apart’… & then, the stalking began…

      • I couldn’t see someone like Morgan actually ‘not liking’ anyone, she seemed really kind & genuine… when a young lady is that self-confident & self-aware, being nice is what comes naturally… you can’t be that sweet & not be the one to be a friend to all… but, people take politeness & kindness the wrong way & some see it as a weakness to be used against someone… someone like ?, who may have some self-confidence issues (among other things) could feel dejected if their own behavior caused someone they desire to be more like to steer away from becoming closer friends… it is in well-behaved peoples’ nature to avoid hazardous situations, people & places… this may have been taken personally by someone with such a deep inner-hatred for themself that Morgan just suffered her fate because the strength to become a better person was unattainable to B.H. seems perfectly capable of actually ‘not-liking’ someone… out of habit, she got her ‘friends’ to ‘help’ her; she didn’t realize the mob mentality that would develop if she fed it to the right psychological-wolves… in my opinion, real friends (or, decent human beings) don’t help each other terrorize & kill…

      • Lisa Marie they were never ever friends, Morgan tried to be nice about a year before, and had her over our house only once, and then told me she never wanted to have her as a friend, all Morgan’s friends knew this as well. And you are right – right after Morgan walked in to her friends house in Feb. of 2011 and saw ? and then Keenan for the first time, she just turned and walked out without a word, after that is when the car was keyed.

      • They knew each other because ? family was hiding her out at one of Morgan’s friends houses for about a year but Morgan was not friends with her and did not hang out with her ever. ? posted a picture with Morgan in it on her FB with a group of people but if you look at the picture you can see Morgan’s body language – she did not want to be near ? Morgan was the driver to bring Nathan to the airport that day in February to leave for Australia and ? talked her way into going – Morgan was upset about it and told me before she left in the car but gave in at the last minute and allowed ? to be in the car on the way to the airport. This was just before the car was keyed. So they never drifted apart because they were never friends to begin with – it’s just that is when most people believe the hatred for Morgan started.

  4. I looked up one of her friends on Fb. On his page it seems that they were going to France together and she was going to be his guardian and she was going to go to school there. What happened for her not to go?

    • Mindy – Morgan had many dreams of going places, and I kept trying to encourage her to get her passport (she didn’t have one) – anything to get her away from the situation with the stalker, but they were just ideas she would come up with for a day or two, and then decide not to do them. She had a puppy from August 1, 2011 – on and she did not want to leave her puppy so it was a problem getting her to go.

      • How are you doing, Toni? You’ve slowed on the posting…you’re not stopping are you? I can’t imagine what drawing closer to the anniversary must be like for you.

        • It’s really getting hard but I won’t stop I’m just going slow because it’s like climbing a really steep hill right now.

  5. That is a good point Misty. I remember reading that as well about the airport and I believe the picture with ?? and Morgan in it was related to that trip. Another thought, N could have changed his mind and come home early without anyone knowing he was there for that matter. Just because someone says they were somewhere doesn’t always mean they are.

  6. I think that ? liked N, and N didn’t want to date her because he liked Morgan. That would be reason enough for her to blame Morgan for this. Remember the police report where the officer thought that ? was surprised that N was with Morgan.

      • I took me a while to find this, but I always foung this as disturbing

        Page: 36 of 60

        Garfield County Case Report
        Print Date/Time:
        Login ID:
        10/01/2012 11:29 Garfield County Sheriff’s Office
        lhorsey ORI Number: CO0230000
        Case Number: 2011-00020197
        Page: 4 of 4
        Case Number: 2011-00020197. ORI: CO023000 0F.ile Name: Supplemental #11.

        friends with the family as well. ?**** said that she saw Morgan a lot but never really knew her well.

        ?’s dad**** then mentioned that he had seen Morgan and N**** (unknown further on N****) at the clubhouse. ?**** seemed to take interest to this so I asked her if she knew N****.

        ?**** mentioned that she did and that she considered herself pretty good friends with N****.

  7. I’m so sorry. I hope you guys find all of the answers and get an investigation going. I hope your hearts are filled with peace. A mother and father should never have to lose their child.

  8. Are the authorities waiting for someone else to become another sad story before they decide to take action? It would be different if they had nothing to go on. I would like to think that someone (Morgan) wouldn’t go around these days saying someone was banging on their window at night unless it was actually happening.

    Thank you for sharing this pain with us in hopes that this never happens to anyone else ever again. And may you find peace before you find the person who did this…

  9. And it wasn’t just Morgan that heard the bangs on the windows, it happened to me too and I saw this stalker on our front porch at 4:;30 am one morning. So yes, we had so much evidence for them to go on, but now I am starting to realize there are some reasons they don’t want to pursue this – and they are so wrong in not pursuing it….it will happen again, and it’s so hard for me to fathom that people can live with that.

    Thank you for your support.

  10. That is a very beautiful letter to you Toni. I honestly believe that Morgan was a gem. I was wondering why Thomas changes the letter at the end to talk ABOUT you, instead of TO you as in the beginning of the letter. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

  11. Although I have not emailed you lately, I want you to know I am still following your blog and others’ comments. I so hope the investigation is reopened and Morgan’s death is resolved with truth and justice. You and Steve are strong parents…it is obvious how much you love Morgan and how much you care to help others with this dreadful reality in our society…stalking and terrorizing other people. I hope you and Steve can feel the warmth and prayers from all of us who are in support of you and inparticular during these coming days. God bless you both.

  12. Stalking is the lowest thing someone can do to another person. I really hope that Morgan’s stalker will face a lifetime of hurt… R. I. P. Morgan… ❤

  13. Hi Toni, just stumbled across this page after seeing a video about Morgan on YouTube. I am so sorry you and your family are dealing with such a tragedy. It is so horrible to see how the legal system has absolutely failed you. I wish there was more I could do to help but I am sending love & prayers. Please don’t give up, your daughter needs you most now since she can no longer speak for herself. Justice will be served. Love from Canada.

    • Kelly Anne thank you so much for your kind words. Don’t worry we will NEVER give up…we have the evidence of what was done to her and all the false narratives in the world won’t stop us from fighting for what is right…fighting for #JusticeforMorgan

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