Dandelions & Other Signs…

Above is one of the many pictures Morgan took of dandelions…this one is my favorite.

Dandelions were such a source of happiness for Morgan. Every spring/summer when dandelions appeared outside, she would wait until they turned white, she would then pluck one, blow on it and make a wish. She would photograph it while it blew in the wind…Morgan loved nature and every gift it presented to her…maybe it was like being closer to the fairy realm?

Every morning when I wake up and every evening when I close my eyes I think about Morgan, she is always on my mind and forever in my heart. So, last Sunday, on the first day of Spring, it was such a wonderful surprise to come upon these two little dandelions blowing in the breeze. I had just asked Morgan to show me a sign, and I immediately saw these two between the curb and the grass. 

I knew right away that Morgan was sending me a sign. A feeling of love, hope and happiness filled me up and I hold this feeling in a place of gratitude.

Are you aware of the signs around you? Do you ever asked a loved one, who has passed over, to show you a sign? Sometimes when we are so consumed with grief we can not see the signs around us. Those signs are such a comfort because they show us that no one is ever truly gone, they are just not here on this planet with us at this time, but they are still around, always.

Love goes on forever and can never be severed. Watch for the signs ❤️






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